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RainWake – the central theme for Rainmeter. The default theme is now

DomainSplitter – a domain name splitter.
DomainSplitter is a fast, robust and light-weight domain name splitter for all Windows versions.
DomainSplitter will split your DNS name (only if your DNS server supports this feature) into multiple DNS names.
It will also let you connect to external IP

Free VNC Remote Client v6.2 (Build 41) [Win7 x64] VNC Remote Client is a VNC Client, which is used to access your VNC Server from your Desktop or Laptop.
With VNC Remote Client, you can access your desktop PC or laptop remotely from other place.
VNC Remote Client is freeware but you can

Noire – a real-time, tiny and resource-light spinner.
Noire is a simple real-time spinner that uses resources as little as possible.
Its a small and lightweight module so it’s not only easy to install but also easy to use.
– No need to build a rainmeter skin

NTP-Remote-Desktop (or NTP-RVD) is a NTP client used to remotely control another machine with the help of X over network, it can also be used to synchronize time between two machines or even to synchronize two or more local times of different machinesQ:

How can I code multiple asynchronous HTTP calls with RxJS?

I have to retrieve HTML files from multiple different URLs.
The HTML files from the different URLs may be different, so I have to wait for all of them to return.
I use RxJS with Angular. I’m currently using the synchronous version of the http.get() function.
Observable.fromPromise(promise).subscribe(html => {


How could I rewrite this code to make the calls to the URL asynchronously?


If you want to use HttpClient, you can use Rx.Observable.fromPromise() and then do the following:

return an Rx.Observable
flatMap for the complete HTTP call, then map
to extract the result
concatMap for the body of each response
flatMap again for the response result
then concat
filter to get only the HTML and finally subscribe

The code would look something ce698b3d9e

Portable Scribus
Defenx Security Suite
ReScene .NET
Eye Bar
Artistic Heart Windows 7 Theme
((OTRS – Manager))
Babylon Builder
Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard
Axenicsoft Nifty Catalog
Volume Fade Out Auto
IBM Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval System
Google Imager
SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup
Panzer CPU Gauge MKI for XWidget

2dDitherFX – This theme adds a new DitherFX effect to the color system. DitherFX can be turned on and off by using the DitherFX option of the Settings Dialog. DitherFX changes the Sun color to something “different” (dither) instead of a true white or black.
DitherFX changes the Sun color in two ways:
DitherFX changes the colors of the title bar and the window edge (if any) of each window.
DitherFX changes the colors of the items in the task bar (clock, notification area, system tray, start menu etc.)
Tiger Painting – This is a small and light theme based on the wonderful TigerPainting Cursor by Mike Orr. The TigerPainting cursor was modified to support a default Sun color of (what I believe is) Y. Here is a picture of the cursor in question:
Tiger Painting is inspired by TigerPainting Cursor. The theme was named after TigerPainting Cursor.
TigerPainting Cursor by Mike Orr can be downloaded here:

Here is a small description of TigerPainting Cursor:
“TigerPainting Cursor is a cursor designed to look like a tiger’s eyes. TigerPainting Cursor uses the tiger’s facial pattern, adjusted to be more human-friendly by human graphic designers. TigerPainting Cursor is a simple 2D image. It has no 3D animations, no shadows, no textured background, no blinking, no fancy per-pixel anti-aliasing, no composite effects, and no transparency.
Why did I create TigerPainting Cursor?
Myself and a bunch of other people use the Apple mouse without any problems. It is a very nice mouse to use and does not have any quirks. I want to use that mouse on every computer I own. So I had to find a cursor that would fit my needs. I want it to have eyes. Eyes are cool. Tiger eyes are cool.”
I hope you like it.
It would be great if you download the theme and use it for your daily work.
If you have any questions, just contact me:
mail at

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