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Critadel is an action-platformer game with GBA-inspired graphics and a pulse-pounding techno soundtrack. It’s a “platform game in which you are a ruthless killer.” The plot revolves around a massive robotic tower, Babel, located in the desert ruins of North America. The game’s main characters, Nox, Ahnushu and Alice, are hired guns with unique special abilities: Nox has a high-powered blaster, Ahnushu is a mysterious cultist with dark powers and Alice is a combat android. Nox and Alice start the game in the middle of Babel, and are the only characters with an unlimited amount of lives. At the base of the tower, Nox and Alice are in pursuit of Ahnushu, the leader of a mystical cult. Ahnushu’s pursuit of the ultimate ancient knowledge at the top of the tower will change the face of the world forever. Key Features: • Unlimited lifetime with three different playable characters (Nox, Ahnushu and Alice) • Unique character abilities (Nox, Ahnushu and Alice can each wield a variety of weapons and have different starting items) • Collectible items that give bonuses when equipped and serve as the game’s in-game currency • 360-degree aiming cursor allows you to aim in any direction • Dodge-roll maneuver with limited invincibility to avoid attacks • Powerful weapons that can be purchased or found randomly in the tower • Two types of in-game currency: crystals (found throughout the tower) and orbs (earned by defeating bosses) • Two difficulty modes, plus a Boss Rush mode for replaying boss battles For additional information, please visit:Q: Java eclipse to compare 2 HashMap and check the values are same I want to compare 2 HashMap with different keys and if the values are same then the result should be TRUE else it should be FALSE. I got this but it’s not working, HashMap hashMap1; HashMap hashMap2; public void makeNewHashmap(){ String key1 = “abc”; String key2 = “abcd”; String value1 = “123


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Update Notes:

版本有更新,您应该更新游戏后重新运行。 (version has been updated, please re-run the game after the update.)


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A math edutainment game where you are fighting alongside cute monsters to keep the peace of Mathateria. The entire game is made of six stages and eight waves. You will have to solve math problems in three forms of problem solving and three forms of magic. Use three main attack options and upgrade each of them. Answer, or your initial guess, is right. If you pass the level, there is a power up that will increase your character’s attack power. When you build up your character’s attack power, your dragon’s magic will be able to do damage. During the fight, you will also collect hearts and fire eggs. You can gather many hearts by winning battles and clearing stage by clearing all monsters on screen. You can also farm enemies to gather fire eggs. Here are the Contents: ► GENERAL QUESTION (Math) Solve the math problems to clear the stage. 1. Addition Multiplication Division 2.TIME QUESTION A question a character answers in magic time. Replace the “+” or “-” to guess the number and its position in order. 3.FINAL QUESTION Solve the three questions to complete the level. 1.Multiplication 2.Division 3.Addition The Content about this game is not in English. Please select your language above. The video is not english. Click the video to show it. Please select your language above. You can switch off the video, subtitles, closed captioning by touching Settings button on the bottom right corner of the video. Please select your language above. You can switch off the video, subtitles, closed captioning by touching Settings button on the bottom right corner of the video. Thank you. ie, W.L. Yan, G. Wu and S.J. Wu, JCAP [**1406**]{}, 051 (2014); D.J. Eisenstein, D.N. Spergel, Phys. Rev. D [**59**]{}, 103515 (1999); J. Dunkley et al., (WMAP Collaboration), Astrophys. J. [**730**]{}, 1 (2011). P.A.R. Ade et al., (Planck Collaboration), Astron. Astrophys. [**571**]{}, A22 (2014). L c9d1549cdd


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All of the Galaxy Gallery installations are controlled by a CorePlayer/BizPlay player, a USB cable and a computer. There are no buttons or triggers, just a remote or controller for Android devices, and the display is a Google cardboard (this may vary depending on the room and artist) with a subPAC in the centre. Objects can be used and placed at the touch of a finger. Players can lay claim to a piece of art by holding their device over the piece and touching the screen and audio and controls are presented in the gallery that the player is viewing. Connections are given with the artist’s subPAC, allowing players to select the experience that suits them best. Once players have made their choices they need only to return to the gallery and then walk through the corresponding portal, or use the portal generator to exit into the next room. Structure – The Galaxy Gallery has 10 galleries each representing a different conceptual space, meta theme or theme within Metaverse. The spaces and themes are connected by portals, while the gallery spaces are entirely self contained areas for players to explore and interact in the gallery. Holographic – Images are a combination of art, sculpture, sounds, and player interaction. Holographic is not an illusion, but the source and reflect of player interaction. Intelligent – All aspects of the Galaxy Gallery are responsive to player interaction, this includes sounds, sounds, and 3D sculptural components. Holographic elements are maintained and play out to the best of the players ability. Art – This is a collection of art by leading artists, there are over 20 unique pieces on display and audio, and 3D sculpture. A complete definition of Art within the Galaxy Gallery is an entity within a virtual reality that is interactive and non-representational or non-representational and intuitive in both style and content. Metaverse – The term metaverse is one that has been used over many years in the technology world. The usage of the term was first coined by Neil Stephenson in his 1993 science fiction novel Snow Crash, “The Metaverse is a kind of computer-generated virtual reality that will become available to all of us in about fifty years.” The term is also used in the search for the Matrix movies by Neo, for the AR/VR platform Uberspace by Sherry Turkle in her seminal 1991 work Life on the Screen, and in the design of the complete Metaverse environment in Avatar


What’s new:

Competition: Transnationally and Internationally The 100 US Fund is very excited to be a sponsor of the Transnationally and Internationally Artbook Competition (TIA) for its 18th year. Although the jury’s decisions and selections are final, we invite you to submit your high quality artbooks as representative examples of book production to The 100 US Fund. TIA will once again use its kudos and promotion, and highlight the excellence of books in an effort to demonstrate how the execution of a book is as important as its content, and how the quality of a book is representative of the quality of the images that make it. In keeping with the theme of “Transnationally and Internationally” the jury’s selections are chosen based upon the amount of collaborations and links from overseas. The focus will be on books that have enjoyed wide distribution and media coverage. The jury has encouraged entries from all over the world, so don’t feel compelled to restrict your attention to current events. What is the Submission Criteria? 1) The artwork shown must be reproducible with standard printing processes, 2) The artwork must reflect the author or artist’s purpose and intent of the book, 3) The artistic aspect must stand alone and not depend on any text, with the exception of a page or two dedicated to the production of the book, 4) The quality of the book’s design must be recognized and acknowledged by the audience in terms of production, in addition to being a memorable product, 5) Lastly, the book must have been built by an artistically competent person. What will the Book be Worth? Since this is a competition of excellence, the book can only be judged for its importance to the artist or author. This will not be a contest in which a book is valued purely on the basis of its monetary worth. A very important part of the quality of the book is to view its artistic worth. The promotion of this competition is a careful balancing act. The jury has decided to choose a minimum price point of $100 in order to be significant to artists and writers across the world. What is the Submission Process? Each submission should be entered online via this form by logging in and filling out the form and submit the form using the “PUSH” button. Submissions should include the link to the artist’s website or book’s website in case the details are needed to be entered in the online form. If the link is not


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Deathmatch Soccer has multiple playable characters with unique powers. Each has an arsenal of crazy weapons and attacks. Deathmatch Soccer is PvP only. There is no progression in the game. Play through every character with their custom weapon and outfits. There are multiple weapons to unlock. The game starts with the most basic weapon, the Soccerball, which is great for beginners. Deathmatch Soccer can be played as a single-player or multiplayer game. Fight to the end, show your friends your combat skills, and get your name ranked on the online leaderboard. As you play through the campaign, you will unlock a new character each time. Keep playing to unlock the complete roster of 14! Your weapon, that is. While the camera is behind the ball, you can take control of the player. Shoot the ball with your weapon. – Deathmatch Soccer is a really creative bit of gaming. First person shooter, where you have to control the ball, and arcade, where you do not. It is pretty easy to get into it, there is lots of deathmatch, with lots of respawns. This is a Multiplayer with no progression. – Easy to play, but challenging to master. – The game controls and battle system are really unique. Easy to get into, but challenging to master. – The whole story is just fantastic. If you like sports, real or not, this is not a bad match for you. It is pretty intense and you have a lot of fun. – As you unlock new weapons and moves, you can customize your character and use it. You can create a complete custom character, for example, that shoots a tennis ball instead of a soccer ball. I really like this game. I find it pretty challenging. I think this is because you are controlling a ball with a gun. If you are good, you do not have to damage anything to win. But if you are bad, you can destroy everything you are in. This makes the game challenging in a way that it is not possible in a match where you shoot at a ball, like in the Mario Kart series or something else like that. If you like sports, real or not, this is not a bad match for you. It is pretty intense and you have a lot of fun. There are lots of campaigns, with many levels. You can play them all, as a lot of weapons are unlocked when the campaign ends. But there


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