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You have the liberty to use KEYMACRO to add new functions, types or macros to matGeom. Please send your contributions to the authors of the library.

Linear Algebra

The library contains some of the most common algorithms for linear algebra.

· Matrices and vectors are built in the package matrices. The package includes wrappers for the Matlab matrix class, which is very similar to NumPy and SciPy, the C++ and OpenCL based libraries for scientific computing, so you will be able to use your matlab Matlab functions in a simple way.
· Matrices are organized in classes and data types in order to facilitate programming.
· Linear algebra functions are grouped by problem and data types (column, row, normal, normalized, scaled, band, etc).
· The package contains wrappers for the Matlab matrix class.


The library contains basic and advanced statistics functions.

· The package contains wrappers for the Matlab function. The function class_stats contains some common methods, such as centrality measures (mean, median, mode, variance,…) and a graphical method.


The library contains basic and advanced methods for optimization.

· Basic and advanced operations in optimization are grouped by problem:
· General linear problems. The package contains wrappers for the Matlab function.
· Minimization: at the end of this section, you will find more advanced and robust techniques for finding the global minimum of a problem.
· Optimization: this section contains the most used algorithms for nonlinear optimization.


The package contains many functions that do not fit in other packages.

· The package contains wrappers for the Matlab function.


The library contains some functions for creating and manipulating images.

The package contains wrappers for the Matlab function.

Matlab Functions

The library contains several Matlab functions that are imported as classes.

The package contains wrappers for the Matlab function.


In order to use matGeom, you will need matlab installed on your machine. Once installed, you have to make sure that you have the package matgeom located in your path. You can do so using matlab’s command prompt:

In a second step, matgeom must be added to the path. It is advised to place the path before the 84e02134c1

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Help is provided by keystroke macros. If you intend to delete the computer from a given point in time, activate all the macros that you want to achieve that result. Simply hit the respective key and the rest will automatically be carried out in a sequence.

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