KEYMACRO is an application that enables you to generate virtual or symbolic keys for your windows.
KeyMACRO Virtual Keygen will help you create and memorize any combination of keys you need for your personal or professional use, which will remain always ready to use even if your PC or laptop has been stolen or lost.
Using it is easy: First you have to choose a label for your key in a variety of fonts and sizes. Then you can select an optional visual effect like blur, noise, rotation or a special background. With this effect, your key will look different every time you open it.
Then the “Create Key” button will create your key and you will be asked to write it down or save it. Finally, the key will be saved as a number that you can use in the “Virtual Keys” section of your system.
KeyMACRO was designed to be easy and efficient to use. So, you will not even need to know anything about computer programming. You can just create your key and you are done!
Virtual Keys Description:
Virtual Keys can be used to generate a virtual key or a virtual key combination.
Using Virtual Keys you can easily create a key to access to any data, file or program.
The virtual keys are all powerful, easy-to-use and are more functional than the regular keyboard. The Virtual Keys can be typed, or you can copy and paste them into the standard keyboard.
You can generate the virtual keys in all your programs: Windows Explorer, Windows Clipboard, Microsoft Office applications, Internet browsers (MS IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.), text editors (Notepad, UltraEdit, etc.) and even your third-party applications.
The virtual keys are designed to be simple and easy to use and can be customized to perform almost any action that you need.
– The virtual keys will show up with different characteristics and can be typed, copied or pasted.
– You can include or remove single characters from the virtual keys.
– You can modify the virtual keys.
– You can make new virtual keys from those that you already have.
– Virtual keys can be assigned to any button or menu of your keyboard.
– You can include or exclude some characters from the virtual keys.
– You can specify the modifier key for any key combination.
– You can remove the modifier key from some keys.
– You can assign a “help” key to any virtual keys.
– You can 384a16bd22

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Keystroke macro to navigate to Google Maps or Google Directions for that location.SanDisk, Apple, Samsung, HP and others will come out with 10TB-level HDDs in 2018

Hard disk drives are nearing their demise and next year we’re likely to see 10TB-class hard disks hit the shelves. The thing is, there’s no doubt that we’ve already come across an official announcement for what should be the largest hard disk drive ever made, and there are rumors that many other companies are planning to release similar products. According to, that won’t be the only thing hitting 10TB in 2018. The 10TB hard disks will use helium instead of air to provide a stable environment for better data retrieval and future-proofing against possible pressure changes.

Unlike air, helium is more dense and don’t need to be refrigerated. It’s also more vibration-resistant, which means that the storage media can be physically larger and can retain data for a longer period of time. With the ever-increasing storage capacity, the hard disk drive industry is still trying to provide the best options for users. What’s more, the 10TB hard disks will also offer 1TB of usable capacity per square inch, so each GB won’t be smaller than those offered by SSDs.

Another interesting aspect is that since helium-based hard disks won’t require air to flow through the system, they could make power consumption higher, so they will need more power to perform their functions. The potential 10TB hard disk storage capacity would be 4TB per square inch, which would mean that each gram of helium storage media would weigh over 4 grams. Considering that helium is a very rare gas (it’s produced from liquefied natural gas), this would make the 10TB hard disks very expensive.

As for the release time frame, some of the companies that are involved in the project have already announced that they will release 10TB hard disk drives this year. Additionally, the 10TB hard disk drives will support the SATA Express standard (to enable faster data transfer), NVMe over Fabrics (for remote-access connections) and multiple protocols (e.g. Fibre Channel). It’s also unclear whether the 10TB hard disk drives will support high-speed M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe SSDs, though.

“Earlier this year, we were officially named the world’s first helium-based hard drive manufacturer. It’s fitting that we’re making our next step now

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