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GitHub is a highly popular platform for hosting development projects that employ the Git revision control system and many users resort to this web-based service for the software they develop. Those looking for a way to access their repositories without needing to rely on browsers can try gistManager. User-friendly gist explorer The application does not require any actual installation, yet you first need to make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your computer, otherwise you will not be able to run gistManager. When running it for the first time, you will be requested to connect to GitHub by entering a special token – briefly put, you need to login to GitHub with your custom username and password, then generate a token that basically allows other users to perform various types of actions on your code snippets. Once this step has been successfully completed, you will be able to browse the contents of your gists and explore them to your liking. Modify GitHub snippets After you have located the code snippet you were looking for, you can preview it in a fullscreen window and you even get the possibility to adjust any lines you choose. Additionally, right-clicking any displayed item reveals all the actions you can perform, such as creating a new gist or deleting an existing one, along with adding a file to the selected gist, modify it or remove it altogether. When adding a new file, you can start by specifying its programming language, then you need enter a brief description and assign a name to the newly-created file. Next, you can go ahead and work on your project then save it when you are done. Conclusion All in all, gistManager can prove a handy application for all those who do not like to use browsers when managing their code snippets and gists. Moreover, this utility features a highly intuitive interface and it also allows you to export your data locally.


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The R package gistManagers provides a user-friendly web application that allows developers to explore gists hosted on the GitHub service. GistManagers uses an unique approach to loading gists – for a given repository, files are retrieved from the server using the GitHub API. The package also offers a domain-specific language, known as GISTD (for Gist Explorer Scripting Language). Its goal is to allow the user to create simple web applications to work with gists. GISTD is built upon Gists and it provides all the features necessary to interact with gists. With GISTD, the user can generate snippets, explore a set of gists and perform all operations related to gists. This package focuses on achieving interoperability with GitHub. It has been developed for a purpose and should be used with packages such as gitWeb and github. Install it using the devtools package. Installation To install gistManager on R, you will need to execute: # Install from CRAN install.packages(“devtools”) devtools::install_github(“tmcress/gistmanager”) # Install from GitHub install_github(“tmcress/gistmanager”) Workflow The user interface of gistManager works as a web app, so all the code snippets you create in the application will be accessible to others from the web, meaning you need only create the gist and provide it’s URL to others. This snippet is automatically generated when you add the file you want to export, so you do not need to do anything. When you visit the URL, you will be presented with a text editor and you can start to work on your snippet. You can code your snippets right away or add comments to them to clarify what they do. If you open the context menu, you will see all the actions you can perform on the selected code snippet such as: Add file to a gist Create a new gist Edit the selected file Execute the snippet Goto the gist Delete the selected file Quit the app The whole process is straightforward, so you do not need to worry about anything. Data You can get a gist of everything that has happened on a specific gist or to everyone who has access to a specific gist. Watch URL This will allow you to interact with your gists, giving you an overview

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gistManager Crack For Windows lets you create, view, update and delete gists from within the Windows GUI without having to use a terminal window or access a console. Key features: – All operations work with a variety of repositories. – Repository information is nicely displayed and updated as you update the repo. – A shortcut is available for easy access to the “main menu” of operations. – One shortcut makes the filename open in any text editor. – You can easily browse and export your gists. – The gists are stored, in each repository, on the filesystem with a file format that can be opened in Windows Explorer. – Gists can be public or private (see GitHub documentation for more details). – Gists can be authenticated (see GitHub documentation for more details). – You can access a gists from other computers using your personal key. – You can create gists from the command line using any Windows command line tool. – You can access gists from another machine using a password. – You can create, view and update gists within the Windows GUI using a web interface. – You can create gists with syntax highlighting. – You can combine gists and fold them. – You can navigate the tabs you create by double-click. – You can create a gist for you or anyone else. – You can browse existing gists in the Git repositories (in zip format). – You can search for a gist by name. – You can download a gist directly into Windows Explorer. – You can open the gist in any text editor. – The gists are stored as files. – Some gists can be exported in Git format. – Some gists can be archived. – You can set the default program for gists. – The program can unzip gists. – You can disable the program. – You can add gists to a Favorites list. – You can write new gists and refresh the lists. – You can add gists to a desktop shortcut for easy access. – You can run the program as administrator. – You can set the program to always open when you start a computer. – You can run the program as an application with a command line option. – You can start the program as an administrator. – You can use the “console” option to access the command line. Installation: 1. To install aa67ecbc25

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gistManager is an open source open source and free utility for Windows and Mac OS X that helps users on GitHub to manage their gists. It is browser-independent, and can be run from the command line or be integrated into.NET applications. gistManager Features: The web interface allows users to search by name or identifier, see the number of files added, and pick the most recent one. Revert (and compare) changes to a gist, and keep the original files. Synchronize with local gists. Add and remove gists from your GitHub account. Downloads: gistManager is free, open source software released under the MIT License. It was started on GitHub by Marius Mușitoiu, a DevOps engineer at Borja Guevara. This is a web-based application which allows users to manage their gists locally. The gist is uploaded to the server after you are done uploading the files, and for this purpose it uses the HTTP protocol. It allows you to add, delete and update gists, and has a handy built-in browser which allows you to browse all your gists. The browser that comes along with gistManager is fairly thin, yet still powerful enough to help you manage your gists. When you add a gist to your local system, you can add a file to a specific one, and also replace the old file with the new one. When you download a gist you have uploaded, you can download the individual files in zip format. Download | Purchase: A lightweight and fun application designed for the control of GitHub gists. Launch Gist from the command line and obtain code snippets or if you are in the need of more details about the snippets then you can launch the Gist Browser. Gist allows you to make changes to existing gists. Since it works on the back-end of the code repository, it gives you great access to the exact files used on a web-based app. Gist provides you with a couple of useful tool to manage your gists. Gist provides a full integration of GitHub and gists! Gist website | Features: GitHub is an online revision control repository for source code, written in the Git revision control system. It is a web-based system, mainly used on the internet, which uses a distributed version control system (D

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Let GitHub be the gateway to your public and private repos. Access, update and delete your gists from anywhere with gistManager. This app lets you view, edit, annotate and manage your gists in a safe and easy way. Simply drag and drop your saved gists in to gistManager to view them. Enable custom column sorting and view the info panel for each gist in the app. Edit your gists from a custom made onscreen text editor. Save, delete or undeleted your gists. Create, delete or rename new gists. Edit the description, language, and other details for each gist. The tool comes in two versions – free and premium. The free version includes the gist viewer and the ability to create and manage your gists in your own GitHub account. The premium version offers the following features: local gists storage, sync with GitHub, private repos and the ability to create and manage gists in multiple GitHub accounts.Q: highlight a certain part of text I have a string like this: $a = “aaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssdddddddddddddddddsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss”; What I want to do is highlight a certain part (let’s say some letter) of this string. I will always know where this letter is. Then I want to do some things with it. I mean that I can not change the whole string, because it may contain sensitive information that shouldn’t be displayed. For example, when I highlight the third “s”, I want a file/directory created with the name of the “s”. I’ve tried creating a new string from the original one, and using strpos to find this letter and then using substr to get the part I want. But I don’t know how to get it back into the original string, and how to escape the replaced part. A: You are looking for substr_replace function. This function accepts two parameters: string substr_replace ( string $search, string $replace, string $subject [, string $count = 1 [, string $flags = 0]] ) Example: // get a string that contains the letter you want to highlight $highlighted = substr_replace($original_string, “…”, $position, 5); // put

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