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– World of Sail World of Sail Mon, 05/03/2015 – 19:12 World of Sail is a sailboat simulator game that aims to be a decent addition to the list of great sailing simulators for mobile devices. The game should be a great accompaniment to your own real sailboat, as you can practice maneuvers and prepare for a race without spending hundreds of dollars. Many of the controls are touch friendly; you can steer, trim, shift, and even fine-tune your sails. You can also use the touch screen to tack. World of Sail also includes several different wind patterns and sights to enhance the realism. World of Sail Description: – Long Journey Fishing Long Journey Fishing Mon, 05/03/2015 – 19:10 Long Journey Fishing is an approachable, relaxing game that breaks the formula of hack-and-slash, non-nonsense item-reassembling action games that are becoming increasingly popular. Instead, it uses a constant but relatively simple rhythm and thoroughly optimized world to create an arcade-like fishing experience. Gameplay revolves around using your skills to catch as many fish as you can and feeding them to the villagers. Long Journey Fishing Description: – Arcanoids Arcanoids Mon, 05/03/2015 – 15:54 Arcanoids is an elaborate, symmetrical, gripping, and fun indie game. It’s a roguelike, it’s a puzzle, it’s a roguelike puzzle, and it’s a definitive, poignant quest in which the player journeys across an open world, slaying enemies and escaping death itself in order to discover the mystery behind the disappearance of a space ark crew and bring back their lost ship and its crew. Arcanoids Description: – Duke of Wellington’s Regiment Duke of Wellington’s Regiment Mon, 05/03/2015 – 13:16 Duke of Wellington’s Regiment is a fun, vivid, and original military strategy game where you get to serve as a real German officer and command a real army of the Duke of Wellington’s regiment. The game is set during the Napoleonic era when the Allied and French forces sought to defeat each other at Waterloo in 1815. Based on the writings and experiences of Captain Sir John Burgoyne, the story is loosely based on his

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Based on the same principle as XML, HermeneutiX is designed in order to record any text. This is done in order to make the given text accessible for translators. Any text chosen by the user can be assigned a semantic network diagram as input. The diagram can be found at a predetermined area on the user’s screen or uploaded to the application. Users have the option of either entering text as it is being typed into the document or choosing saved text. Saving text involves saving it as a new document or keeping it in the original text document. This gives users the option of searching and highlighting text which is not part of the original text as well as keeping track of semantic modifications on the given text. Advanced Features: HermeneutiX provides the choice of either using a language specific keyboard or a mouse. The application is able to be run either as a standalone application or as part of a Java application. HermeneutiX allows multiple input files to be saved at once so that users can transfer the information across multiple files. This can be useful in the case of editing and versioning of files. Text can be converted into a Java project so that the information can be used in the programing process. This will enable one to translate the original text without having to work from a mathematical structure for the Java application. This feature will facilitate people while modifying the text and removing any errors. HermeneutiX allows for the redefinition of the parameters for the operation of the program as well as the visualization of data. This is due to the fact that the default settings are limited to the number of lines displayed in the diagram. The program is also capable of saving and loading information. HermeneutiX allows for the “multi” export of data, which can be used to create a database for further analyses. Advanced Languages and Features: The application allows users to input text in the following languages: English German French Spanish Swedish Italian Hungarian Polish Czech Portuguese Russian Romanian Others It also offers an option for the users to tag the text they input by setting it to either a noun, verb, adjective, or pronoun; this would save the user from having to manually type in tags. Searching through the given text can be done by way of text highlighting, as well as by way of the automatic and manual enhancement of the text. Highlighting makes use 2f7fe94e24

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This is a simple text editor with many functions that allows you to change the structure of the text and provide a simple means of creating and editing notes, and creating relations. There are many types of structuring available, and they can be arranged in the following ways: • Relations These are the basic relations to help in the operation of the proofing process. When you input the symbol you need to be sure that the relation will happen, which will give the structure. • Archiving This is a means of setting up a new text file and a new paragraph in case the tool won’t work with the input that is being given. • Storing This is a means of keeping a normal text together with the syntax highlighting and the relations in order to be able to edit the file in the future. • Tags This is a means of adding extra information for the purpose of the application, such as line numbers, notes or references to the text. • Indenting This will allow for a formatting of the text to occur, so the indenting can be performed. • Coordinating This is a means of creating coordinates of the text. • Symbols This is a means of adding the content of the text with symbols and graphics. • Notation This is a means of converting a word into an equation. • Comments This will allow people to highlight or take notes within the text. There are many different characters available, including dates, phone numbers, etc. • Quoting This is a means of arranging the text to be in a quoted style. • Customizing This is a way for the user to make modifications to the text in order for it to work well. Customizing and common modules are separated. The Utility will soon be updated with all sorts of features such as: • Text coloring • Text alignment • Line numbering • Coordinating (global line numbers) • Justification (alignment) • Transcription • Indenting • Symbols • Input Color • Bold • Italics • Entities • Sub-entities • Removing • Combining (merging) • Removing relations • So on and so forth. HermeneutiX Detailed Description: A simple text editor with many functions that allows you to change the structure of the text and provide a simple means of creating and editing notes, and creating relations. There are many types

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Helps the user perform syntactic or semantic analysis of their preferred text in order to see modifications that have been done in their original statement. Textract is a semantic document analysis tool that analyzes words and builds their semantic model. It provides the user with the results of its analysis, including: Analysis of a document (word occurences, parts of speech, part-of-speech tag, constituent, etc). Builds the graph structure with semantic parts of speech. Finds the topics with semantic analysis. Calculates the similarity between documents. Analyzes the text and identifies topics. Developed by the company Google in 2013, it was released for public use in the year of 2015. Characteristics Can be used in the command line. Operates under the UNIX OS. Can analyze any kind of text. It can be used to classify documents and entities. Analyze statistical, social, and web data. Interact with Google. Get It with You is a Web Service developed by Reksoft to automate the process of creating HTML from XML data. Get It with You can be accessed through the command line. It allows you to generate an HTML file or a collection of HTML files from XML documents. Most of the XML data is generated with free, public domain software. This is a handy tool for developers. Reksoft A language translation solution that allows the user to type in a text, select the preferred language, select the source and target language and then type in the target text. It then analyzes the text and creates a translation based on the source language text. Take any document and generate an API to make it searchable with ElasticSearch. First, the document is parsed and the tokens are extracted. The tokens are indexed in an ElasticSearch index. Second, the index is queried with ElasticSearch’s DSL. Third, the results are sent to the user and analyzed with grep and a format that can be read by a program that uses the API. Language and APIs used in this project: Java 8 JavaScript, jQuery, JSON ElasticSearch 5.x Spec is a tool that helps find strong value-based features in biomedical papers through a computational pipeline that integrates usage statistics from publishers, statistical values from R, and text mining. The system enables users to find and score the most important statements in papers. We are


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XBOX One OS: XBOX One 10.0.10059.0 Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 20 GB available space Controls: Gamepad Replays: No PC (Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit) OS: Windows


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