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Name Elden Ring
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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES INC.
‘The Elden Ring’ is a vivid adventure starring the Elden King, the main character.
With the power and knowledge of the past, he sets off to a new adventure where he will discover the meaning of his mission.

The game features:
– A brand-new fantasy world

– A rich story with a rich world and an epic fantasy setting

– An exciting and immersive combat system

– A vast world with a variety of dungeons to explore

– A stable battle system that offers high tactical action

– Unique online play supported.

– A variety of in-game systems, including a full-featured mini-map, and a deep background story

– An original, vibrant and beautiful art style that will keep you satisfied throughout the game

– An original Soundtrack that matches the rhythm of the game

– An All-new side-story where you can become even stronger through the incredible power of the Elden Ring

This game is only supported for PC.


Taken from the original game by KOEI TECMO GAMES INC., the legend of the Elden King, the main character of the story, has been handed down over the years.

In an alternate world where the Elden Realm was destroyed, the stories of the Elden King are told. From the main character, who is the last surviving member, we want to create a spectacular tale of a man who is forged in his own sword and whose power and grand vision will shift the fate of the world.

Taken from the original game, the legend of the Elden King, the main character of the story, has been handed down over the years.

In an alternate world where the Elden Realm was destroyed, the stories of the Elden King are told. From the main character, who is the last surviving member, we want to create a spectacular tale of a man who is forged in his own sword and whose power and grand vision will shift the fate of the world.

From the beginning of the story, this game is not about the main character. Instead, the storyline is focused on the Elden Ring. The story will run along with the main character but from a different perspective.

With the power of the Elden Ring


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Play Online
    24/7 Access
    Real-time chatting
  • Immerse yourself in Myth and Lore
    Dream a new world of fantasy together with other players in the guilds and parties
  • A New Fantasy Action RPG
    Online Play with rankings for new Players
    The unique online play allows you to develop your character according to your playstyle!
  • Preorder Bonus:

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    Forbidden Dungeon Boss

    The kitchen, a neutral territory, is attacked by a princess!

    • An extremely difficult dungeon boss in the new scenario, which you must fight to obtain master ranks!


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    4.3/5 オススメ 75

    発売日:2017年11月16日 発売日:2017年11月16日


    本作の舞台は北欧(北スコットランド、北インドネシアなどの西洋諸国から広がった北欧圏で構成されるアンドラルーン、翌年にはインドネシア)にあり、プレイヤーは奇想天外な泡盛群のように、たしかに古代が依存するスコットランドではないような自由な泡盛の世界に生まれる。初号機は小さなチャチャ油のトイプルに渦を巻いて下地がしっとりしているなど、オーナーによるアレの世界は近代感がなく混沌とした世界があって良いかなって思う。ベースはライアーン(インディアン RPG)だと思うが、そういう感じのライアーンではない。本作の世界観と各自のプレイスタイルともかなり融通しているので、地域的な種類の泡盛も発生しやすい。

    The game is set in the lands between Europe (mostly in the north, northern sweden and India) in a world that’s liberally tinged with magic. The first release was a tad low-res (like the original LoT) with


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    • A good leader.

    • The commander of the land.

    • The leader of a party.

    • A relation who can be dispatched by the player as a squad commander.

    • Learn from the commander to become a leader.

    • Lead a party to fight.

    • Develop your character.

    The Interactive feature is currently in beta development.

    I’d like to apologize for the delay in getting the next Media File Posted.

    I sincerely apologize for not being able to communicate with everyone individually.

    Despite being extremely busy, I am still focused on developing the game.

    I apologize to everyone for having not been able to provide a reply about the follow-up of the System.

    Now then, we will continue to give our utmost efforts to provide the best possible service to you. Thank you for being understanding, and for your continued support!

    We will try to provide various news as soon as possible.

    Thank you all,

    Dedicated to you all,

    I had a hope for the game,

    As the game that would be downloaded by many,


    I had a hope,

    for the game,

    That promised to become something special.

    A game that unites the world,

    If there is a game,

    a game that all can join,

    Is not just a game,

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    At the end,


    What’s new:

    Visit the website for more information.

    Action Role Playing battle movement BoardGameEngine Gold MahjongGenre of a gameLLULLuumonyplayFantasySimulation Role PlayingLevel of an Online GameOnline Role PlayingRole Playing Action Role PlayingSingle PlayerSource: Starczak.comTue, 22 May 2014 19:00:39 +0000Star on HHOM: Issues of the Mirror Universe?

    Now that United We Stand is finished, I would love to create a spin-off series The Orb of Dissonance. I’m not a fan of the original series, but what if an alternate Universe we travel to in the original series? Will this be canon to the main franchise? I don’t know, I might give up if this is bad characterisation, or it could be fantastic.

    Princess Pitchx, on “The Orb in History but it Changes our Lives”:

    Finnish Neocol


    Free Elden Ring Crack + PC/Windows [April-2022]

    1. Play the game as a 2D single-character
    As a representative of the hero who presides over the Lands Between, you will live in the realm which you call “the room.”
    From here you will play battles, quests, and other content while exploring the great mysteries of the world.
    (However, you will not be able to use equipment and accessories outside of the room.)
    2. Select from a variety of classes
    The heroes of the Lands Between have been living for a long time, but only one of them has ascended as an Elden Lord. Choose your favorite class and become the strongest.
    ▼ Classes
    ■ Warrior: This is a general class that must have high strength to deal with the more powerful monsters.
    ■ Wizard: A class with special spell abilities. Thanks to the magic you can see in the sky that is no longer sensed by the humans, there are many spells waiting to be discovered.
    ■ Ninja: A class that deals with high reflexes and quick movements by combining two worlds—the realm of the humans and that of the beasts.
    3. Battle against monsters
    We are the new fantasy action RPG where the battles and quests are real stories.
    Follow in the footsteps of your ancestor and fight monsters in the world of the Lands Between.
    4. Experience the grittiness of the gameplay
    In “Lands Between” where the humans live, the characters are comprised of objects that can be moved, combined, and grow.
    In order to move, you’ll need to gather materials, so you’ll have to fight off monsters in the world, so please brace yourself!
    5. Online functionality that continues even when you are offline
    Through the online functionality implemented in “Lands Between” you can play with others who are in the same game even when you are offline.
    But, please be careful with your usage, as there are many other people and monsters out there who will catch you if you are using too much of the features.
    1. Mobile data available
    Download data or more of it is required to play the game.
    2. Location information access
    We use location information in order to notify players about upcoming content such as events. Please be careful about using the location information.
    1. What to Play
    All the content that you can play in the game as long as you have previously downloaded.


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    System Requirements:

    * min. 1920×1080
    * OpenGL 4.3 compatible
    * OpenGL 4.3 is already installed by default.
    * An OpenGL 4.3 compatible video card (see below for more details)
    * PCMAPS compatible graphic card capable of outputting 24 bit audio
    * CPU: Intel/AMD i5 with 2 cores or equivalent
    * RAM: 8 GB
    * Linux OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 18.04, 19.04, 19.10, 20.04



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