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The Internet is filled with all sort of applications that could help you to learn new things and skills only using your computer. One of such applications is FastChords. It allows you to listen to songs, play and print them in an easy to follow keyboard notation. It doesn't require you to know how to read music notation in order to play a song. Sleek graphical interface with plenty of tools at hand The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually check out its features. It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with plenty of features at hand and lots of tools that you could use. FastChords is a program to help you learn piano using music found in Fake Books. Fake books collect songs in “lead sheet music notation”  that show only the chords and the melody lines of the songs. Play songs easily FastChords can even find the optimal chord configuration to simplify playing one chord after another. The program is also able to record, analyze and playback songs from your performance on your midi capable instrument. Both beginners and professionals use lead sheet music. Expert musicians should have no trouble converting chord symbols into keyboard keys, but beginners and no-so-beginners do. With FastChords you can quickly create and print a table of all the chords and melody notes of a song for easy reference while playing. More features and tools The tempo of a song determines how fast or slow the song plays.  The tempo is defined in terms of beats per minute (bpm). The Player mode allows changing the tempo while the song is playing or setting it when no song is playing. You can also preview multiple songs, identify the playing range, adjust chords and view the chord signature key. All in all, FastChords is a very complex application that allows you to learn new piano songs from music found in 'fake books' and make some adjustments to them.


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Get into chord structure of a song and play a new song instantly Learn to play chords using chord chart for beginners to play chord patterns Change the tempo of a song, press a key to change the tempo Print out chord chart for a new song Print chord notations of a song for reference or review Record a song, analyze chords and play back a song Preview multiple songs Identify playing range and set range for a song View chords signature in a separate key Play a song, adjust a song and remove a song Download FastChords for Linux Here A: I personally use chord sheet software like Sibelius. You could probably get away with an open source solution like Ubuntu’s Musescore. A: If you have some money, go with Guitar Pro, the only thing available for Linux that’s comparable. It’s also expensive. But it has a very good and intuitive chord chart. Q: AngularJS ng-repeat to create columns of nested objects I’m trying to get something like the following in angular: {{ }} {{ v.description }} {{ v.release }} I’m coming from a table based view so this is really foreign to me. Thanks. A: Not exactly sure how data is structured, but there are many ways to accomplish this. For example, you could create the a function that takes a single object and returns an array of div elements, which allows you to group the data in a format that you want: app.controller(‘Controller’, function($scope) { $ = [ { name: “Test 1”, description: “Testing”, release: “1.2.1” }, {

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Expert musicians should have no trouble converting chord symbols into keyboard keys, but beginners and no-so-beginners do. With FastChords you can quickly create and print a table of all the chords and melody notes of a song for easy reference while playing. FastChords Features: 1-1-2 – FastChords reads the chord sign from a fake book and allows you to easily create and print a tablature of all the chords and melody notes of the song. 1-2-3 – Adjust the song automatically for the correct playing range and change the instrument used to play it. 1-3-4 – The program can recognize and identify your voice and take the output from multiple devices such as microphones, midi controllers, guitars, amps, mixers, keyboards and drums.  2-1-1 – The program can even find the optimal chord configuration and use it to simplify playing one chord after another.  3-1-1 – FastChords is a tool to learn the song of your choice in a different style, such as jazz, classical or pop. 3-2-2 – FastChords will even find the optimal song in your genre and print it in fake books so you can play along on your music keyboard. FastChords Identifies: Chord Signature. Tempo of the song. Intonation of the song. Playing Range of the song. Playing Key of the song. Pitch of the song. Bass, Middle and Treble. Didn’t Find What You Need? Nope, we didn’t either, but we don’t know all the chords that are out there on the Internet, nor we know the ones used by the musicians in your local community. Free Upgrades: Free upgrade is available. you’ll get a one year license for the next version. Learn to play guitar with this easy to use guitar lesson book on Windows. It guides you step by step to play any song you can think of, from some of the most famous rock songs of all times. The program supports guitar tablature, and the ability to export the workbook to PDF format. Do you have any plan about my thesis in thesis writing help Many people are seeking help with dissertations. Dissertations mean a lot of work, 2f7fe94e24

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* Learn songs from fake books * Fine tune your music pieces * Print and save songs to standard MIDI files * Identify suitable chord changes * Analyze and play songs * Test music ** A variety of fake books are offered for songs of various musical styles ** If you read music notation, you will feel right at home, if you don’t you might still be able to have fun. You can search for songs on the internet by giving it a specific name or by the author, genre, year, location or alphabetical order. If the name isn’t found, you can even write your own. Don’t miss a song. Add songs from your collection with the help of the built-in player. A song can be added from music notation, Songbook or MP3 format. Print music pieces to standard MIDI files. The music can be sent to a music synthesizer for playing. FastChords has tools to help you analyze chords for quality and completeness. You can configure settings and generate chord tables.  It can identify and play unfamiliar chords and the melody notes.  You can also keep a list of your own chords in order to learn them. FastChords doesn’t involve any person to learn. In a word, it’s a self-learning application. * If you have any problems or suggestions, please post them in the Support forum Have fun learning songs and playing them. Learn to Play Piano with Video Lessons by John Williams[BMK016] The Greatest Piano Teacher of All Time The Piano Library is a series of DVD lectures hosted by Dr. Lev Shapiro, who has spent years studying and teaching piano. You’ll learn how to sight-read music and play along with real-world lessons from some of the greatest songwriters and performers. Our sister channel, CreativeLive, brings live monthly studio performances by top artists and educators, as well as insightful daily instructional videos and a growing lineup of masterclasses and classes led by creative industry pros. Check out for more. FRESH AFRICA is our creative outlet. Catch new music and videos from some of our favorite musicians and poets, including Achille Mbembe, SIDIB

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Learn new songs for piano in a very easy way using fake books. Fake books collect songs in ‘lead sheet music notation’, which shows only the chords and the melody lines of the songs. You don’t have to know how to read music. You don’t have to guess the chords of a song. Here’s a table of all the chords, which you can print and make easy to follow chord notation. FastChords lets you play back a song while recording, analyzing, mapping chords, previewing and analyzing its chord progression. Check the note following chords and also the accidentals in a chord. Using FastChords you can easily create and print out a table of all the chords and melody notes of a song for easy reference while you play it. Here is a link to get your free registration page: NAIROBI, Kenya — Artis Alizadeh, a 22-year-old Republican lawmaker in Iran, made national headlines last month when he traveled to Saudi Arabia to break the fast at the holy city of Mecca with four Muslim leaders to challenge the Islamist kingdom’s harsh stance on “apostates,” or those who renounce their faith. In an interview with The New York Times, Mr. Alizadeh, who was wearing traditional Muslim garb and a headdress, said he hoped to bring awareness to the plight of Muslims who call themselves Muslim but are persecuted or even executed in some Muslim-majority countries. “We want to tell Islamic countries to stop the oppression of their people,” Mr. Alizadeh said. “It is very important to us to go to a place where Muslims live and do what we can for them.” As the Islamic Republic of Iran’s highest-profile conversion to Islam, Mr. Alizadeh’s visit to Saudi Arabia was portrayed by Iran’s media and some Arab and Western news organizations as his coming out party. Mr. Alizadeh’s departure from Iran was often accompanied by an image of him, arms crossed, next to his mother and grandmother. His trip, which he had long planned, followed his mother’s death, and the deep respect he has for his grandmother made him want to return home a “man of God.”Q

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Minimum: OS: Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD Athlon II X2 / AMD Phenom II X4 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: HD 4000 or better DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 250 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible Keyboard: Standard keyboard Display: 1366 x 768 HD display Recommended: OS: Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 /

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