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The new javax.comm API provides access to Bluetooth APIs without the need for a Bluetooth profile. The API allows developers to create Bluetooth applications using this access without having to write a Bluetooth profile for that device.

javax.comm is an open source library that provides access to Bluetooth APIs using the Bluetooth Profile v. 1.0 on all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Hi i am working on an application where i am using javax.comm api but after analyzing the data i am getting wrong data on my screen. But i am able to get the data in the console. Where am i doing mistake?

The device data is available in a set of streams of the ObjectInputStream instance. Some are system streams and some are user streams. You are accessing the system streams that are associated with the Device (Bluetooth Interface) and Peripheral (Bluetooth Service) objects. When you are accessing the User Streams, you are accessing the InputStream of the ObjectInputStream in order to read user streams.

In case of a System Streams the ObjectOutputStream instance reads the data from the InputStream and puts it into the OutputStream.

The System Streams are:

MSPPStream – which is a system stream that is used to read and write the registration information from the Bluetooth Device or Peripheral. In your example, this is the stream where you are seeing the “My Device Name” and the registration time.


I have used the Bluetooth javax.comm API for an app that uses BT. For some reason I need to send some messages to a Bluetooth device. I can connect to the device but it is the most times that I can’t send any data to the device. It is the same with the read() method. It is possible to send data to the device and it is able to receive them but it is not possible to send data after receiving. This is what I have in the code:

I’m not quite sure about this, but does the following mean that data can’t be written to a periperal that is already connected?

Originally posted by d3s0v3ry I have used the Bluetooth javax.comm API for an app that uses

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