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The resulting gameplay plays like natural football. You can look up at the sky, bend your knees, rise to maintain balance, fall over or, if you so desire, dive to attempt to win the ball. No longer will players’ movement patterns be restricted to the way they have been in previous games. The technology allows players to have even greater control of the ball, by setting up plays, juggling the ball, dribbling or creating space for teammates and moving into a new position. Speed, agility, power and mobility are used much more in FIFA 22. Not only can you run faster, turn faster and jump higher, but you can play the way you want to – on any surface. Players with very different speed, agility or physical attributes can compete on equal terms. Predictive Physiological Physiognomy (PPP) and Prozone Read more about the FIFA 22 team in the press release “HyperMotion Technology is what makes FIFA 22 feel and play more like a real football match than any football game has felt to date.” states Executive Producer, Oliver Bierhoff. “It’s an example of our ongoing commitment to FIFA’s roots. When we set out to make FIFA with the backing of the biggest football clubs and national teams, the aim was to make the game look and feel real. We did this by staying very close to the sport. We meet with professional football clubs every day, watch real matches as well as training sessions, talk to the referees and coaches and see the game play out in all kinds of environments. After months of this, we want the footballers and their behaviours to be as authentic as possible, whether it’s on grass or artificial turf. The technology has also helped us increase the number of players we can track in a match. Our goal is to give a player the best sense of actually being there.” Key Features: More Player Variation: With a combination of physical and technical attributes and new player behaviours, including the ability to jump into the air, jump from one side of the pitch to the other, and run in zig-zags and on the diagonal, the gameplay will give players a range of unique playing styles. 5-on-5 Match Play: This year’s edition of FIFA features a new 5-on-5 match mode, bringing the classic FIFA experience to a wider selection of players and


Features Key:

  • Exhilarating action and immersive new gameplay modes.
  • Build and unlock the best team in a deep, connected FIFA career.
  • One-of-a-kind HyperMotion Soccer. Take charge in a revolution in the hyper-kinetic “one-on-one” free kicks, Dribbling and more.
  • The Expansion Packs — offer a wealth of new content
  • A more connected transfer experience allows you to build your game line by line.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular videogame franchise. Over 200million players worldwide enjoy FIFA Ultimate Team™, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team™, and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team™ on PlayStation4™ and Xbox One™, as well as the award-winning FIFA series on PC. FIFA Ultimate Team™ is the world’s most dynamic and data-driven football simulation. Build your own fantasy squad with millions of RealPlayers™ and take on your friends in authentic team matches. Find the ultimate team tactics that work best on your connected device and train with FIFA Ultimate Team™ Moments. EA SPORTS FIFA 16 is the highest rated football game available on console and PC. Play in 4-v-4 or 4-v-3 or experience the closest feeling to the real thing, online or offline. A new FIFA introduces new features and enhancements, including new community-driven modes, new animations, global cultural heritage, and real-world leagues. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 FIFA 22 brings the new season of innovation to the critically acclaimed FIFA franchise, across every mode in the game. Enhanced crowd and stadium experience. From new crowd animations and crowd participation to more authentic player movement within the stadium, the new-look crowd will grow with you as you win and lose throughout the season. New atmosphere. From the clever whistle of the referee to the celebrations in the stands, and the noise created by your favorite players, the atmosphere will change throughout the season. Real-world leagues. FIFA 22 lets you experience the live-action emotion of real-world leagues and tournaments, including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and the first ever FIFA Interactive World Cup™. NEW GAMEPLAY ENHANCEMENTS Ahead of the launch, delves into the new gameplay enhancements with the following highlights: New Attacking System. The new Attacking System sets an attacking strategy for each player on a pitch by analysing their tendencies on their current situation. For example, if a player is on the wing, he will have a clear path towards goal while if a player is at the penalty area, he will be more likely to shoot. The system will always choose a player that is the closest to goal, and will make the decision instantly by choosing the strongest combination of players. Crowd Kick and Interaction. Impactful plays will no longer distract the crowd as bc9d6d6daa


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Live the Ultimate Team experience, as you build the ultimate squad with real players from all around the world, all available in the game. Choose the best captain, perfect your strategy, and battle it out with your friends in a wide array of offline and online tournaments to dominate your competition. The Journey – Earn your place in the Hall of Legends – make your mark on the world stage in Legendary Moments. Test your skills in daily Live Events, showing off your skills in brand new challenges, test your reactions in a variety of Live Challenges, meet your heroes and set out on a long-term journey of discovery. You can unlock more than 600 players, over 900 players and more players than ever before! My Club – The all new Home venue management system lets you build your dream stadium, inviting in supporters from all over the world. Set up fan zones, create team areas and more, add items, goods and trophies to customize your club, and track your player base and finances. Reviews “As a new fan, the instant I played the demo I fell in love with the game’s authentic and truly absorbing gameplay. It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s addicting, and it’s FIFA. What more could you ask for?” “It is very much the same game as last year. FIFA 21 is the best football game EA has ever made. It is so good you would want to play it for real.” “EA has made another masterpiece with FIFA 21. It’s as good as last year’s FIFA 20 and if FIFA 20 was the best FIFA ever made, FIFA 21 is even better” “This is the best FIFA game I’ve ever played, and it’s not just me saying it. FIFA 20 is a great game, but the majority of its flaws came from bad design, whereas this new FIFA is among the best designed games I’ve ever played.” “With a wealth of new features, a much more intense Challenge Mode, and improvements to the overall experience, this year’s FIFA is easily my favorite, and that’s no easy feat.” “EA did a phenomenal job with FIFA 21, and I cannot think of another sport’s title that is better than it.” F


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