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HTWin is a handy application designed for system programmers. Serial, TCP, UDP. Build remotes, each with 50 buttons, each button with push/hold/release/toggle events. In-line hex, SSL/TLS. Great for AMX, Crestron or Extron developers. Portable, runs from a thumbdrive!









HTWin Crack + For PC [Updated-2022]

See this thread for how to use the HTWin “remote” command line program on your remote control hardware:

You should be able to find more information about the various versions and features on their product website.
I run the latest version of HTWin on my Zaurus SL-C710 running Plan1 and so far it has worked out wonderfully.
Here is a short tutorial on how to use it:
1. Download the latest HTWin v2.21 build for your platform from:

2. Extract the contents of the HTWin zip file to a folder on your thumbdrive.
3. Put your thumbdrive in the Zaurus and in HTWin, select “Remotecommands” from the File | Open menu, and select the “Copy files to this folder” option.
4. Remove the thumbdrive.
5. In HTWin, File | Make Remotecommand.
6. Select the “htwin” command from the menu that appears and click the OK button.
7. Add your keys and remotes to the “Remote Profile” menu.
8. Click the OK button to complete.
9. Run HTWin from your thumbdrive and the keystrokes you defined will be sent to the proper devices on your Zaurus.
10. Enjoy your new portable device.

The HTWin project supports only the following platforms:
– *EMBEDDED* (EXCEL/WORD) (Local disk)

HTWin Free [Updated] 2022

Push button serial remotes are easy to install and use. Using the commands on the screen remote provides great control over an entire home theater (HT) system and the ability to operate your home theater system remotely. HTWin can control up to 50 remote’s from a single computer. HTWin supports a wide variety of buttons, display, and programming types. You can also set up the control codes to make your buttons perform specific actions like play a song, fast forward a DVD, move a picture, etc.


Quick-install and uninstall. No HD or CD-ROM’s required.

Supports different programming methods: I2C, SPI, Serial Port. (Compatible with any TI processor)

The application will run in the system tray and can be synchronized with the serial console without the need for any further software.

Allows to view the serial console with the usual screen readers.

Supports different serial devices: COM, RS232, USB, X-10, TTL, I2C, SPI, or RS485.

Supports different serial / serial communication protocols: I2C, SPI, Serial Port.

Supports different keypad sizes and button types.

Remembers the connection between the remote and the computer, so that the remote can be restarted without any extra configuration.

Supports different display types like VFD, LCD, Dot-Matrix, Analogue Display, Dot-Matrix LCD, etc.

Can be set up to show the random output of each button.

Can be set up to send the push/hold/release/toggle actions of each button as the last keyboard input.

Supports programmable push buttons with toggle events.

Supports the synchronous button (push).

Supports the asynchronous button (push).

Supports the HCI push button.

Supports the remote request.

Supports the screen scrolling.

Supports the macro.

Supports complex channel.

Supports the TTSLR (Text to Speech relay).

Supports the password.

Supports the encoding.

Supports the linefeed.

Supports the built-in scratchpad.

Supports the multibutton.

Supports the shareware.

Supports the demo.

Supports the list of all ini files supported for serial communication.


HTWin With Registration Code Latest

HTWin is a handy application designed for system programmers. Serial, TCP, UDP. Build remotes, each with 50 buttons, each button with push/hold/release/toggle events. In-line hex, SSL/TLS. Great for AMX, Crestron or Extron developers. Portable, runs from a thumbdrive!

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What’s New In HTWin?

The HTWin software is a collection of tools that make programming connected devices such as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and industrial PCs and Firewalls much easier.
Included in HTWin are:
– A HTWin GUI web server: HTWinDaemon.exe (HTWin Daemon) HTWinDaemon is a cross-platform full server program that helps you to host web pages in your application. You can add up to 50 buttons, each with push/hold/release/toggle events.
– An OTA deployment solution. HTWinDeploy.exe (HTWin Deploy) This product enables you to deploy your own updates, patches or hotfixes to all your connected devices.
– A TCP/UDP client. HTWinClient.exe (HTWin Client) HTWinClient is a TCP/UDP client ( that connects via HTTPS to your HTWin Daemon running in the background.
– A bootable version of HTWinClient with preinstalled SW (HTWin Client with SW).
– A PEM certificate for HTWinClient.
– Exported functions (with signatures) in DLL format for C/C++ programming (HTWinClientDLL.dll, HTWinDaemonDLL.dll, HTWinDeployDLL.dll).
The HTWin Client allows you to connect to the web server running in the background of HTWin Daemon. This is especially useful when you’re making web based applications in standalone mode (without your computer).
-Example of HTWin web application (HTWin Client connected to HTWin Daemon):
-HTWin web site (

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System Requirements For HTWin:

* Mac OS X 10.10 or later
* Internet access
* In-App Purchases available
* 3G/Wi-Fi/LAN connection to the Internet
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