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Support for landscape, portrait, small and large sizes
All styles of photo-backgrounds are included:
– Day-time and night-time
– Warm colors and cool colors
– Spring-colors and winter-colors
– Black-white-colors and everything in-between
– Large-high-resolution images and small-low-resolution images
– 3 sizes (small, medium, large)
– Customizable colors, fonts, spacing, backgrounds, etc.
Themes available:
– Dark and light versions of each theme are included
– Free updates of the themes for lifetime
– Colors of the pictures can be changed to any color you want
– If you need help, please use the support forum
– Although it is free, you can help us improve this theme
– This is not a WP-Plugin, there are no restrictions
– If you like the theme, rate it please
– Any copyright issues? Feel free to contact me

Sometimes you need the most unusual colors for your website to attract the attention of your users. That is why we have designed this skin which is based on the classic color scheme, but combined with some unusual shades. It is an ideal choice for your personal or business website.

Forests is a beautifully constructed WordPress theme. Forests consists of several unique features that will allow you to create an outstanding website.
You can use forests for:
• A multi-page website
• A personal blog
• A portfolio site
• A web store
You can also use forests for your affiliate websites:
• Jewelry store
• Fashion store
• Adventure park
• Restaurant
• Car dealership

• Support for landscape and portrait mode
• No restrictions
• 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extended
• Optional: Dark and Light versions of each size
• Custom Colors
• Fonts
• Backgrounds
• Width and Spacing
• Search box
• Customize Button
• Customize Button
• Floating Search box
• Status bar
• Custom Menu
• 3 Menus (Left Main Menu, Right Main Menu and Footer Menu)
• Custom Header
• Optional: Adjust the header size
• Optional: Adjust the sidebar
• Optional: Slider
• Optional: WPML (Translate in different languages)
• Optional: Custom CSS
• Optional: Search box on top
• Optional: Custom Logo eea19f52d2

Advanced Serial Port Monitor is a professional software application whose purpose is to help automation specialists check the data flow that passes through a COM port.
The tool is able to monitor all data received from the device connected to COM port and send it to a serial port. You can transmit info in both directions (from and to computer) in duplex mode (receive and transmit at the same time).
User interface and several configuration settings
The GUI is characterized by a clean and intuitive layout where you can configure several connection settings (e.g. baud rate, bits data number, stop bits number), select the desired COM port from a drop-down list, as well as configure, enable or disable writing data to a file.
You can rely on tooltips for finding short descriptions about the utility’s features and check out the help manual for detailed info. Plus, there’s support for hotkeys.
Different modes to work with
Advanced Serial Port Monitor gives you the possibility to work with a manual mode where you can send and receive data. The sending process can also be automated, and you may delay it by entering a user-defined time value.
The Spy mode is designed to monitor data exchange made by other programs, so it is not able to send and receive data. Plus, you can make use of several plugins in order to extend the utility’s capabilities with additional modules.
General configuration options
The program gives you the possibility to tweak the COM port by altering the data flow control (e.g. use DTR or RTS, enable the RS485 interface mode, flush the incoming buffer in case of errors) and end-of-string characters used for receiving and sending info.
Furthermore, you can set up file naming rules and pick the file type (ASCII or binary) for outgoing files and log the information into a single item or create different files for the outgoing and incoming data.
Several configuration settings are available for making the main panel staying on top of other windows, adjusting the transparency, altering fonts and colors, and tweaking the HEX window view.
Download Advanced Serial Port Monitor

Amavisd-new 1.4.5
Amavisd-new 1.4.5
AMANDA was a clone of MUELLER which was forked and modified by Robin Barker to use the custom MTA he had been developing for many years.
AMANDA (Adaptive Message Analyzer with Neural Networking

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