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My Movie Library offers a simple method to manage your favorite movies in a database, thanks to the user-friendly environment it provides. The app addresses all types of users, regardless of their skill level. The interface is based on a clean window with intuitive elements. Adding a new movie to the collection requires you to input the name, genre, year, iMDB URL, director, actors, location, runtime, plot, notes, cover photo and other useful data. Alternatively, you can get these details straight from iMDB. The database is similar to the one of Microsoft Access. You can edit movie properties at any time, use a search function when recording a large number of entries, play video in an external tool, and create folders and lists to organize your collection. Furthermore, you can mark movies as rented. My Movie Library offers a backup and restore service, along with the possibility of exporting the collection to an external file (CSV format), for printing and evaluation. A lot of options can be modified from the Settings panel. For instance, you can choose another skin for the GUI, sort the buttons and reset the layout, specify the backup folder and enable automatic backups on shutdown, manage a list of movie file formats, media and conversion modes, as well as set proxy parameters and verify program updates. My Movie Library needs a moderate quantity of CPU and system memory to work properly, has a good response time and includes user documentation. No error dialogs have been shown in our tests and the tool did not hang or crash. All in all, My Movie Library comprises essential tools for managing a movie database, and it should please the entire audience.


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My Movie Library Torrent Download is a simple and efficient movie database management tool. It does everything for you, without losing control. It knows the best way to get the movies from iMDB, and it saves them in a manageable database for you. It is easy to add movies to the collection, edit their properties and change the viewing options. If you wish, you can download the full list of items in My Movie Library as a CSV file, or a zip file with all the data. It is easy to generate lists from this database, manage bookmarks and configure custom shortcuts. You can even backup and restore the database to another directory or device. It has a simple GUI and a clean interface, as well as a lot of customizations that can be made. It also comes with a simple and free Lite version. Export Movies to a CSV file for printing and evaluations. My Movie Library can work without internet access Very fast. Very simple to use, you don’t even have to be an expert in database management. How to install My Movie Library? My Movie Library supports Windows 7, 8.x, 10, Vista, XP and 2000. You can download the installer here. Double-click on the executable file to run the installer, choose a folder to install the program and then follow the prompts. Besides, you can also download My Movie Library with a portable version, ready to run from a USB flash drive. Use the option « Portable » in the download section. How to use My Movie Library? My Movie Library is a fully featured, intuitive, user-friendly app, which makes managing your movie collection easy and enjoyable. You can navigate through the database using a web browser, opening your movie collection in the « iMDB » section. It’s a simple database that allows you to insert movies, organize the elements in folders, make notes about the movies, create bookmarks, add users and assign roles for managing the collection. The GUI is similar to Microsoft Access, and the interface of My Movie Library is intuitive and user-friendly. Almost everything is accessible through a simple and clean window. When you add a movie, you can edit all of its properties right away, and many additional information are easily available. My Movie Library integrates with iMDB to retrieve the information about the movie (including

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My Movie Library is a powerful and easy to use application for managing movie collections in a database. Add your movie collection to the database, edit the data and play the movies later on, or use the convenient settings to load the database from a file or an external database. Key Features: > Add movies – fast and simple way to record all your movie information. > Edit movies – edit the data of the movies and easily create new ones. > Quick Play – play a movie without having to find it in the movies list. > Full Play – play a movie directly from your list. > Delete – delete a movie from your collection at any time. > Rent – mark movies as rented to easily access the rental records. > Export – export the movie database as a file (CSV format) to import it into other database programs. > Statistics – see statistics about the number of movies added and movies played. > Hotkeys – you can use shortcut keys to easily move between movie windows. > Save and Load your configuration. > Backup/Restore – back up and restore the database. > Database viewer – show details about the last added movie to the database. > Media playback – play all movie formats supported in the database. > Custom Path – work with different paths for your movies. > Support – get help in the forums and in the documentation. > Pre-recorded voice with the choice of languages. > Skin support: white, black, green, orange, red, blue, blue-green and grey. > TCP/IP support. > No external libraries are required. > No autoupdate. > No error messages are displayed. > Detailed manual included. Download Movies By Genre: This Manage Your Movie Collection app is the perfect way to start building a movie collection database and can be a great solution for a movie database solution. Features: You can add movies to your collection by recording the following data: Movie Name: Genre: year: iMDB url: director: actor: location: runtime: plot: notes: cover photo Source, external iMDB movie database Cover Size Videos Comments Image Movies list Actors Directors Genres Movies list is also included in the app for easy navigation and viewing. Hot keys Warnings Update check Basic statistics: number of movies number 2f7fe94e24

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Add, edit and organize your favorite movies The My Movie Library App allows you to add, edit and organize your movie database. This allows you to pick from more than 2,000,000 (no kidding!) movies to add to your collection. The interface is clean and intuitive, with easy-to-use tools for adding a new movie, editing a movie and searching for movies. And it’s all done from a single screen! Add New Movie To add a new movie to your collection, just follow these instructions: 1. You’ll find all the details (title, genre, year, director, imdbID, etc…) right on the page you’re editing. 2. Double click on the title and a new screen will come up where you’ll have the option to add more details. 3. Simply give the movie a title, genre, year and the director. (You can also add imdbID or imdbMovieRating if you want.) 4. The last option is where you can add as many other details as you want. At the top, you’ll find a tab for notes, a tab for actors and one for locations. 5. Click the button to move on to the next step and you’ll then be able to select the movie location. You can also find a link to add a movie from a popular website ( or from the recent movie database. And all the other details are easily editable while adding a new movie or editing an existing one. Edit a Movie To edit a movie, simply follow these instructions: 1. You’ll find all the details you want to edit right on the page you’re editing. 2. Double click on the movie title and a new screen will come up where you’ll have the option to edit the movie’s title, location, actors and notes. 3. Simply enter the information you want to edit and click on OK. It’s easy to add a movie with this tool, and each movie can be edited as many times as you want. Search for Movies To quickly find movies in your library, just follow these instructions: 1. You’ll find all the details you want to search right on the page you’re editing. 2. Double click on the title and a new screen will come up where you’ll have the option to search on title, location, actors and notes. The results are displayed on the same screen as the details for the movie

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My Movie Library is a free tool that allows you to quickly and easily create a movie database with more than 30,000,000 supported movie titles. You can store as much information as you want on each movie and easily manage your movies in a nice, easy to navigate database. Movie information is organised by a media library that sorts by file format, input source, and media type. You can browse your movies by keyword, artist, or release date; add new movies in bulk or single movie files; export your database to a file for printing or sharing; and sign up for a free account to back up your database, automatically, on shutdown. Key Features: – Create as many tables as you want – Insert a whole bunch of movie information quickly and easily – Organise movies by artist, release year, director, ratings, and more – Sort movies by media type, input source, and file format – Browse your movies by author, year, title, or release date – Import movies from iMDB (and YouTube) – Export your database to CSV for printing and sharing – Backup database automatically on shutdown – Log file for automatic bug reporting – Popular movies charts – Connectors for iTunes, Flixster, WinMX, and Mog – iOS, Mac, and Windows versions – User documentation …backup solution for the Windows platform. Its purpose is to store and backup in an encrypted way text files and the structure of directories that contain these files. The user can create their backup structure through the easy-to-use interface. These folders can be stored on removable media or in the file system of a hard disk. Also, the user can decide if they want to encrypt files and the path where the keys will be stored. Properties are: – Password protection: the user can define a password that will be saved with the location of the key. – Encryption: the user can encrypt files with the ‘Aes’ cryptographic algorithm (advanced algorithm). This algorithm was already implemented by OpenOffice, MS Office and others. – File/Directory: the user will be able to decide, for every file and directory, if they want to encrypt them or not. The directory will remain in the same folder where it was defined. – Encryption key location: the user will be able to decide where the keys will be stored. – Key validation: the user will be able to decide if the keys are valid or not. The

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