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International Crosswords is a free and useful utility that can create online crosswords in any language. It’s primary purpose is to allow educators to create crosswords for students learning another language. It is a useful tool for creating challenging and fun exercises to help re-inforce each lesson. Remembering word lists can be a little easier when you make it into a game. It can also be used to create crosswords just for fun. For an example please take a look at this crossword created using the English alphabet. Included with the package are files to allow you to use the Greek and Esperanto alphabet as well. Custom language alphabet files can be easily created, instructions are included. INSTALLATION: 1. Open the file “”. Here you will be able to set a number of key factors necessary to run the program. Most of it is already explained in the file. A couple of points: – The $config{‘alphabet’} variable points to the default alphabet file. Only 3 alphabets are included with the Mongwell International Crosswords package: Greek, English, and Esperanto. You may create your own alphabet file easily. All you need to do is create a list of the HTML codes necessary to display the language’s alphabet. The lines of the file need to be set into a key=value format. The key is an alphanumeric representation of the letter (it doesn’t matter what you use here, just as long as you don’t use the same one twice). The value is the HTML code that displays that character. For example, here are a few lines from the Greek alphabet: Alpha=Α Beta=Β Gamma=Γ – The $config{‘docpath’} variable can usually be left as is unless you either make it so that the name of the directory is not “crosswords” right underneath the base HTML directory, or your server is set up in such a way that the cgi-bin directory is not directly underneath the base HTML directory. You can either change it to point to the absolute path to the directory or modify the relative directory to fit your directory structure. 2. Upload viewer.cgi, maker.cgi,, and the alphabet file that you will be using to your directory under cgi-bin. We recommend using cgi-bin/cwords, however you may use any directory name you wish. Make sure to set the attributes of maker.cgi and viewer.cgi to 755. 3. Create your document path directory structure under the base HTML directory. We recommend using the directory “/crosswords”. The name may be whatever you like, however, it’s path must be properly set in the file.









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———————————– 1. Crosswords created with this program are defined in the “xwords.htm” file. This file defines the name of the crossword, the grade level, number of columns, and numbering system. Default settings are: – A 6th grade crossword using the English alphabet – Same format as other 6th grade crosswords on our site – 2 crosswords per page for an 8×10 size document – Page break every 96 words on the crosswords page for an 8×10 – Word list size 24. This is for a page break every 96 words. By default the word list size is 12, but can be altered. – Crossword size is 10-13 words in length. A 3×4 is recommended. – Different parts of a crossword may use the same cells on the grid. This is configurable. This could be used for a grade level with a different set of vocabulary words, or it could be used for different language sets as well as the same language. Here are the main settings that you may want to change: – The amount of times the page is to be printed – The size of the crossword – The size of the cell that appears on the left side of the grid – The size of the cell that appears on the right side of the grid – The numbers on the right side of the grid – The font size used to display the crossword – The number of words in each section of the crossword – The language of the crossword – The color and background colors for the crossword – The color of the characters in the crossword – The background color of the character grid – How many of the words on the crossword include photos as well – The format of the camera used to create the crossword – The format of the photo – The font style for the photos – The font style for the text of the crossword – The font size used to display the crossword and any text – The font size used for spelling words – The font size used for grouping (u, g) – The font size used for superscript numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) 2. Packages ————- Crosswords are built from packages. These are sets of words that have similar meanings and are used frequently in a specific language. You may

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1. It allows you to create crosswords for download. You can use either a custom alphabet file or a list of word lists that can be downloaded and imported into the program. There are about 25,000 words available for any language that you can import into the program. You can upload the words into the program as an IFF or as a text file. 2. It allows you to take your word lists and display them in the program as both a grid and in a sentence. By default the program displays the words in a grid. There are two settings that allow you to display the words as a sentence. – The “Display Words as Sentence” setting in the “Output Settings” section of determines if the words are displayed as a sentence. The default value is “sentence”. If you want words to be displayed as a sentence then the “Display Words as Sentence” setting needs to be set to “entruth”. The “Display Words as Sentence” setting is automatically set to the correct value. – The “Display Words as Sentences” setting in the “Words Settings” section determines how many words that are printed together in a row. By default the program prints 3 words, however you can also set the program to print only 2 or 1 words per row. The default value is “3”. – The “Words Settings” and “Words Settings Options” sections of determine how the program displays the words. By default the program will show up to 3 words per row, with no character spacing. There are multiple settings that can be changed to alter this behavior. Some settings make the words a bit larger or smaller so that the punctuation gets a more prominent role in the word. Other settings vary the letters from the default “|” to something a bit more unique so that they stand out a bit more. You can set whether you would like the words to be displayed in a grid or a sentence as well. 3. It allows you to store all of your word lists in one location. This is very useful when you want to switch between different language words lists. To do this just import the entire word list into the program and use the “Update Word List” command. 4. It allows you to create your own word lists. You may 2f7fe94e24

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This program is designed to be used as an educational tool. Crosswords are designed in a way that is simple to teach new words to people who are learning your language. This program is meant to be used for students who are learning the language or for staff who are teaching the language. In other words, this program works best when used to create crosswords for students. They can use your created crosswords as a fun and challenging way of retaining the new vocabulary. Instructions: How to Use: Simply click the Crossword Maker button and type in the words and numbers that you would like to use. You can use the translation function for any words that you are having difficulty with. Click the submit button when you are done. Your crossword will then be created and uploaded to your web site. When you click the crossword you’ll then be taken to a page where you can watch the crossword being created. Next, you can click the start button. The first grid of your crossword will then be displayed to you and you can start solving. You have three choices to help you in your solving of the crossword: – Click the draw squares button. The squares on the board will be drawn for you to make your crossword solution. – Click the solve button. All of the answer squares will be filled in for you so you know where you need to put the correct word. – If you’re unsure of a word you can click the translation button. This will display a drop down list with the definitions for each of the words in the crossword. This is a great way to help you learn the words in your crossword. I’ll explain what words that the program recognizes later. What a Word is: Not all crosswords include words. Most of them do. For example, Nuestra SeƱora de Guadalupe is one of the few crosswords that we know of that doesn’t have any words. Words are defined as either one of the following: – A picture – A product of the language – A word that is commonly used in your language For example, English contains a word for “apron”. An “appeal” is a verbal appeal in another language. A Spanish phrase can be considered a word

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================================== Crosswords are a great way to learn a second language. The creator of crosswords tends to be a very colorful individual, and these words are loud. Crosswords are far more effective than simply having a random word or phrase to randomly replace a word in a sentence. By doing this, the language learner will focus on each individual word and learn it much more effectively. Crosswords also help the language learner learn the language. This program takes these general principles and uses crosswords to create a specific assignment for the language. By having the crossword creator write the crossword for a specific lesson, the language learner not only learns the vocabulary, but they learn the language in a much more unique way than would be achieved by viewing a standard crossword section. Crosswords can also be used to engage students in the language being studied. By using a word list in a crossword, you can create a fun learning game to review the current lesson. The games only take a few minutes to create, and they can be used after each lesson, or just as a reward for learning the language. Creating crosswords and the game is easy. All you need to do is download this software, upload the alphabet and the crossword creator, create your document structure in the appropriate directory, write a short document, create the crossword, and upload all of it. If you prefer to use the command line, a copy of the command to do the above mentioned can be found in the package. Crosswords are the perfect solution for every type of lesson. The crossword can be used to re-assess an existing lesson, or create a problem for the students to solve. Crosswords can be used to create practice tests for your students, or even provide opportunities to use a language correctly. It can also be used to assess students on their ability to understand the language. For example, if you teach a language to students, you may want to ask them to create crosswords after each lesson. The crossword creator gives the student’s first attempts, and the class takes the students’ turns to correct and change the crossword. The correct crosswords then helps you gauge student’s ability to understand the language and creates a fun learning game for the students. The only required part of the program is the ability to upload

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Minimum: OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i3 Processor Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 470 or AMD HD 7670 with 1GB VRAM (Minimum recommended) Storage: 700 MB available space Screenshots: Recommended: Processor: Intel Core i5 Processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 or AMD HD 7870 with 2GB VRAM (Recommended) Storage: 1

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