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In an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the start up of the power supply takes place as a result of a first circuit arrangement being triggered by a first occurrence of a certain event. The start up of the power supply is then continued by a second circuit arrangement which responds to a second event. A UPS of this kind is known from EP 0 170 891.
In this prior art circuit, a diode arrangement is used in each of the first and second circuit arrangements. This prevents energy to be supplied from the power supply from escaping. However, as soon as the diode arrangement begins to conduct, there is an increase in power consumption, since the diode arrangement has to be supplied by the power supply. When the diode arrangement of the first circuit arrangement is triggered, the diode arrangement of the second circuit arrangement remains non-conductive. When the event triggering the first circuit arrangement occurs again, the diode arrangement of the second circuit arrangement also conducts. This leads to a power consumption because the diode arrangement of the second circuit arrangement must then start up.
From EP 0 421 423, a circuit arrangement is known for a UPS which is capable of starting up even at a late time. This is achieved by supplying energy to a starting arrangement for a voltage regulator from a primary winding of a transformer. The starting arrangement in turn controls the output of the voltage regulator.—
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– Working with Unicode: all your clipboard’s data will be supported by the clipboard, from all your systems;- The “Move to” option: you can move the window to the other screen, and you can select the window position;- The “Reorder” option: you can rearrange the window order, including change the position of the controls;- The “Close Window” option: you can close the window, after you used it.

NOTE: Chapper is FREE, because it is open source.
Chapper is always under development. We value your feedback, as it will help us make Chapper more responsive and comfortable.
More about the “Chapper Development”.

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There is no warranty against user data loss.
There is no warranty against back up error.
There is no warranty against opening other app (s).



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