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Ackworth, an average town with a few high-class items and local villagers like farmers, weavers and smiths. The village is isolated from the outside world and known for its divine blessing for magic users. A few years ago a band of brigands and traveling rogues move into the village. Ddraig Goch has his eye on the village, hoping it would hold the gem that unlocks his full powers to his full potential. The Guardians of Ackworth watch from the shadows, ready to intervene in the town’s fate if it gets too bad. Stuck in an awkward middle-ground between world domination and community-resilience, would you be the hero to save Ackworth or cause it’s downfall? – Town Management and a Challenge – Take control of Ackworth’s fate and direct its future. Set up houses, make villagers friendly or hostile – and ensure they all have jobs that suit them. Direct the staff of the trading companies and the town crier to run errands for the community in your best interest. – Plant Seeds of Doom and Hope – As Ackworth grows, forge powerful scrolls to give members of your town that ability to wield powerful magical items. But watch, for others of their kind will seek to overrun and enslave Ackworth! – How long can you hold on? – Ackworth’s situation calls for cunning, stealth, cunning, and cunning… Ackworth : Villagers: – Farmer – Carpenter – Blacksmith – Wood-Smith – Jeweler – Fish Merchant – Waferer – Caretaker – Commoner – Trader – Watchmen – Rogue / Chieftain (in town) Brigandry: Rogue – Chieftain Brigand Rumours – Rumour – Rumour – Rumour – Rumour Brigand Lair – Bridget Mother – Bridget Daughter – Bridget Daughter – Bridget Daughter – Bridget Daughter – Bridget Ackworth’s Foes: – Bandit Captain – Bandit Baron – Bandit – Bandit – Bandit – Bandit – Bandit – Bandit – Bandit – Bandit – Bandit The Brickyard: – Brickyard – Brickyard – Brickyard – Brickyard – Brickyard Ackworth’s Allies: – Mage


Features Key:

  • First person shooter
  • Open world
  • Mechanics, solid gameplay
  • Speedy progression
  • Finnish language support
  • Year-long Global Community



“Nameless, the one thing you must recall” was released in 2013 as a digital download via Yahoo! Play and powered by Jcat. The story revolves around Nameless, a boy that yearns for the one thing known as Todok. After hearing a legend of Todok, he is determined to find the Todok. Can he overcome the obstacles he encounters along the way, or will he forever be at a loss when it comes to his past? NOTE: This game is a fantasy fan-fiction story, and does not depict the real world. The scenarios, world and characters within the story are all purely for entertainment purposes. How to Play the game: For players that have already purchased or pre-ordered “Nameless will heal your heart”, you will only need to download the new “Nameless Dummyhead Drama CD” as a free download for your phone. The new “Nameless Dummyhead Drama CD” is a completely new game version. You will play through different scenes from the CD and collect Nameless’ memories along the way. PLEASE NOTE: It is essential to have a headset or audio headphones in order to successfully listen to this audio drama. _______________________________________ Notice: License for the “Nameless Dummyhead Drama CD” is only valid for overseas use. This license is only available on CD-based formats such as “computers,” “smartphones,” “iPad,” and “tablet PCs.” The license is not available for use on “games” that are downloaded to a users computer. Please see here: Notice on the CD-based “Nameless Dummyhead Drama CD” This is an mp3 containing music produced by sound director Shaun Gallagher and sound engineer Keith Nolan. “Nameless Dummyhead Drama CD”, an “original work”, was produced by Shaun Gallagher and Keith Nolan at Jcat in New Jersey. All rights belong to Jcat. This is an original work and is not based on any already-published work. “Nameless” © 2013 by DREAMWEAVER Inc. Produced by DREAMWEAVER Inc. All rights belong to DREAMWEAVER Inc. Please visit the game’s website c9d1549cdd


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Description: This game is part of the third season of the Virtual Reality Franchiage:BARBAROSSA. We present you “Orkhon Inscriptions” game, a realistic experience that has no other purpose but to let you explore the history of Mongolia, Turkic empire and the north in 5D: Immersion, HD quality, threeD animation. This new VR videogame has been specially created by BRUNO AUXERRE, Director of the RENOVATION. It is our first and very first project based on the Virtual Reality (VR). Concept of the Game : In 1889, the Danish philologist, Vilhem Thomsen discovered an engraved monument in the valley of the Orkhon river, a Turkish writing in the Orkhon language. For two years, this monument was ignored by the local tribes and the translators of the National Museum in Saint Petersburg. It was only in 1893 that Thomsen deciphered the writing in Orkhon script, published in the Copenhagen Scientific Society’s bulletin. This writing appeared to date back to the 7th century AD. It was found on three large tablets: one dedicated to the Turkish prince Kl, the second to the famous Turanian emperor Bilge and the third to the councelor Tonyukuk. These inscriptions consist of a large narrative poem of the origins of the Turks and the Turanian people, the golden age of their history and their territorial expansion throughout Asia. To be published under the direction of The Royal Geographical Society in Copenhagen, these inscriptions would later become known as the Orkhon Inscriptions. From a game design perspective, the game starts by offering players a scene in the vicinity of the archaeological site where the Orkhon Inscriptions are discovered. The player then, transports in a virtual time machine, to the Orkhon valley where the turanian people discover the inscriptions, in the year 888 AD. The initial tablet consists of an epic narrative to the king Kl and his son Tonyukuk. After, the other two tablets are unlocked and introduce the main characters of the Orkhon Inscriptions: Bilge, the Turanian emperor and councelor of the four khans, and Khitaruk, the king’s brother and Turanian prince. As the player proceeds, he / she will be transported in the valley of the Orkhon river and in the west of the region


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