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– Delete one character: Backspace
– Insert comment: /* */
– Reverse character direction: CTRL-T
– Find/Replace string: CTRL-F, CTRL-H
– Change case: CTRL-C, CTRL-L
– Menu: Advanced
– Copy/Paste/Cut: CTRL-C, CTRL-X, CTRL-V
– Search: CTRL-S
– Go to line: CTRL-R
– Toggle highlighted mode: CTRL-C
– Indent selection: CTRL-I
– Indent/Outdent selection: CTRL-E
– Indent selection, indent/outdent tab: CTRL-T
– Tab/Shift+Tab: CTRL-W
– Dump to console: CTRL- 70238732e0

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Main features of NOCQ:

What is the purpose of this Generic constraint?

Having been to Novermind recently, I see all kinds of questionable generic type constraints, such as:

What are the advantages/disadvantages of doing this over the regular interface?
What is the purpose of the Generic constraint?


It’s a weak constraint, that is, it doesn’t do anything. But in the rare case where you don’t need to be able to return an object of a specific type, it would be useful to constrain the generic type parameter so that the only type that can be returned is a subtype of that type parameter.
For example, in the following code:
public abstract class Collection {
public void add(Object o) {
// TODO: validate type of o
this.add(o instanceof T? (T)o : null);
public abstract boolean contains(Object o);

It is important to make the add method more general than the original generic type parameter (T). Suppose that we have
public class ArrayList extends Collection {

If we didn’t add the constraint to the Collection class, then it would be impossible to make the add method work for ArrayList, because ArrayList and ArrayList are different types. With the generic constraint, the add method will still work for ArrayList, even though the generic type parameter is String.

Cellular toxicity and anti-viral activity of a novel proteasome inhibitor, 3-amino-5-benzyl-4-methyl-1-[(methylsulfonyl)methanoyl]pyrrolidine (BMP), in vitro.
The study was undertaken to examine the cellular toxicity and anti-viral activity of 3-amino-5-benzyl-4-methyl-1-[(methylsulfonyl)methanoyl]pyrrolidine (BMP), a new proteasome inhibitor, in vitro. BMP inhibited the proliferation of several kinds of human cells in a dose-dependent manner. The growth of normal HUVEC cells was more inhibited than that of other cell lines (A


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