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– Test your knowledge on Plant Reproduction
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Available Questions

Plant Reproduction:

1. All flowers contain reproductive structures (seeds or fruit) for propagating new plants. A flower is a reproductive structure of a plant.

2. Plant seeds are stored inside a fruit/pod (yes or no)

3. The period of flowering is divided into two parts: 1) vegetative period in which flowers are produced without fruit; 2) reproductive period in which flowers produce fruit.

4. A flower does not produce fruit before flowering and is not a reproductive organ.

5. Flowering is an important trait of a plant.

6. In annuals the flowers appear early in spring and mature before the fall.

7. The life cycle of a plant includes a vegetative growth stage and a reproductive stage.

8. The generative organs (including all organs except the flowers) are produced from the shoot apical meristem.

9. A flower has two parts: the stalk, which is the part of the flower that holds the pollen, and the petals, which hold the pollen-rich stamens.

10. The stamens and pistil are located at the back of the flower.

11. The female organ is the pistil.

12. The male organs are the stamens.

13. The structure of a flower can be roughly divided into: petals, stamens, pistil and a central axis.

14. All parts of the flower except for the pistil are usually collectively called petals.

15. The pistil of a flower is the female organ.

16. The stamens of a flower are the male organs.

17. The pistil is a tubular, usually closed structure that contains the ovaries and the style.

18. The ovules (future seeds) are produced on the surface of the ovary.

19. Female 4f8c9c8613

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