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Size a gas/liquid orifice plate using ISO5167 (2003) International standard and Crane’s Flow of Fluids through Valves equation 3.22, Fittings and Pipes, calculate the mass flow rate require for a certain orifice size and plot a profile chart of various mass flow rates vs. orifice size.
Orifice Design Calculator can be used to size orifice plates / square edge orifices. Generate a Ms. Excel based Engineering data sheet of results or print a summary.
Furthermore, the tool can Calculate the Mass flow rate upstream of an orifice, velocity, pressure loss, Reynolds’ number, Coefficient of discharge, Beta, Cross-sectional area and volumetric flow rate. Also, it includes standard pipe size, schedules, thickness, etc. Moreover, you have the ability to plot a chart for Calculated Mass low rates versus Calculated Orifice diameters.
To sum things up, Orifice Design Calculator is a neat and professional tool that lets you design and calculate orifices that are going to be fitted on different container or devices that hold or transfer liquid or gas. The tool requires experience in the field in order to be successfully operated.

This course will demonstrate how to design and build a biofilter using the concepts of design and operation as demonstrated through the designing and building of a microaerobic biofilter. Part I describes the analysis of biomass growth as the basis for a design. Part II demonstrates the practical implementation of the design using a biofilter. Part III discusses operational concepts of the biofilter including sterilization, biofilm development, and capacity.

The course provides the fundamentals of hydropower engineering. The student will gain an understanding of the basic principles of hydropower engineering by learning the history of hydropower. The learner will gain a better understanding of the concepts of hydraulics, power generation, turbine operation, efficiency, and construction by studying the physics, design, and analysis of a typical hydropower project. This course will introduce the learner to the basic concepts of hydropower, help to develop basic engineering skills, and gives the learner knowledge in the field of hydropower. The course will cover the topics such as, hydrology, physics of hydropower, design of hydropower plant, operation and maintenance of hydropower plant, hydropower project types, construction process, cost and design of a hydropower project, safety, dam construction, and legal aspects of a 70238732e0

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-eTaskMaker Pro uses an advanced Macros-based technology that allows users to define workflows in a
multiple-step manner. The user can choose any combination of mouse or keyboard actions, variables and
logic for modeling a complex process. eTaskMaker Pro offers a rich set of sample scenarios that include
estimating of projects, flights, reports, case studies, time entry, software testing and a task queue.
– This flexible module creates detailed task schedules with the ability to reference all of the tasks in a
task list.
– The user can easily perform forecasting, variance analysis, Gantt chart building, status updates,
estimation, planning and project budgeting.
– eTaskMaker Pro offers a simple yet highly useful Business Management System (BMS) that is used
by professionals. The BMS utilizes Macros to assist users in building estimates, creating schedules and
project task lists with ease.
– eTaskMaker Pro offers a powerful and robust cross-platform version for Windows users,
as well as a robust Linux version.
– eTaskMaker Pro offers the ability to compare and analyze hundreds of simultaneous projects and
allows for unlimited project and task list customization.
– eTaskMaker Pro includes an easy-to-use interface and intuitive graphical tools for project
planning and scheduling.
Key Features:
-Built-in integration with MS Project Professional, MS Excel, Artemis ProjectView, Lotus Agenda
and more.
– Ability to export estimates to MS Project, MS Excel, Artemis ProjectView, Lotus Agenda, and more.
– Ability to import estimates into eTaskMaker Pro as a new project or a new project list.
– Converts all sorts of data into estimates such as tasks, resource requirements, and task dependencies
in real-time.
– Comes with a sample project file that includes various project templates and other estimation modules
that can be imported and used in eTaskMaker Pro.
– Import and export of task list data.
– Project manager that easily integrates with MS Project and any other project creation tool.
– Features include: 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis, Time & Cost, Work Center, Activity, Business
Management System (BMS), eTaskMaker Macro Builder and more.
– Import and export of project data.
– Ability to import and export data for use with eTaskMaker Pro in MS Project.
– Ability to import and export MS Excel files for use with e


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