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IconTweaker is a suite of customization tools that allow you to personalize the appearance of icons and folders on Windows XP computers. Despite its many upsides, a major disadvantage is the lack of compatibility with the latest Windows OSes. Another aspect worth mentioning is that the program hasn’t received updates in quite a while and is unlikely to, in the foreseeable future. As such, the chances of experiencing with new features or of being able to enjoy it on operating systems superior to XP are very scarce. However, IconTweaker is worth having a look at if you’re a Windows XP user, because the plethora of customization features is impressive. Most of all, we were touched by the fact that any system icon can be changed entirely, but more importantly, separately. Put differently, the program offers a very high level of personalization, although it does bring a few built-in icon scenarios, which are called themes. The name may be somewhat improper, because a theme usually includes a set of wallpapers or other desktop enhancements. For IconTweaker, a theme designates a pre-defined set of icons that apply to common computer folders such as My Computer, Recycle Bin, Network, Drives, Start Menu and so on. There are eleven such scenarios included in IconTweaker by default, with the possibility to customize them so as to match your wishes. Moreover, you can create a new theme from scratch, save it and share it with your friends. Another important aspect is that the icon configuration can be restored very easily, with the press of a button. As such, you can revert the changes to Windows’ default settings. Other features allow you to rebuild the icon cache, organize icons with the built-in manager, as well as to change the appearance of any directory that is not a system folder. To sum up, IconTweaker sports that kind of customization options that can really make a difference for your computer’s appearance. However, the lack of compatibility with more modern operating systems is a major downside that reduces its audience considerably.









IconTweaker Free

IconTweaker Free Download Features: Full customization of computer icons and folders The ability to customize the appearance of applications for best fit your requirements Repair your desktop using the built-in manager Create and restore custom themes to easily re-arrange your icons Create a new theme from scratch and share it with your friends Create, remove and move icons Re-arrange icons on your desktop Customize time and date on your desktop Rebuild the computer icon cache Organize icons with built-in manager Change the appearance of any folder that is not a system folder Visualize the recycle bin as a trash can Rebuild recycle bin Change the recycle bin color and animation Rebuild the computer icon cache using visual interface Create and show recycle bin Create, remove and move the recycle bin Change the color of the recycle bin and animation System Requirements: Windows XP operating system 1024×768 resolution or higher recommended 16MB of space required on your computer 1.1 GB of space required on your CD or DVD drive How to Install IconTweaker? Best Software Download Sites FilePlanet allows you to safely and quickly download the latest software, games, hacks, patches and themes on the web. FilePlanet – FilePlanet allows you to quickly and safely download the latest software, games, hacks, patches and themes on the web. Features: Choose from the categories (Games, Software, Music, etc.) that best match your needs Choose the operating system you are using to download the tool Download the software and play to check if it works Security to maintain your privacy How to Install IconTweaker? Discussion on IconTweaker Allright, so here is a less negative method to installing this icon tweaker. You must have a “Control Panel” applet in your start menu, if not right click on the “My Computer” applet and choose “Manage”… When you get to the “Programs and Features” window…click the “Installed Updates” tab…click on the “Installed Updates” tab and search for “Icon Tweaker”… Be sure to mark “Show hidden files and folders”. Click the “Add or remove programs” button, it should be near the bottom of the window.

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Use IconTweaker Activation Code to customize the icons and folder names in Windows XP. Like other Microsoft applications, the main interface is very simple and easy to use. Features: – Improve the appearance of any icon or folder – Customize a number of icons, folders and menus at the same time – Preview any changes immediately – Apply the configuration to any folder – Configure any number of icons – Create your own themes – Restore all your changes easily – Share your theme with your friends – Export icons in multiple formats – Recompile icons – Make folders fly in Windows – Change File Types – Saves and restores – History of all past editions – Option to edit entire configurations – Option to edit the description field and preview images – Option to include multiple images (icon and preview) – Option to show and hide non-icon parts – Option to configure new icons – Option to preview icons while making changes – Supports copying icon files and folders – Supports moving icons and folders to/from the system – Supports uninstall – Supports global search – Supports drag-and-drop – Supports cascading – Supports multiple themes – Supports multiple files – Supports multiple directories – Supports copying and renaming – Supports hot keys – Supports multiple views – Supports preview before editing – Supports valid desktop icons – Supports valid system icons A-PDF To JPG Converter converts PDF to JPG or TIFF images, make A-PDF To JPG Converter available now. If you often use PDF files on computer, which make great high resolution printing, you may be interested in the A-PDF To JPG converter. Designed as a simple PDF to JPG converter, A-PDF To JPG converter does not require any installation, and it does not produce any kinds of files. This wonderful PDF to JPG converter does not erase the original PDF file, so you can convert your original PDF document into a high resolution JPG image you want. There are many PDF to JPG converter available online, A-PDF To JPG converter is different than the other PDF to JPG converter. It does not require installation and generate JPG or TIFF image at once. So you can use it on a large PDF file very easily, and it also does not need to convert every page of PDF file, which result much faster than some other PDF to JPG converter. If you haven’t heard 2f7fe94e24

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Icon Tweaker is a freeware utility to customize the appearance of icons on your computer system. The program comes with more than 80 icon image formats and is capable of editing icons of folders, shortcuts, drives, desktop and anything else that can have a.ico,.icl,.ico2, or.exe file extension. The program includes a special sample database which can be imported into the program to show you what icons are supported by the program. Developed by CepSoft. The program’s icon editor supports over 80 icon image formats that are found on most of the Windows operating systems. You can edit hundreds of pre-defined themes or you can easily create a new theme from scratch. Over these themes there are plenty of wallpapers, colors, icons, shapes and clipart images that can easily customize the look of your desktop, browser, desktop shortcuts, files and folders and much more. After choosing any theme you want you can easily customize every aspect of the theme and create your own. The tool allows you to edit icons of common folders like Recycle bin, My Computer, Network, the Documents and Settings, My Documents, Favorites, and much more. But it also allows you to edit icons of desktops and shortcuts, adding or removing icons from the default places on the desktop. Furthermore, you can easily set different icons to be used for different file types and you can easily customize any file or shortcut that has an icon that you want to modify. You can even edit system icons, like the ones for network profiles, shortcuts that launch programs, startup applications and more. The program includes a built-in Windows icon cache manager that lets you create an icon cache by dragging and dropping any icons in your hard drive, then you can easily organize them and rename them to your liking. Icon Tweaker also allows you to rebuild the icon cache by clicking on the button “Rebuild Icon Cache” after you select a theme that is missing icons. Icon Tweaker supports Windows XP, 2000, 98, 98SE, ME, ME SP1, 2000 SP1, 98 SP2, XP SP1, 2000 SP1, and Windows NT 4.0. Icon Tweaker Features: Highly customizable tool: you can change almost everything about your icons in any theme. Reviver feature: you can easily restore all of your changes if you accidentally deleted your icons and can even restore a new icon for your missing files and shortcuts. Built

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With the help of IconTweaker you can modify the look of your desktop, increase your privacy and make your computer more efficient. Basic unchangeable features: * Rebuild icon cache, organize icons * Change appearance of directories not being system folders * Change look of folders in Windows Explorer * Uninstall desktop gadgets and create your own Other features: * Change placement of desktop gadgets * Add custom icons for directories * Add icons for frequently used programs * Automatically resize desktop gadgets * Change colors of system icons and folders * Change background of desktop * Change volume level of songs * Move icons to the left or right side of screen * Sorting icons in folders * Change look of icon in desktop * Create themes to design your system look * Show/hide desktop gadgets and show system icons * Resize icons * Rotate icons * Distort icons * Flip icons horizontally/vertically * Move icons * Lock icons * Change images on icons * Remove unwanted icons * Some ways to hide icons * Undo/Redo * Preview 1. Preparation 1.1. Quickly switch your device to administrator mode. 1.2. Install IconTweaker from Archive file. 2. Customize your desktop 2.1. Select the folder containing the icons you want to change. 2.2. Press “Edit Icons” button. 2.3. Use the Add Icons buttons to add new icons. 2.4. Use “Move/Resize” buttons to change the position of icons. 2.5. Use the “Delete” button to remove unwanted icons. 3. Organize Icons 3.1. Press “Organize Icons” button. 3.2. Use the built-in icon browser to organize your icons. 4. Change desktop’s appearance 4.1. Press “Change Desktop Background” button. 4.2. Use the built-in desktop changer to change colors of icons, folders and desktop. 4.3. Use “Change Volume Level” button to change the volume of music files. 5. Add custom icons to the desktop 5.1. Press “Custom Icons” button. 5.2. Use the built-in icon manager to


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OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Windows Vista Processor: i5 or equivalent, 1.2 GHz or equivalent, up to 2.6 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM or equivalent DirectX: 9.0c Storage: 200 MB available space Networking: Broadband Internet connection Additional Notes: VRidge + DirectX 9 graphics card for best performance Screenshots of the game are available by clicking here. Click the image above to download the full version of BEE


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