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Gravity3D is a lightweight educational software application whose purpose is to help you simulate the gravitational interaction between galaxies as they collide via OpenGL. The tool can be deployed on all Windows flavors out there. Portable running mode The utility is portable so you can drop it on pen drives or other removable devices to carry it with you all the time. Plus, you may open it without having to apply administrative privileges. You can run it directly from the storage device. Since it does not make changes to your Windows registry and generate additional setup items, you can get rid of it with the aid of a simple deletion task. Opening its GUI can be done by double-clicking on the executable file because you do not have to go through an installation process. Interacting with the GUI Gravity3D sports a clean configuration panel that gathers a few setup parameters which need to be tweaked before triggering a simulation process. A ‘Readme’ file is included in the package and comprises useful details about the setup options. You are offered the possibility to set the number of stars, specify the number of galaxies, adjust the background color, enable fog and color cycling modes, as well as adjust motion blur, color mapping, size of the point, brightness of the stars, and performance. Several preset hotkeys parameters are available while running the application in the simulation mode. The action triggered by each key is explained in the main window. Tests have pointed out that Gravity3D carries out tasks quickly and without errors. It is quite friendly with system resources so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered. Final remarks To sum things up, Gravity3D comes bundled with several handy features for helping you carry out simulations between colliding galaxies. It can be configured by rookies and professionals alike.







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Inferno was originally designed to be an editor with specific goals: The application should provide powerful tools for writing code, while maintaining a clean user interface. So, according to the developers, one doesn’t need to work for an hour to write a good program, because it doesn’t take so much time, after all. And now we can say that Inferno did exactly what its creators intended, and the end result is something that most users will have no difficulty appreciating. The default interface presents a simple and light-colored panel with several tool buttons, but not all the programs that can be started are present in the toolbar; according to the developers, this particular situation is because there are certain cases where a program is not compatible with the technology under Inferno’s control. As a result, the user is generally required to create a shortcut, or, at least, start the desired program with the command line. Regardless of the case, all programs can be executed directly from within the interface, as the developers intended, and the result is an app that is not only easy to use, but has extensive capabilities. The program comes with a collection of both built-in and third-party programs, and its feature set allows users to rely on the application in daily use; it may need some learning, but once learned, you will have enough features to perform everyday tasks, as well as for the more complex tasks. It offers sufficient functionality, thanks to its built-in “Assistants” panel, which lets users to run commands, open files, search for files and more. The top panel, on the other hand, displays information about the status of the currently open program, and provides a means for users to start the program. This section also includes shortcuts, for the built-in programs, and a fast button to run the most recently used program, among others. The application functions “off-line”, which means that it’s always functional; this means that it can remain in the background, as long as the internet is available. When the internet is not available, however, the user is required to close Inferno and restart it, for the application to do its work. The vast majority of programs that are able to run in Inferno’s environment are command line applications, and the program features a simplistic environment, where users will find several different collections of keys. The program allows you to customize the keys that you use, to make the work easier, or, more powerful. This is all


Inferno is a powerful software for importing and exporting a wide array of types of files on your PC. This program can be easily used, since the user interface is intuitive and easy to follow, it can import files of different formats such as:.xls,.pdf,.txt,.doc,.rtf, etc. Inferno is free to use, but requires a dedicated license to be registered. Features of Inferno include: – Import or export.xls,.txt,.html,.txt,.rar,.pdf,.rtf,.zip,.epub, etc. – Supports online browsing of single or multiple files – Supports the ability to save settings and import/export them – Gets the most out of Windows 7 64-bit, which enables more than 4GB of RAM – Free trial Installation Steps: 1. Download the trial version of Inferno on your computer 2. After installation is complete, launch the program and select the option to register 3. Subsequent to registration, the next step is to create a license key 4. The key is then loaded to the program 5. Add the required authorization on the program How to Install Inferno: 1. Download the trial version of Inferno from the official website 2. After installation is complete, launch the program and select the option to register 3. The application will automatically ask you to enter your email address and create a license key 4. The key is then loaded to the program You can install the Inferno in your computer as per your convenience. Easy activation is compulsory to use Inferno. Once you have activated the program, you will be able to use most of the features and functionalities of the software and it will save your internet connection as well. Drawing Menu of Inferno can be adjusted to different monitors through Multi-Monitor. Features of Inferno include: Export.xls,.txt,.html,.txt,.rar,.pdf,.rtf,.zip,.epub, etc. Import or export.xls,.txt,.html,.txt,.rar,.pdf,.rtf,.zip,.epub, etc. Supports online browsing of single or multiple files Support for the ability to save settings and import/export them Gets the most out of Windows 7 64-bit, which enables more than 4GB of RAM 2f7fe94e24

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A TrueFire application for managing web addresses from a central location. Free and open source Key features: ✅ Copy, paste and share web addresses to each browser profile ✅ Manage and prioritize web browsing activity for each profile with the rapid full screen mode or start/stop chrome mode ✅ Log web browsing behavior for each profile for analysis or future use ✅ Save web addresses, keywords, and clipboard data for future reference ✅ Delete web addresses and export log files ✅ Apply priority level to web addresses, keywords, and clipboards on start-up ✅ Launch web addresses from your primary browser with a single click ✅ Customize shortcuts and Keyboard mappings ? Supported browsers – Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer ? License – CC0 You can find more information about TrueFire on the following website: Introduction Your connections are becoming more complex. The world is full of computers connected through power lines, smart phones, computers and even sometimes through home networks, local area networks, and the Internet What happens if your phone doesn’t work or it’s old and you cannot upgrade? If your home network is unstable or slows down, what should you do? The Internet, mobile networks, business computers, home networks, and even your phone are all connected to the Internet through a limited number of routers. The router is the hub of all the connections in the network. If your router is unstable or slow, your network can be slowed down as well, affecting the performance of devices connected to the router, like your television or your desktop computers. This internet speed setting tool gives you control over what kind of speeds your Internet is and its components receive. This program does the following things: You can set your computer to boot off of a key, a password, or a pre-set time, among many other different boot options. You will also be able to customize the appearance of your computer when you start it up. Firewall Firejail could be used to: – lock out root programs and locked down the kernel as a start – manage access of any device connected to the network – block ports, and more There’s a free and open source alternative: Fwbuilder. It’s a fast firewall for web browsers. Introduction Are you a digital scrapbooker?

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The DBF format was developed in the 1970s by the Bureau of the Census. It is a very simple database format, it is always used together with another format (it can be ADO, odbc, dbase, or dBase, depending on the program) that provides the syntactic and semantic richness. The format is character based and for this reason it is very friendly, easy to use, from a small side programs such as wxDBF. Also, the format lacks any security features, or any authentication mechanisms, so there is no way to keep sensitive information from being leaked. The main benefit of using a simple format is that there are not many formatting challenges, by not using any advanced features, the DBF format is very simple to work with, it is easier to use then using structured or OO databases. The usage is very simple, it supports only ASCII chars. wxDBF is a C++ implementation of DBF written in a very simple way, with a clean syntax and a very simple API. The file extension it refers to a the Database File format. Advantages: • Uses a very simple syntax • Very easy to use • The records are not very complex • Easy to work with • No security • Ease of use • Less time to learn • No need for a lot of documentation or training. QuickBooks Online Accountant is a powerful tool specifically designed to let you create invoices and get paid automatically. You can use this app to print invoices as well as purchase receipts, make payments, and track job progress. Download invoices and receipts With QuickBooks Online Accountant you can create invoices or purchase receipts for the job you have completed. The ability to create invoices and purchase receipts means that you can collect money as soon as your customer makes the payment. Moreover, you will be able to see who should receive payment and how much was paid to everyone involved. QuickBooks Online Accountant also lets you send the payment reminders to the people involved in your transaction. Thus, you have the chance to get paid whenever you want. Another useful feature of the app is that it lets you print invoices and purchase receipts while the job you have created remains active. Track job progress QuickBooks Online Accountant provides real-time job overview that will let you know when all your processes are done. You will be able to see

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Minimum: Mac OS X 10.8 or higher Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 2.5GHz, 3.0GHz, 3.2GHz, or AMD Athlon II X2 445 Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Intel Iris, AMD Radeon HD Hard Disk: 20 GB HD space Recommended: Processor: Intel Core i5 3.2GHz, 3.4GHz, 3.6GHz, 3.8GHz

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