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– Whether you need the ultimate sound recording and mixing application that gets the job done right, or are a novice who wants to try their hand at cutting edge sound manipulation. No matter your skill level or experience, Super MP3 Recorder Pro lets you capture, mix, convert, burn, edit and record sound in MP3, WMA, VQF, OGG, WAV and other formats.
– A complete sound recorder that supports audio files from all kinds of sources such as microphones, speakers, MIDI devices, the PC audio card and even networked computers and webcams.
– Super MP3 Recorder Pro will provide maximum flexibility to your sound recording process as it supports virtually any audio source you can imagine including analog, digital and USB audio devices as well as devices that you create using Microsoft Sound Recorder.
– Moreover, Super MP3 Recorder Pro will record just about anything you want. With this application, you can record streamed audio from Internet Radio Stations, record the output from your computer speakers, record voice notes, and convert audio in MP3, WMA, VQF, OGG, WAV or other file formats.
– Plus, this program supports full sound mixing functionality which allows you to record audio from multiple sources simultaneously. You can also record simultaneously from multiple audio devices at the same time.
– Super MP3 Recorder Pro lets you perform essential sound recording and sound editing tasks without having to install additional software or pay any fees.
– Plus, you can set up hotkeys that allow you to save time and effort.
– Additionally, Super MP3 Recorder Pro is free and does not modify the audio in any way.
– Streamlined interface for easy use and fast performance
– Advanced MP3 sound recording and sound mixing features
– Separate settings for microphone, line-in, line-out and speaker
– Enable or disable the Audio recording
– Select record path automatically when the user is creating a recording
– Enable or disable the Sound mixer
– Record with microphone: select record source manually or automatically based on time
– Record with a line-in: select record source manually or automatically based on time
– Record with a line-out: select record source manually or automatically based on time
– Record with a headset: select record source manually or automatically based on time
– Record with a microphone: select record source manually or automatically based on time
– Record with a line-in: select record source manually or automatically based on eea19f52d2


“WorldDesk is a free cross-platform virtual desktop manager for the KDE desktop. It allows you to manage your various workspaces and settings on any computer or mobile device without actually leaving your desktop and you can save any of your settings.
WorldDesk lets you store and share your workspaces with other users on your network. You can also synchronize them with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or BackBlaze.
WorldDesk is a lightweight application, and you can run it without installing additional software.”

FL Studio 12 Premium is a complete solution for creative professionals seeking to build their own track, remix or live performances, the version 12 has been the most attractive version of FL Studio in recent years. The features that make FL Studio 12 Premium so outstanding are optimized for work with professional-quality hardware, a redesigned metronome and two-layer MIDI effects console, FL Studio 12’s integration with Max for Live and an expanded software instrument library that makes it possible to create almost any type of musical tool with the most recent creative software available today. A three-track audio recorder, a real-time synthesizer, two USB audio interfaces and a new instrument called Kontakt are just some of the new things in this version.

Free video editor for Windows 10
VirtualDub is a free video editor for Windows 10. With VirtualDub you can record, edit, and convert videos. It’s also possible to create short movies with text, image, sound and music. With the additional VirtualDub Pro you can work with digital video cameras and other professional devices. Also many other cool features are available.
This version is free to all non-commercial use.

GarageBand 5 is a fast and powerful way to make great songs in seconds.
Use loops, edit multiple audio, create melodies, add vocals, and mix your tracks together to make music in minutes. GarageBand comes packed with everything you need to quickly make unique beats or epic songs. No plugins are required.
• Create, record and mix your beats on a Mac or PC
• Use loops and different instruments to get started
• Music sequencer to create patterns and melodies
• Track level mixing for flawless mixes
• Sing and add vocals
• Mix and master
• Smart measures for accurate mixing
• Edit existing audio and save it as a standard MP3
• Export your tracks as audio and video
• Free versions of all paid applications (app purchase required)

VLC is free and open


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