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Space Viking Raiders is a single-player survival action game set in the harsh and unforgiving coldness of outer space. You are a space-farmer, tasked with exploring a derelict mining ship that crashed on the planet’s surface. Survival in this unforgiving wilderness is enough to daunt even the most hardened of space-junkies. What you’ll find within is a challenging, epic adventure across a total of 52 levels, but with a simple crafting and building system, you’ll face challenges and adventures that will keep you on your toes. Features: – A stunning sci-fi universe, full of awesome textures, animations, particle effects, audio, and music, all hand-drawn in water-dipped Caligari Grey – Completely hand drawn environments with strict attention to detail and an emphasis on living space – Dozens of crafting items and an upgradable system that will unlock further recipes as you progress – A unique event-driven randomly generated story that will uncover the secrets of a lost civilization – Completely hand drawn cinematics with rigid attention to detail and an emphasis on fluid animation – In-depth arcade shooter action – 100+ puzzles to complete – A multiplayer co-op mode for two players – 5 fully voice acted missions and an intriguing main storyline, with many easter eggs to discover – Up to 4 player support on local multiplayer with online leaderboards and achievements – An epic soundtrack featuring more than 100 unique compositions, over 3 hours of music to enjoy as you play – Freeform character and equipment customization with over 300 unlockable items – A campaign with more than 2 hours of gameplay, and 40 hours of replayability – Multiple difficulty settings to suit any player. – Steam achievements – Steam Trading Cards – Community built Steam Workshop support – The ability to track your game saves and achievements on your Steam account – A fully moddable game that encourages content creators to make their own content – 10 character classes with unique skills – Technology tree with over 50 upgrades – Mission progression unlocks with new skills and upgrades – Four unique weapon types with many different sub-ranges – A wide range of enemy types including rockets, laser turrets, drones, sentry turrets, grabbers, and space-lions – Friendly NPC characters, some of which will be dynamic – Customizable in-game lighting – Infinity system for skill effects – Packed with more quirky n


Mighty Castles Features Key:

  • Rate War – How to win the Play-in matches. You and your friends will compete against each other for the top spot in the UNE match.
  • Matches – Matches between your friends using a live-matchmaking system.
  • Clan Wars – Try your luck against the general public in the Battle of the Regional Clash!
  • Galleries – Artwork of all the events held to date.
  • Statistics


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Mighty Castles Download [32|64bit] (2022)

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What’s new in Mighty Castles:

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    Download Mighty Castles (Updated 2022)

    Hi, I’m Patricky, and I like it when things are neat and organized. I’ve been in the game industry for over 10 years now and I love creating spaceships and AI to get the job done. If you want to know more about me, please visit: Pixel Starships Links: Kickstarter: Hands-on: ————– If you want to purchase Pixel Starships that is currently not on sale, on release day… Pixel Starships ORBITAL SURVIVAL ALPHA ————– Development for Pixel Starships has been funded by the generous contributions from the folks and fans who backed our Kickstarter campaign. Your spaceship is going through some problems. The ship’s main controls are also malfunctioning. Where can you turn? So what are you going to do? Maybe you can fix it, or maybe you’ll press the reset button, but if you start to panic, the situation could get worse. Keep calm! It will be okay. MetalHead Games games are about basic lessons about how to handle mechanical failures of your spaceship. Each game episode has a different set of problems and working on them requires you to figure out the right decisions so that things go better. There are 7 challenges so far. What’s next? Oh, i know! ============================ Where to find and play MetalHead Games? • MetalHeadGames.com • • Facebook• • Twitter• • YouTube • • Twitch • ============================ Hello everyone, this is my first video here, I am a new player and I have been watching the campaign for a long time. I am very grateful that this great game is still in development and I am loving the lore the devs have provided. This video is my first attempt and it’s shorter but in the next ones I will make it much more detailed, I just wanted to share this content with you. #1 Gameplay:


    How To Install and Crack Mighty Castles:

  • Download & install the game in setup.exe file
  • During installation process, Click on Install Now option
  • Wait until the process is done
  • Open the already installed game.
  • Use Wifiting.exe file to activate the game
  • The game is ready to use now you can access the full features.
[b] Features :

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