A menu-driven (mouse-driven) utility to replace the keyboard macro system in Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT. KMP works like any other Macro utility. It creates a menu-driven keystroke. You can also choose to enable or disable it as a Windows shortcut key, so that you can quickly apply the keystroke by pressing the hotkey. You can modify any of the Macro’s parameters at any time and even add new macros. KMP can also save the macros to a file and load them at a later time. When you save the macros, KMP writes them to the file in the format that Windows 95/98/NT expects. The macros are stored in ASCII format, with each line containing a keystroke sequence, and each line delimited by a carriage return and linefeed. You can use KMP on Windows 95/98/NT without having to have any of the operating system’s native Windows Macro programs installed.

BUSMASTER Description:
As one of the fastest DOS/Windows Bus Master programs on the market, BUSMASTER is simple to install and use, and completely independent of all PC hardware.
BUSMASTER has the following features:
* Completely integrated with Windows. BusMaster communicates directly with the hard drive controller and other PC hardware.
* Speed. BusMaster is three to five times faster than similar programs, because of its exclusive MS DOS BIOS execution mode.
* Easy to install and use. Very few complicated settings are needed to get BusMaster working.
* Can be used as a hot-plug device on any Windows PC.
* Integrates BusMaster with Windows and PC hardware. Windows software and hardware such as the keyboard and mouse are completely independent of BusMaster. You can use Windows software and hardware simultaneously.
* Works on all PC hardware. Almost any PC hardware, including low-end equipment, can run BusMaster. There are some exceptions, such as high-speed SCSI adapters or IDE hard drives.
* Integrates with Windows. You can use Windows software and hardware simultaneously with BusMaster.
* Works in DOS mode. BusMaster works very efficiently in MS-DOS mode. You get the best performance from BusMaster when it is used in MS-DOS mode.
* Very low CPU usage. BusMaster can be used with very small computer systems. No other program on the market can be run in MS-DOS mode and run as fast as BusMaster.
* Easy to use. BusMaster is very easy d82f892c90

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Key-Mansion-A is a modern tower-defense game. Set in an alternative world, the game features 15 floors with different enemies and traps to fight. The game also features three modes: the main story mode, the survival mode, and the battle mode. Features:
– A number of challenging enemies: mercenaries, knights, soldiers, gnomes, magicia, mages, monsters.
– A variety of traps: grenades, nukes, bullets, lasers, grenades, skeletons, bushes, gates,
– Multiple weapons for each tower: automatic rifles, shotguns, bowguns, grenades, crossbows,
– Over 30 weapons of different types, which can be upgraded as you progress.
– Enemies with different patterns: regular pattern, cloned pattern, pixel pattern, block pattern,
– Cool graphics and animation.
– Game modes: main story mode, survival mode, battle mode.
– Help: hints to get more gold.
– How to get more gold: earn diamonds, complete missions, tap towers.
– How to upgrade: tap upgrade, tap upgrade, tap upgrade.
– How to change towers: tap shield, tap turret, tap turret, tap radar.
– How to add more towers: tap add tower, tap add tower, tap add tower.
Download Key-Mansion-A:

Key MacroQ:

SQL Server: convert string to integer with special chars

I have a SQL Server (2008) script for replacing values in a table.
What I’m doing is:

get all rows from table
create array of column names
modify the value of every column in the array with the procedure
select * from table

The procedure that replaces the values works fine when there are non-integer values.
But I have some problems when there are values that are strings but are supposed to be integers.
The values of such a column are like: T$A$D$A.
The problem is that these values are not considered as integers.
How can I do to convert the value of such a column to integer?
I tried to use regexp_replace function, but the problem is that the char in my string (T$A$D$A) is not a valid regular expression.
If I try to do :

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