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Set in the city-slick, teenage world of New Amsterdam, a reclusive girl named Roos Deelsta or “Roos”, completely re-invented herself on social media after suffering from a string of failed relationships. She’s stuck in this bubble of FOMO (fear of missing out) which leads to a daily routine of posting pictures of herself on Instagram. Suddenly, a mysterious device appears in the city: a virtual reality device, a “Spot Shot”. This technology will allow citizens to interact with the world outside the personal bubble in which they live. But at what cost? Roos just steps into the Spot Shot and suddenly gets pulled into the magical world of the Instagram platform. She’s now inside the head of an anonymous, cyber-utopian teenager and learns everything about this latest phenomenon. But this world that she steps into is not the only one. Highlight is a fast-paced, puzzle-centric adventure where you use virtual reality to find clues in the Instagram of a rather unique teenager. Highlight’s final question: – How should Roos Deelsta move on from the past three years of an insular online life? Using social media as a platform for intervention, is this platform a true reflection of the society we live in? About the Transmedia Project The project is the first game about a teenage girl and deals with VR and Instagram. As a videogame with a transmedial approach it extends beyond a traditional single player game like other games we’ve already created. Highlight is a multiplayer game, which players can join in real-time while waiting for their turn, or in a co-op setting with friends. During the game we will make use of story theory, theory of games and transmedial video games: Transmedia refers to art which integrates different media forms. Through the integration of the material, the message, and the form of the created art, we create a new work of art. In our case, we make use of different available media like music, books, a movie, tv-series, games, and the social media. And of course the Instagram content. The project is divided in 3 Stages: pre-production, production and post-production. In the pre-production phase we sat down and collected the ideas, storyboarded the scenes and layed out the design: Stage 1: Pre-production


Features Key:

  • Easy and intuitive: A fun "desktop" simulation game in which you need to excavate your way through sand and dirt to find valuable treasure!
  • Realistic 3D graphics: Don’t get buried by a windstorm… you are not alone in this desert!
  • Key Features:
    • A growing world with a total of ten different episodes;
    • Competitive bonus games;
    • Realistic windstorm effects;
    • Rating plugin for iTunes;
    • Three big headless and buried. Each has a different special ability:
      • Thingborg, redsauce, a battery for no brains;
      • Bucky – The bipedal, red dragons, that can also walk on water;
      • Snowmageddon, an iron core and a horde of screws.
    • A lot of objects and resources:
      • Extensive sandstorm effects;
      • Burial key;
      • A lot of different objects, loot containers, pickaxes and shovels;
      • A lot of differing materials;
      • A corresponding sound track;
      • An interesting background soundtrack ( you choose which one to hear);
      • Several different ending (more than you can imagine)!
      • A lot of different ways:
        • For the villagers: supplying them with the food they need and erecting barns and wagons;
        • For Bucky: The red dragon, who will attack in one episode
        • For you and your friends: In more than one episode you will be able to take the giant monster heads as your own.


      Galaxy Girls – Erica Alone In Deep Space [2022]

      This Game is about an ancient creature called demon king named Bjarn. He has many subjects who are addicted to his magic. Now, the dark forces are kicking their asses. Demons from other hells are up to drive their king’s host out. If you’ re a man who is brave enough, then you’re the guy to make up for them. Play as the young man who has been pushed into this issue. His name is Deth Raven and he is the most wanted man in the south. Deth Raven swears to avenge his vengeance. _______________ ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Diarmuid McNicholl is an Irish writer living in California. He has experience working on various platforms including writing and producing films and he has also contributed for websites like aims are to demonstrate the genomic organization of Theileria parva, to define the molecular basis of Theileria and its pathogenicity to the host and to understand in molecular terms the interactions between this parasite and its host. We will study the gene expression profiles of cells in the host response to infection by parasites using microarrays and analysis of the genetic sequences in parasites using comparisons between parasite isolates. We will also characterize the function of a number of genes and gene families identified in the gene predictions of T. parva in the context of the pathogenesis of the parasite using mutational and genetic approaches.Effects of beta-iodotropoine (I-Leu) on the structure and function of human red blood cells: a comparative study of erythrocyte activity, oxidative stress, and antioxidative system. This study was designed to compare the activity of erythrocytes, oxidative stress, and antioxidative system in beta-iodotropoine (beta-I-Leu) hydrochloride (I-Leu) treated erythrocytes with that of untreated (control) cells. Three different concentrations of the compound (5, 10, and 15 microg/ml) were used for incubation with erythrocytes. The activities of membrane ATPase, calcium uptake, potassium-dependent ATPase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and Na+/K(+)-ATPase, as well as the level of hemoglobin were measured. Also, malondialdehyde (MDA) and glutathione (GSH) were measured as markers of oxidative stress c9d1549cdd


      Galaxy Girls – Erica Alone In Deep Space Free X64 [2022-Latest]

      Gameplay Virtual Exhibition is a minimalist and open platform to interact and view some of the best artwork from the Gameplay portfolio. I add new works every week, so you can expect some new and interesting pieces to be added regularly. There are several different ways to participate in this project. You can:Check out the full version of the project or only the front page with the newest work Watch the live stream in the upper right corner of the site Check out the images and information of the works on the left side of the site You can leave your comments here or contact me directly You can go to our twitter, facebook and youtube to be in the loop. Where to find me? Beside working on the Virtual Exhibition project, I am working on a bunch of other projects: The Fishing Simulator has been one of my most important projects so far. The project is still very young and it is being developed. There are already over 100,000 objects to model. Here you can see the preview for the objects. This project is about creating an automated fishing simulator. I am also working on creating a sailing simulator. The Fly Fishing simulator has been in development for a while as well. It is almost finished and you can watch the result below. The Flying Simulator is also in the middle of development. Here you can watch the preview. During this year, I have started working on a project for flight simulation. Here you can see the engine that I am using to do this project. In the future I am going to expand the project to include many more features. I also want to work on a free flight simulator with all features. So what are you waiting for?Download the website here, the iOS app here and the Android app here, follow us on twitter and facebook The best way to support this project is to spread the word to your friends and family, so if you want to help me create more of these projects, you can do that by sharing this project and the pages on Facebook and Twitter. I also want to share the pages and the project on other social networks. So if you want to get there, tell me on twitter and facebook. If you know anyone who likes games, magazines or could like this project, send them the links on twitter and facebook.I hope you enjoy the website and maybe it will bring you some new ideas. We are finally here, here is the


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