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FIFA 22 introduces a number of improvements and enhancements to gameplay based on fan feedback and data collected directly from professional footballers and the United States Olympic Committee, including: Single Player Options FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA Journey Mode EA SPORTS Club Management For a full list of features, please visit Information about these features will be released throughout the week. New Features HyperMotion Technology FIFA 22 introduces FIFA’s first completely new Player Behaviour engine: the “HyperMotion Technology.” Motions Create Your Legend In an effort to rekindle the never-ending saga of young Wayne Rooney’s 6th major award win, FIFA now gives players an easy, hands-off way to create their own unique player. Create-a-Pro “Create-a-Pro” is an all-new career mode for players who have experience with FIFA. In this feature, players can sign autograph contracts and have their career and FIFA Ultimate Team players propel off the pitch in an attempt to reach UEFA status. Customization Under Armour Friend While you’re in training, your Clutch Performance will be automatically adjusted to your favorite training jersey. Messi and Ronaldo Show your allegiance to your favorite player. Now you can change your star player’s characteristics by either making him a closer, or bigger, or faster player. New Football Shirt Designs Localized Shirt Colors You can now customize your player’s shirt design based on your favorite football club. Player Career “Rise in the United States” No. 1 High School Football Player in the United States No. 1 College Football Player in the United States No. 1 Men’s Soccer Player in the United States Broadcasting Your Thoughts In an effort to rekindle the never-ending saga of young Wayne Rooney’s 6th major award win, FIFA now gives players an easy, hands-off way to create their own unique player.In an effort to rekindle the never-ending saga of young Wayne Rooney’s 6th major award win, FIFA now gives players an easy, hands-off way to create their own unique player.We want to hear your thoughts on the changes announced today and


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Completely revamped real-time 3D match engine powered by EA SPORTS Ignite technology that reduces pitch-time by up to 50%
  • An all-new camera view
  • All-new game camera that uses EA SPORTS Camera technology
  • Revamped dribbling mechanics; 60 pre-assigned player tricks and over 300 player-specific tricks with unique behaviour in the player intelligence system
  • Revamped Pro Clubs and unparalleled player finesse, with over 450 improved player animations, in-game behaviours and motion-capture
  • All-new Goalkeeper Guide and Ball Physics
  • All new Referee system
  • Broadcast-quality authentic commentator – including Alessandro Del Piero and David Pleat
  • Over 600 new actions – all with unique camera shots and post-game interviews in the Showcase Moments (Includes up to 64 unique stadium setups, including Old Trafford, Anfield, The Vatican and The Stadium of Light)
  • All new players, including new kits, animations and abilities
  • Over 700 new plays, with all-new animations and post-match interviews
  • Broadcast-quality announcements and 5 different languages
  • New stadiums, including Modena, West Ham’s new stadium, JJB Stadium and Wembley
  • Authentic player voices
  • Combined Hi-Def and Low-Def Pro Clubs for the first time, with up to 256 pre-loaded jerseys
  • Dynamic Atmospheres – with all-new stadium sounds and messages for the most immersive stadiums in Football history
  • New Destination Leagues including USA, China and Canada


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FIFA FIFA is a series of football (soccer) video games developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. The first game, released in December 1993, uses the Master League license, and introduces licensed teams and stadiums. Since then, the number of licensed teams in the series has grown significantly, and the series has become a standard amongst casual players, not only in the USA but around the world. The current FIFA franchise is owned and developed by EA Canada, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The series has its roots in EA Canada’s 1993 title, Sensible Soccer (which previously used the Master League license), and FIFA 94, the first game in the series to feature licensed teams and stadiums. The first edition of the series, developed by the defunct Scottish studio Reflections Interactive, was released in October 1994. In 2004, EA Canada released FIFA 5, which was an immediate success, generating over $200 million in revenue over three days of sales. FIFA 5’s popularity has led to several yearly sequels, as well as other spinoffs of varying degrees of success. The game is available in a number of versions: ‘FIFA’ for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and GameCube; ‘FIFA 02’ for the Dreamcast and PlayStation; ‘FIFA 01’ for the GameBoy Color; ‘FIFA 99’ for the Game Boy; ‘FIFA 2000’ for the PC; and the ‘FIFA 99 Network’ for the Xbox and the PC. The main game of the series has been sold on over 100 different video game platforms. Gameplay FIFA is a football video game in which a player controls a football club by moving it on a playing field, a la the real sport, competing against other clubs. Gameplay is played through a series of matches. The matches are divided into sets of six matches. Each set is called a Round, and there are two rounds for a total of 12 matches. Matches are played out on different surfaces, such as grass, sand or artificial grass (the last of which allows players to slide tackles). For each match, the player is given a numerical rating, which in turn controls various statistics, such as number of fouls committed and shots on goal. Each match is composed of three phases, dominated by offensive play, and ends with a goal (or counter-goal). In between these phases, the defender can take a shot bc9d6d6daa


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Customise a squad with superstars, or rise through the ranks by purchasing players from around the globe. With more clubs, leagues, and ways to play, FIFA Ultimate Team is richer and more challenging than ever! The Journey is your way – Experience the magic of soccer like never before, with an all-new way to play. Create your club, design your stadium and change stadiums to change your team’s look. Play and compete as a player in the new Player Career mode and experience your own personal, unique journey through the game, or play as a manager in Career Mode. The World is your stage – FIFA Mobile has never been about your menu. Do you want to play on the biggest stage? Play with the biggest stars? Get amongst the biggest crowds? Then choose your favourite club, and take to the field of play on a stage like no other. Create your dream team – Pick your favourite 23 footballers, and take them all the way to the FIFA Champions League. From Lionel Messi to David Beckham, you can now build your own legendary squad. Take any iconic player and have them play in your real-life stadium with your team-mates. Then train them on your pitch to help them improve and reach new heights. Transform your club – Take over a whole stadium, change your team’s kit, and reshape your stadium. Changing your stadium is just as easy as changing your team’s colours, and the choice is yours. Create your dream stadium to reflect your personality and your club’s style. In celebration of the greatest club in the world, FIFA Mobile™ welcomes the new squad, the UEFA Champions League football heroes. These thirteen players have won not one, but two football competitions – the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup. Never before have such players featured in such a single mobile game and this new wave of mobile football heroes will turn FIFA Mobile into the definitive destination for football fans all over the world. Premier League ‘Heroes’: David Beckham A product of football royalty, David Beckham rose through the ranks of the England national team, before joining the Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer, where he won the MLS Cup. Now on the move to Paris for his second stint with the LA Galaxy, David Beckham is a true global sports icon. His retail agent is Finn Sport – visit any FinnSport store to meet him and get your own image and nameplate on


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Push your skills to the limit in “The Journey.” Play a complete match in an all-new, unrestricted FIFA tournament. You can play one-on-one with up to 15 other amateurs, and win prizes by beating them. Or take on players of similar ability to create the best team on the pitch.
  • Create more ways to personalise your FIFA Ultimate Team squad with new in-game customisation.
  • Pelé and Pele are returning to form in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition, with long-range shooting and dribbling abilities to tie up loose balls in the penalty area and unparalleled ball control in tight spaces.
  • European Editor’s Choice – The community recommendations in the FIFA Editor’s Choice mode are back. Since its introduction in FIFA 21, it has become a fan favourite feature and players continue to vote for exciting new players and styles of play.
  • Player Impact Engine – AI improvements ensure your management style will be influential in how your team performs.
  • New animation during frequent on-field physical events such as tackling, pressing, and dribbling.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Adidas – Welcome to The Journey on “HyperMotion.” Feel the adrenaline pumping at the start of each match as “The Journey” thrusts you straight into the heart of the action. Enjoy a completely new single-screen view, which puts players, ball, coaches and spectators all in the same viewing area as your shots and passes emanate from a new spherical outline that surrounds the pitch – created using Real Player Motion Capture data collected from more than 2,500 players from 22 different countries.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s #1 videogame franchise that truly captures the emotion and excitement of authentic football. Since its release in 1993, the series has sold 80 million copies worldwide and won over 100 Game of the Year awards from critics and fans. Thanks to its gameplay innovations, player intelligence, authentic animations, and improved controls, the FIFA franchise has become a new standard for videogames. This year’s FIFA 22 features: Football Refined gameplay engine Enhancements to the passing and shooting systems Improved AI and motion animations Leagues and Challenges Three Leagues: Pro, Championship, and International Personalised Matchday Improved and more authentic crowd reactions Over 35 real-life and licensed clubs New authentic player movements New manager movement New ball physics New audio improvements A new Frostbite™ engine New stadiums and player likenesses 2014 was a special year for the FIFA series. For the first time ever, FIFA lets you choose a club and live out your dream of playing in the world’s top leagues. You can choose the team of your dreams, build your own playing career and develop your player from youth to club to International superstardom. Epic Pro Evolutions Thanks to the game’s improved engine and physics, the ball now feels and plays like it has all the power in the universe. But the game also keeps evolving and feels more responsive. This includes additional player intelligence and greater contextual awareness. FIFA also introduces new innovations to the “little things” that make the game authentic – like the new momentum system, ball control and new player swipes. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 also includes: New British Championship League – As well as the historic Football League, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 also has a whole new year of competition, including the new British Championship League, which has a new set of clubs and just enough familiar faces to stay competitive. North American Academy – EA SPORTS FIFA 14 introduced a custom-built academy with 48 Pro Clubs and this year’s release now has an even bigger role in the game. You can customise your Academy, training tactics, free agent signings, and more. Goalkeeper Phys


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