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Address Book allows you to keep in your contact list your e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other addresses and a system with this function you can keep in your address book all information you want for your internet correspondence.
Address Book is a simple and easy-to-use address book.
Your contacts and to-do list are in the same place – in a list, which can be sorted by name, last modified or, if you want, by importance.
You can create new contacts and to-do items for each mail box, and see what is ready for sending, what has been sent or that is being processed.
Address Book allows you to:
• enter e-mail addresses,
• enter a phone number or mobile phone,
• enter a street address,
• add a note.
• add address book notes as priorities
and tag contacts.
Address Book can help you remember important things that you need to do or to receive important messages.
Key features:
• fast access to your contacts and to-do items
• organize your contacts and to-do items in a list
• add a note for each contact
• create new contacts, and add new contact items
• create a new category
• create new notes
• add, change or delete notes for a particular contact
• create a new item for the category you want
• drag and drop files to Address Book
• choose automatically a contact to the default e-mail address or to the selected address book
• create a new e-mail address
• create a new category
• mark some items as priorities
• change priorities of existing items
• add notes for individual items
• send items from your address book right from the tray icon
• mark some contacts as important
• create a to-do item for a particular address
• sync your Address Book with an online address book using Yahoo!® Address Book
• preview contacts from Yahoo! Address Book
• keep your Address Book synced automatically
• easily share your Address Book
• save your Address Book to your desktop
• show Address Book on the tray icon
• choose Address Book theme
• create a new theme
• import contacts from an e-mail attachment
• import contacts from a CSV file
• send an e-mail message with your contacts to another user
• import address book contacts from Yahoo!® Address Book
• sync your Address Book with
• choose automatically a contact to eea19f52d2

• Eight HD wallpapers with a high resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels• Choose between eight backgrounds: one each from the following regions: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Australia and Antarctica• Randomize each image with the “Shuffle” option• Use the “Center”, “Fill”, “Stretch”, “Fit” or “Tile” layouts, among other options• Choose to see the images on the screen for a day, a week, a month or forever (until the user terminates the app)• View each image’s information, such as its name, date, region, size, pixels, rating and comments• The time that passes between image changes can be customized, in ten-second intervals or in hours• The app is based on the framework of Windows 8• The app’s interface is streamlined and easy to use
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