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Download —> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download —> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


The new motion capture technology enables players to be fully aware of the actions of their teammates, giving a complete and accurate view of the gameplay and delivering a truly immersing experience for the player.

New Skill Movements

Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version introduces multiple new skill movements in order to help players feel immersed in the gameplay experience. These include Fling, Mirror Move, Ramping Run, Flow Kick, Precision Dribble, Dribble Vision and Pendulum Shot.


Fling introduces the ability to fling a ball in the air with both hands, as well as a new move direction. The ability to fling in different directions allows for more tactical options when throwing in the air, and also allows players to throw the ball in a new way, in order to outmanoeuvre their opponents or move the ball to a new area.

Mirror Move

The introduction of Mirror Move gives the ball new life when crossing or sliding into a dangerous area. The move directs a ball into a goal-scoring opportunity, to help players make most of their chances and create dangerous scoring chances.

Ramping Run

Ramping Run simulates the jinking, weaving movement of a player while running, helping teams get past the opposition and find space to receive the ball. The new move direction and speed makes Ramping Run a more dynamic way of running past the opposition and creates a new tactic for players to make them more nimble and elusive.

Flow Kick

Flow Kick simulates the subtle, elegant technique of a player taking a dribble and lifting a leg to kick the ball. The improved kick and movement control of the new move direction help players to score more chances on goal and keep the opposition guessing when playing out from the back.

Precision Dribble

Precision Dribble has been improved to allow players to move around the court with increased speed and precision. The introduction of new dribbling techniques has enabled players to pick up and pass the ball more efficiently, while possessing the ball for longer periods. The new move direction and speed gives players better control of the ball when dribbling and also makes it easier to turn with speed in tight spaces.

Dribble Vision

Dribble Vision gives players the ability to move, dribble and pass the ball with their mind. The new move direction and speed allows for players to control the ball with more precision and movements, such as dribbling


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Play like the best team in the world with pro-level authenticity and ball physics in some of the most authentic stadiums ever recreated, such as Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, – as well as iconic venues from across the globe.
  • Rise up the divisions from club to international level as your manager prepares you for your journey as a Pro.
  • The most authentic dribbling controls ever available for the PC.
  • New Pro Vision provides an extra layer of player awareness to enable you to pull off more controlled dribbles or pick a pass with greater ease.
  • Hypermotion Technology delivers a seamless gameplay experience on the PC: whether you choose to control a game on the all new 4k ultra-HD screen of the new Xbox One X console, high quality 1080p upscaling of every game on your TV, or with the new 0.1 Split-Screen Display, letting up to four friends play a game at the same time.
  • UEFA Champions League – Take a journey through Europe’s greatest club competition and be part of the action in 120 authentic stadiums from across Europe, Australia, & Africa. The UEFA Champions League is the most popular football tournament on earth, which has attracted the greatest teams and stars of the world's game. Choose your team from a host of top stars and gain momentum as you take on your opponents from across Europe. The Champions League now has the same graphics and gameplay fidelity of FIFA on the Xbox One, and brings a whole new way to experience the tournament.
  • Autumn International Series – FIFA 22 allows gamers to compete head to head against your opponent in the UEFA EURO 2016 stadium: The start of a journey that culminates in the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™. Play only official UEFA EURO 2016 stadiums – all 120 of them, including full spectators, authentic matchday atmosphere and gameplay accurate to the live action. Or become captain of your favourite national team and represent them in the competition to win the coveted FIFA World Cup 2018™ title.
  • Double Sided Gameplay – Experience the most ambitious game mode on the Xbox One X, Double Sided Gameplay, which showcases the power of the X by combining the front and rear screens of the X into one, larger picture perfect screen allowing both players to form up on the field with their respective sides.


Fifa 22 Full Version [2022-Latest]

FIFA is soccer, pure and simple. A real-life football experience where you make the plays, score the goals, and feel the emotion of scoring a dramatic winner.

When you play FIFA, you’re the one with the ball, dictating the pace of the game. Whether you’re running on your opponents or dribbling through them, FIFA allows you to express yourself in the only way that is truly yours. So whether you dribble, pass, shoot, head or cross, your actions on the pitch are yours alone.

FIFA is soccer, real football.


• FIFA is soccer, pure and simple.

• Realistic controls and movements.

• Fundamental gameplay innovations.

• Realistic ball physics.

• The very best official teams from around the world.

• Play the game the way you want.

FIFA is soccer, real football.

Single Player Mode

Spend a Career Mode or go for glory in a Quick Play Game.

Quick Play Game

Quick Play Game is the new way to play FIFA. You can compete with any player using your favourite team, or play any of the available in-game competitions.

Live Season Experience

You can play any of the live sporting events during the real season. Whether it’s the Premier League, Champions League or the Red Bull’s Rush, these battles will be for all, as every team is represented by authentic players, in real teams and real stadiums.

Go Online and Compete with Everyone

Play Competitive Seasons and the official FUT Champions League and FIFA Ultimate Team seasons. Watch your friends play online and be part of the global competition.

Competitive Seasons

Competitive Seasons let you play a season of matches across your favourite national leagues. Complete the challenge of a full English or German season, and be part of the most popular football competitions in the world.

FUT Champions League

Can your team dominate the competition and win the title? Go head-to-head with your friends to become FUT Champions League Champion.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Be an all-star player with authentic players, collect them all and build a dream team from legends and superstars.

Co-op Play

Solo or Co-op mode, become a pro on the road.


Fifa 22 Crack + Torrent For Windows [April-2022]

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is back for FIFA 22. Spend all your Ultimate Team cash to make the ultimate team of players then take it online against your friends or challenge players around the world in the new Skills Challenge. Building an Ultimate team in FUT is even more fun and rewarding than ever before. Make some bold moves and build the ultimate teams that will help you win FIFA Ultimate Team Challenges, complete Player & Club Challenges and climb the online leaderboards.

Football Manager Mode –
Football Manager Mode returns to the FIFA franchise with the next chapter in the genre-defining Football Manager saga, FIFA 22. Join your managerial hero Claudio Ranieri as he guides his players through a packed schedule of domestic and continental competitions. With over one million followers, you’ll have the chance to bring some fresh ideas to the pitch and prove your managerial mettle in this legendary mode.

Be a Real Pro for FREE on Xbox One – FIFA Ultimate Team –
Now more than ever, FIFA Ultimate Team is your passport to an incredible pro soccer career. Have your friends check out your squad and invite them to join the FUT Insider Program for an all-access pass into your squad, get FIFA rewards, and more. From the discovery matches to the £750,000 prize pot, FUT Insider members will be able to compete against the world’s best footballers. Watch out for more news about FIFA rewards and VIP experiences. Become a FUT Insider member on Xbox One before October 23, 2016 for a chance to get in on all this.

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