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Mecway is a mechanical finite element analysis solution developed for professionals and engineers. It supports and automates all the mechanical, thermal, acoustic and frequency calculations.
Main features:
>> Include and apply materials to model.
>> Create, edit, modify and test 2D/3D models.
>> Insert, edit and test elements of any type.
>> Supports 2D, 3D isometric and isobaric views.
>> Load elements from CAD, STL and IGES files.
>> Draw 3D loads.
>> View points and sections and surfaces of any element.
>> Rotate or mirror parts or sections.
>> Modify, scale or change the rotation of elements.
>> Swivel, loft and take off surface sections.
>> Extrude, remove or insert sections.
>> Insert sections and points.
>> Draw 3D curves.
>> Drawing of 2D boundaries of parts.
>> Polarized or unipolar meshes.
>> Apply material properties (elastic, thermal and acoustic) to create the mesh.
>> Solve the mechanical problem in a few clicks.
>> Export the solution to various formats.
>> Work from remote locations by using a web browser.
>> Manage all the models locally and online.

SimCenter Description:
SimCenter is a freeware, powerful engineering tool for visualization and analysis of structural, geometric and dynamic problems. It is easy to learn and used by engineers from all fields.
Main features:
>> Create 2D and 3D models for visualization.
>> Analyze models (static, dynamic, thermal, buckling) from various 2D and 3D views.
>> Extract and analyze meshes from 3D models.
>> Load mesh or surface data from various formats.
>> Create points and lines (2D) or surfaces (3D) and lines (2D or 3D) from the meshes.
>> Calculate global, element and section properties of models.
>> Create direct and global coordinates.
>> Export models (STL, IGES, STEP, PLY, DXF, OFF, FBX, MAT) or meshes to the formats as DXF, OFF, FBX, MAT.
>> Export and send models to colleagues or mobile devices (WIFI, GPRS).
>> Calculate load factors.
>> Evaluate the buckling factor.
>> Calculate the weight of the parts of the model.
>> Calculate 384a16bd22

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Since the file can be placed on a USB flash drive or similar device, you don’t have to run Movtoavi from your computer’s hard drive.
The only thing that you need to run is the command file.txt. This will open the app’s interface. After this, you must provide the path to the file you want to convert, along with its destination, whether you want to compress or uncompress the result, and whether you want to generate a Lagarith or VP6-compressed AVI item. All the necessary parameters are included in the.txt file, and you can copy and paste them in the app’s interface.
If you don’t do so, you may receive some error messages, since the file doesn’t include all of the information necessary for this conversion process.
Movtoavi can be ran by simply executing the file.txt command-line. You don’t have to run the Movtoavi application from your computer’s hard drive.
Command-line usage:
Movtoavi (the file) [path\to\the\file\to\convert] [destination\folder\of\the\result] [Lagarith\or\Lagarith_VP6] [path\to\the\path\to\convert\on] Example:
Movtoavi “C:\Downloads\Video.mp4” “C:\Users\My Username\Downloads\Temp.avi”

After the app receives the path to the file you want to convert, it starts scanning it.
If the file is a valid AVI file, it immediately processes the conversion.
If you want to have the result compressed, click the “Compress” button.
If you want the result to be uncompressed, click the “Uncompress” button.
Then, click the “Convert” button.
All the necessary settings will appear in the output folder.
The converted file is automatically copied to the destination folder.
Finally, you can click the “Exit” button to close the dialog.
Movtoavi is an indispensable conversion tool for those who want to convert multiple files at once. It runs easily from a USB flash drive, without any installation. Its list of parameters is well-defined, so there are no unexpected results. It has been updated recently, so it works properly with files that are a few years old, but no


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