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KEYMACRO is a compiler-free system for building kernel extensions.
It can be used in Linux, MacOSX, BSD and Windows, and consists of a command line tool, a C library, and a set of binary compatibility modules.
The tool can be used to build modules for hardware abstraction layer (HAL), device drivers, virtual machines, kernel subsystems, or non-Linux systems such as Windows CE and Symbian OS. It comes with a set of configuration files, which can be easily customized to compile for a specific kernel version.
The library was initially designed to be used for the development of Hal-compatible drivers, but it can be used in other situations as well.
With this library you can create your own device drivers, kernel extensions, drivers and other kernel modules, allowing you to easily write device drivers for new devices that do not yet have supported drivers.
The library is a header-only C library ( or.dll files are created) that allows the use of C as the programming language.
As it works on a module-by-module basis, you can use keymacro for multiple projects at the same time.
The current set of functionality includes:
– Kernel compilation
– Kernel module loading
– Kernel module unloading
– Modules binary compatibility tests
– Modules and kernel compatibility tests
The project has a relatively low userbase but the project owner claims that there are no other developers who work on the module itself.
His explanation for the low userbase is that the market for HAL is much less than the market for device drivers, but he’s really not clear if this is true or not.

2. Mod4Me – Productivity/Time management app for Windows (abandoned)
Mod4Me – Productivity/Time management app for Windows (abandoned)
“Mod4Me is a simple time and task management application.
It will help you better organize your day. You can enter and manage up to 500 to-do tasks. Each task can have multiple subtasks.
You can set the default start time and date for the tasks, and you can even add reminder and alarm for the tasks.
You can view and manage your tasks in two different views. You can either see a list of all tasks in a project, or you can see a list of tasks that are currently assigned to you. You can also filter tasks by category.
The application can start automatically after a few minutes 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro enables you to use macros in Microsoft Office applications, like MS Word. With KeyMacro you can assign any key sequence to any action in MS Office and even with the same key sequence you can trigger multiple actions in MS Word, excel, or powerpoint. This software is full of many great features, like a customizable macro builder, a jump list, a history of macros, and a condition trigger. You can easily automate tasks that are normally performed by mouse clicks and windows, like downloading a file from internet, sending an e-mail, copying a block of text, opening a webpage, etc.
KeyMacro is freeware. There is no adware or spyware. This program does not record your keystrokes. The program only stores and runs macros when needed. This way you can be sure that no information will be recorded.

QBasic 64k Version

QBasic64 is a simple, intuitive, easy to learn BASIC interpreter program. It provides you the ability to directly program in a BASIC language, as you do in QBASIC. At the same time, it is easy to make changes to your programs.
You can store your programs in an easy to use file format. The program also features the capability to make small changes to your programs, such as saving, opening, etc. programs with just one button.
QBasic64 is freeware. It is not virus scanned or adware.
QBasic64 is available for Windows OS v.98,ME,2000,XP,2003,Vista.
QBasic64, QBasic 64k Source Code Download at :

CCleaner is a powerful system optimization, privacy and maintenance tool. With it, you can clean your Windows PC, free up hard drive space, prevent Windows systems and programs from loading when your computer starts, and keep your Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash Player and other recent installations up to date and secure. CCleaner’s built-in scheduler ensures the scheduled cleanup tasks run at the optimal time.CCleaner is freeware. It does not collect usage data and it does not include any spyware.

RAMTweak is a FREE memory management utility that cleans up your RAM and Boosts your Windows PC Performance with customizable configuration. It keeps your system’s RAM under control by increasing the amount of system RAM available to your

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