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• Elden Ring is a free-to-play action RPG from GOG.COM.
• An action RPG based on the novel by Akira Toriyama featuring a brand-new world full of open-field battles, massive dungeons, multiple classes, and a special PVP mode.
• The game was released for mobile devices in Japan in September 2014.
• Currently, the game is available on Android and iOS, along with plans for Windows release in North America.

# Contents
1 Introduction to Tarnished
2 A Portrait of the Main Characters
3 A New Fantasy Action RPG
# Introduction to Tarnished

Tarnished is a remake of an action RPG released in Japan back in July 2014.

You can now travel along the Lands Between in the hopes of discovering the origins of the powerful artifact, the Elden Ring.

As you explore the vast and unknown world, one of the major features of the game is its ability to seamlessly connect you with other players so that you can play together.

Enjoy a three-dimensional drama in which there is no story limit, no words, and no difficulty; a vast world full of excitement in which the patterns of the game change depending on the world you visit.

New and refreshing moments await you on your journey with you.

# A Portrait of the Main Characters

You are not the player’s name.

The name used in this game may be different from the one you play in the original game.

Your story will be different depending on the choices you make throughout the game.

# Elden Ring

Your choice is on a path between power and happiness.

A nostalgic role-playing game that boasts the action and sensation of a new game.

An adventure through a fantasy world full of excitement, in which you will become the main character as you shape your character in accordance with your play style.

# GOG.com

GOG.COM is a digital distribution service that gives you access to a vast range of PC games and app packages for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Use GOG.COM to buy and play your favorite GOG.COM games and app packages that are easy to download and play, even if you’re in a region where GOG.COM is not available. Also available are indie games, in-game content, add-ons, and other gaming content.


Features Key:

  • A Class-based Character Development System
  • An Adventure Game Unlike Any Other
  • An Epic Drama with Mysterious Characters
  • A Multilayered Story Driven by Players’ Taste and Love
  • Play with Other Players Online
  • Ecological Delirium Origins Game Series 2: DEAR GOD WHO KNEW THE WAY

    ‘When I saw the little doll, I had a wonderful idea.’

    When a mother saw her smiling little daughter picking flowers on a windy spring day, she got a wonderful idea. And I cannot help but get caught up in that beauty!

    Main Features:

    • A Dynamic and Staged Approach where Blacksmiths Blow Fire and Transform Fishes into Clothes
    • A Hands-on System That Allows You to Put Your Knowledge into Play
    • A Class-based Character Development System that Allows You to Create a Custom Character
    • New Game Mechanics with Unique Elements

    Game evolution

    • We evolved the game systems and moved it to the Unreal Engine 3
    • Completely streamlined and updated the graphic engine to prepare for console and mobile gameplay
    • Play with Triggered Attacks and Traversal to Get Yourself Ready for an Epic Adventure
    • An Epic Action RPG where monsters and traps are overt

    The Tale of Elisa

    The heroine who narrates the story of DEAR GOD WHO KNEW THE WAY.


    • A Dynamic and Staged Approach where Blacksmiths Blow Fire and Transform Fishes into Clothes
    • A Hands-on System That Allows You to Put Your Knowledge into Play
    • An Epic Adventure Game That Provides a Unique Experience
    • Play with Other Players Online</


      Elden Ring [Mac/Win]

      The fantasy action RPG (FAR) that “Dino Crisis” creator Yuji Horii wanted to make continues with “Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version.”

      The fantasy action RPG (FAR) that “Dino Crisis” creator Yuji Horii wanted to make continues with “Elden Ring.”

      Character design

      The game is set in the mythical world of Elden. Players choose a character, train them, and then play as that character. In addition, depending on how the character is developed, such as how much of the various skills they use and how strong they are, the character’s appearance and skill will change. As you equip weapons and armor with different tags, your character will gradually change in appearance. When customizing your character, equip as many weapons and armor as you can, and use the special abilities. By building up your character, you can gradually evolve into a different style of character.

      In addition to the main protagonist, an array of other characters appear within the game. Players can experience those characters’ relationships one by one as they progress in the story. When playing the game, you can freely combine items on the field to create new items.

      Attainments, quests, and a new experience

      The game does not have a clear story line, but there are quests to attain in order to progress in the story. The game has a wide selection of quests including many that let you fight monsters, and certain quests that lead to the defense of an area. In addition, on certain dungeons, players can gain certain experience points that can be used to raise their characters.

      The main protagonist and their companions appear in numerous areas to the point that it can be a little difficult to remember them all. Therefore, the game also features a system that lets you replay the main story over a period of time and tackle the world of Elden repeatedly.

      It is possible to try different jobs as you play and obtain a new experience from each one. However, if you want to try another job later, you can do so after restoring your character’s save data.

      An interesting RPG system

      The game features a unique battle system that features a new system called “Battle Chain.” Under this system, when a character attacks, you can attack once, then use the guard command in order to avoid enemy attacks. This system lets


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      1. Controls
      – Movement: Use the left stick to move the player character
      – Movement: Use the right stick to rotate the camera around your character
      – Casting: Press the button to execute an attack skill
      – Casting: Press and hold the button to execute a medium or heavy attack skill
      – Movement: Use the B button to change weapons
      – Weapon: Move and use it as your main attack
      2. HUD
      – Main Quest Map: With the left and right stick, move to change directions on the map. With the B button, select the nearest quest item.
      – Action Points (AP): AP is a resource that increases through exploration and battle.
      – Stamina: The life bar that goes down during battle. The bottom section of the health bar indicates the current remaining AP. The life bar is a resource that recovers at a rate of one AP per second.
      3. Character Info
      – Character Name: The name of your character
      – Background: The characteristics of the character, including skin tone and gender
      – Color: Your character’s aura color, which corresponds to its personality
      – Abilities: Your character’s type of attack or defense
      4. Optional Abilities
      – Experience: The amount of experience that your character has gained.
      – Magic Power: Your character’s mana, which represents the amount of magic power they have.
      – Muscles: The strength of your character’s muscles.
      – Agility: The degree of acrobatic skills your character has.
      – Fighting Skill: The amount of combat experience your character has gained.
      – Attributes: Your character’s physical and magical attributes, including defense, attack, and spirit.
      – Equipment: The weapons, armor, and accessories equipped on your character.
      5. Equipment Type
      – Weapons: Your character’s primary weapon, which is gained when leveling up
      – Armor: Your character’s secondary armor, which is gained when leveling up
      – Accessory: Your character’s accessories, which are acquired when leveling up
      – Character Crafting: Equipments that can be equipped on the player character
      Story ELDEN RING game:
      Keen ELDEN RING
      Rise. Tarnish.
      Brandish the power of the Elden Ring.
      Become the Warrior King.
      (c)2016 Natsume Inc.
      Deceitful to the core.
      Chief of the Tribe of the Chief.


      What’s new:

      Enjoy the epic fantasy world and exciting battles that await you as you “Rise, Tarnished, and Become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!”

      Atsan Holdings Inc. and ATERI continue to leverage their respective strengths and capabilities to develop the more successful version of Atsan’s comprehensive graphics and animation tools, ByMap Studio.
      ByMap Studio allows developers to map beautiful graphics into 3D game content as they are created in 2D programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and export them as a texture map file.
      ByMap Studio does not require developers to learn any new graphics programs. Visualizing a game clearly and cutting through detailed operations are made easier than ever.

      At the same time, ATERI takes the lead in area graphics effects planning and the research and development of the most lifelike AR system.


      We will be uploading more information about and video clips from the game “Titan World Game” soon, including its main features, player – characters and more.

      But we felt that there were certain things that needed to be explained first.

      Like its player character– Artyel.

      One of the traits that he wants the player to pick up as Artyel is “a good heart.” In fact, Artyel was once a kind-hearted Cryer but he went through tragic experiences.

      The tragedy was caused by fierce monsters that pursued Artyel in order to get the Mask of Redeflection, an item that is central to returning to reality.

      To come in and get it he had to trust in his friends– not only himself but also his teammates.



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