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First-order key features of “HyperMotion Technology” include: FIFA 22 introduces a new way to play on the pitch. Whether you’re improving your shooting, dribbling or passing skills or training for the new FIFA World Cup™ in Russia, FIFA 22 will take your game to the next level with the most authentic gameplay experience. FIFA 22 takes the best elements from last year’s FIFA 21 and builds upon them to create an even more immersive experience. We developed FIFA 22 from the ground up with the following key goals in mind: For the first time, the ball will feel heavier and there will be a more convincing connection between the ball, the player, and the pitch. The ball physics in FIFA 22 offer precise movements with better control and touch. The fluidity in player movements will give you an even more authentic experience. Take on the new commentary team in authentic and detailed commentary. Play your favorite songs from your favorite football teams and develop an in-depth tactical knowledge of each team. Play in a completely new way with the addition of the “HyperMotion” Engine, which we used to gather a new amount of data that will be used to simulate the movement of the player’s body on the pitch. This allows for a more authentic gameplay, as body movements will more closely match actual player movements. New shooting mechanics. High-speed movements and improved controls will enhance your accuracy and take your touch game to the next level. Explosive dribbling, passes and finishes. Acceleration and speed will translate to a more fluid and natural gameplay. Higher feet off the ground. Players will feel more grounded and protected in high-speed scenarios, making you feel more confident and powerful in defending as well as attacking. A brand-new presentation. With a richer and more immersive gameplay experience, visual and audio features have been improved to make you feel like you are inside the pitch and part of the most entertaining competition on Earth. 21st March 2019 FIFA official posters will be available at E3 on: Xbox Game Store – today (21st March 2019) at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time (9:00 p.m. GMT) FIFA official posters will also be available at E3 in E3 mall and Bethesda Game Store. FIFA 22 is also the subject of the following events:


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • • Release Date: September 28
  • • Game Modes – Career Mode
  • • Game Modes – Online Matches
  • • Game Modes – Online League
  • • Additional highlights including –
  • • Ultimate Team mode
  • • New Festivals including ‘Old Firm’ and ‘Ulster Bank Top 14 Challenge’
  • • Enter the ‘FIFA Hall of Fame’ where you can play your Greatest Games in Ultimate Team!
  • • Enhanced FIFA Ultimate Team Experience featuring Match Days.
  • • Play in any of the following regions: North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia, and Oceania.
  • • Competitive Seasons bring bigger rewards!
  • • New squad formations including 3-2-3-2.
  • • New kits and transfers.
  • • New celebration reactions.
  • • New most-used goals including the new pin-point finish, chipped and curled, and a selection of new 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 goals.
  • • Enhanced ball control and jump shot mechanics.
  • • ‘Evolutions’ a first for FIFA where you can unlock new skills and attributes which increase the level of control you can achieve with the ball.
  • • All-new Master League brings tougher and stronger competition.
  • • Sharing & Co-operative Challenges are featured in many modes across various platforms.
  • • ‘Zone Rush’ a new co-operative game mode.
  • • Show-ball, Interactive Dribble and Direct Kick improved.
  • • New game mechanics include – ‘Smash’ when challenging for possession with a more realistic touch.
  • • Four interactive new camera angles.
  • • Location-specific weather changes.
  • • New tactics and substitutions.


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FIFA is the most authentic football experience on any platform, with gameplay that stays true to the beautiful game. FIFA uses cutting-edge proprietary Ignite Engine, which intelligently adapts gameplay based on the player, the ball, and the scenario to deliver the most fluid, intuitive, and explosive gameplay on any console. What are the new features in FIFA 22? Player Intelligence The most accurate goalkeeper AI in FIFA history, along with new movements and improved understanding of the game allow them to showcase a more human-like interaction with the ball. Players also react more quickly to pressure, creating more chances and adding real unpredictability to gameplay. Innovative Finishing With 2D layers, Physic Engine, and the most accurate longitudinal passes ever created, players have increased control over the ball and can pass, and shoot with greater accuracy in all types of conditions. Teams are able to improve ball control, get more shots on goal, and finish more of their chances in higher intensity matches. Matchday EA SPORTS™ FIFA is not just about taking the pitch. It’s about interacting with fans and getting in the face of the opposition. With advanced crowd behavior, improved interactions with fans, and more, teams and players are able to connect with their supporters, as well as create bigger, more dynamic, and immersive games. Improved AI to further enhance teamwork and gameplay In addition to Player Intelligence, we’ve also developed the most intelligent AI team in FIFA history, and tweaked tactics and player movement so teams are able to play higher intensity games. The new playbook and new ‘hand of cards’ system allows players to make smarter decisions more intelligently to further advance team tactics. New Commentary Team With a new commentary team, we’ve developed enhanced performance that’s more accurate and has an improved mix of Australian and English voices. Our goal is to recreate the atmosphere and energy fans experience at an English Premier League or Bundesliga match. Prolific Locker Room Voices Our increased quality of work has also been deployed into the locker room, with new and improved player reactions that we’re excited to share in our E3 showcase and at tournaments worldwide. Clans Clans are now even more accessible and important than ever to the game. With new social features and a redesigned layout, players can join their friends and create their own private bc9d6d6daa


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FUT is the ultimate way to build your ultimate team, featuring all real players from around the world, bringing authenticity, vibrancy and, of course, power to the club game. Create your team with popular real-world players that are drafted into your team, train your players from the moment they are born, and earn rewards with each win to strengthen your squad. FIFA Ultimate Team – Champions League Build your ultimate squad for the UEFA Champions League and qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. As you play FIFA Ultimate Team – Champions League, you’ll earn experience points which can then be used to acquire new cards and improve your players. FIFA Ultimate Team – All-Star Edition If you’re looking to expand your Ultimate Team collection, then this is the game for you. The All-Star Edition includes all new premium content to help you get more out of the game such as the 2017 FIFA Ballon d’Or nominees. CREATE YOUR OWN STADIUM Take control of your own stadium with Create a Stadium. Enter your favourite real world venue into your game and then upgrade and expand as you build a new dream stadium to be proud of. Your stadium will look great with powerful animations and detailed graphics on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems. PERSONALISE YOUR PLAYER Choose from any of the existing player faces for some of the best-known footballers in the world, and swap them around to find your favourite look. Then, set your favourite player’s attributes using the intuitive interface. Match your player’s attributes against your preferred style to create a unique character. COMPETE THE BEST IN THE WORLD Compete in the latest FIFA game on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems with up to 6991 players, wherever they may be in the world. Watch replays of the action in the new cutscenes to get to the bottom of any calls as you play for your country or club. Create squads of 15 in-game players and compete for victory in a specially created mode. BUILD THE BIGGEST TEAM EVER In Ultimate Team, players are drafted into your team and then you manage, coach and develop them. Players can be added from any of the leagues in the game. Play against friends to see who’s really the best, or build the best club with others. PLAYER CAREERS Your Career is the heart of FIFA and


What’s new:

  • INNOVATIVE NEW FIELDING SYSTEM: Picking the ball up out of defence is enhanced, with just the right touch or gesture – no button-pushing required!
  • MORE VARIETY OF FLICKS: Enhance your game with unique tricks and skills, all properly mapped and timed!
  • VARIETY OF FOULS: Strike the ball with more variety! Trigger various special types of foul from multiple angles in the six new corner and free kick zones.
  • CO-OP CAMERA AND DIRECT CONTROL GUIDE: Enjoy a whole new perspective on the game by seeing the world from the sideline, and feel more in control as you guide your players directly on the pitch.
  • NEW ON-BALL SKILLS: Take more touches, bring the ball down and release first-time passes, have more impact from your long and short passes.
  • AUTHENTIC DIRECTOR OF SPORT: Experience a unique and great vision of gaming improved by faithful recreations of actual player likenesses.


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FIFA is EA SPORTS’ original football video game series. Play alone or with your friends in a simulated, soccer-themed 3D world. Can I play online or offline, or compete in tournaments? EA SPORTS FIFA 22 makes all the fun of playing FIFA online possible offline. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 makes all the fun of playing FIFA online possible offline. I’m on PlayStation®Network. How do I play FIFA? Play FIFA in PlayStation®Network mode as part of an EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team™ account. Players can select up to 5 people from their Online-created team in real-time modes such as Exhibition, Friendly, and more. Customise player appearances, kits, and more from over 150 million players in FIFA Ultimate Team. How do I get the game? Buy the FIFA 22 base game and then download the Ultimate Team™ Pack for FIFA 22 on PSN. How do I sign up for EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team? Play through a Season with your Ultimate Team™ to earn virtual gold coins that can be used to buy packs of players, available for real money. Can I play online with friends? Play with up to 5 friends in online matches, or play against bots of varying skill levels in Exhibition mode. How do I earn FIFA points? FIFA Points are earned by playing in a number of modes including FIFA Ultimate Team™, Multiplayer Seasons, and more. FIFA Points are earned by playing in a number of modes including FIFA Ultimate Team™, Multiplayer Seasons, and more. Can I play offline? The FIFA 22 base game is playable offline as a training session or in single player exhibition mode. If I buy the game, can I play it on other devices? Yes, you can play FIFA 22 on your PS Vita, PS3, PC or Mac from your compatible internet connection.Otaru (disambiguation) Otaru is a city in Japan. Otaru may also refer to: Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry, the most famous being Otaru or Razor’s Edge Otaru (manga), a manga about a tsundere that first appeared in 2013 Otaru Castle, a castle in Otaru Otaru Electric Railway, an electric railway line in Otaru Otaru Station, an intercity railway station in Otaru


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