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– Efficient and easy to use offline browser designed for Windows 8.
Supported Browsers:
■ Chrome
■ Firefox
■ Internet Explorer
■ Safari
– Small screen
– Dark mode
– Full screen
– Columns
– Grid
– Full width
– High speed
– Save up to 100 websites
– View website structure
– View site hierarchy
– Build local map of website
– Browse offline websites
– Search for websites from different links
– Bookmarks to websites
– Bookmarks to webpages
– Bookmarks to categories
– Content section in bookmark tab
– Organize bookmarks to websites
– Update bookmarks to websites
– Find website by the part of name
– Search site by the website name
– Search site by the keywords
– Search site by title
– Search site by description
– Search site by URL
– Search site by IP
– Search site by category
– Search site by URL
– Search site by keywords
– Search site by IP
– Search site by title
– Search site by description
[URL-CONTROL] Allows selecting online or offline links on webpages.
It automatically shows the webpages that are saved in the list.
If you open the corresponding website page, the offline links are connected automatically.
You can add bookmark to offline link on webpages in the list.
[SERVICES] Download page
Download text files
Download RSS or ATOM feeds
Create a ZIP archive
[BROWSER-SETTING] Downloads Options
– Show download bar
– Show progress bar
– Show download status
– Enable or disable the toolbar
– Set the toolbar icons
– Show the toolstrip or not
– Enable or disable the search bar
– Add bookmarks to websites
– Enable or disable the status bar
– Show the message box
– Download webpages to a file
– Download the webpages
– Add title and description to the download list
– Add date to the download list
– Show the page of the list
– Show the text of the list
– Show the total download size
– Show the summary of the download size
– Disable or enable the download list
– Show the download list
– Show the list of the downloaded links
– Set the name and the path of the downloaded files 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is an advanced e-banking software, which is suitable for all banks, card-companies and credit-companies. With Keymacro, you can save your customers data like their bank-acc. data, their company data, etc. with any number of customers. And your customers data will be safe from any loss. The bank accounts can be automatically saved at any time.
KEYMACRO is an application for your customers, which can also be used for your business. And the data will be safe, safe and sound. With Keymacro you can create a list of current and past customers in your e-banking software.
You can access your customers data from anywhere. So, you don’t need to login to your e-banking application every time you want to check your customer’s data.
In the e-banking version you can get the account and the customer information of your customers. You can get a history of account activities, the statement of the bank account, the list of payed bills and other statement of the account.
You can search by name or by the customer number of the account. You can find the account name, the last payed bill, the account-balance, the types of the account (e.g. checking, saving, investment).
Also with Keymacro you can get the summary of the monthly payed bills and make a chart of this. Or you can make a pie-chart of the payed bills with certain account types.
KEYMACRO is 100% compatible with all other e-banking software and online accounting software.
Keymacro has a powerful filtering system. You can filter all the data you want. So you can check the paid bills or you can search a customer’s data by the bills or by the payed bills. Or you can check the customer’s data, which were payed on a certain day, month or year.
With Keymacro you can save all your customers’ data for future use. It’s possible to re-define the customer list for later use. So, you can make a list of your customers for a special project. Or you can get the customers data for a special customer or company.
Keymacro can also be used for your company. You can create a list of the customers you want, with their data, if they payed any bills or not. You can see their bank account and their payed bills. You can also create a

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