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Name Elden Ring
Publisher jahvleke
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The game of the new fantasy action RPG released by Mobius Digital Inc., November 2, 2015 in North America.

– Rise and be guided by grace

The first tabletop RPG from Mobius Digital, “Rise and be guided by grace” allows you to make your own character and fight on a vast world. The game features a unique story in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between, where vast multi-layered dungeons are seamlessly connected.

– Customize your character

Using 6 attributes, 16 skills and 10 passive skills, you can freely customize your character’s appearance, accessories, weapons and armor. You can also freely mix and match weapons, accessories and armor.

– A vast world with intricate designs

A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. You’ll be able to gather loot and find new discoveries throughout the adventure.

– Create your own story

A multilayered story revealed in fragments, telling a tale of the Lands Between. A tale that unfolds as you go on a quest to the distant past.

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The game of the new fantasy action RPG released by Mobius Digital Inc., November 2, 2015 in North America. / 10)) + “MB”.format(bytes(s.getrecords(500)))

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Features Key:

  • Character growing through status progression.
  • Multiple thrilling dungeons with complex environmental systems.
  • Unrivaled 3D graphics, beautiful storyline, and music.
  • Playable with English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese or Korean languages. Players may adjust the volume of subtitles such as the status and weapon names, enabling everyone to follow the storyline without any difficulty.
  • Elden Ring release date:

    JRPG-01: May 31, 2020

    JRPG-02: December 30, 2020

    JRPG-03: June 30, 2021

    JRPG-04: October 30, 2021

    JRPG-05: March 30, 2022

    JRPG-06: September 30, 2022

    JRPG-07: March 30, 2023

    JRPG-08: August 31, 2023

    JRPG-09: December 29, 2024

    JRPG-10: April 30, 2025

    JRPG-11: August 31, 2025

    JRPG-12: December 29, 2025

    JRPG-13: February 29, 2026

    JRPG-14: August 30, 2026

    JRPG-15: February 28, 2027

    JRPG-16: August 31, 2027

    Elden Ring Trailer:


    Elden Ring Product Key Download (Latest)

    Now You Can Become a Sister of the Blood.
    Finally, the legendary Sister of the Blood has arrived!
    For the first time in the history of Aincrad, you can directly become a Sister of the Blood in the online RPG action Aincrad!
    After you clear the 20th trial, you can progress to the main story with the party of 9 characters.
    Moreover, since the main story requires clearing 15 story missions, a small story in the game, “The Stray Magician”, will also be available.
    The light and dark magics will be fought in each story mission in the main story. You can choose which magic you want to use when you clear a battle.
    1. The limited number of characters are available in the main story.
    2. The character will remember the stats of a character in the past. The skills of the past character will be used as the base.
    3. Each class will have a new skill to perform at level 100.
    4. You can change the spells of a spell book using a spell of a different class at level 100.
    5. You can use the class of the relevant magic in a story.
    6. There are 4 types of enemies which require different skills.
    7. The character class, class obtained from a story, and the class of a skill can be selected at level 20.
    8. As a result of joining a party, when you use a weapon as a class, you can use that class without restrictions.
    9. You can equip the magic that has the same effect as a weapon, such as a staff.
    10. The world will change based on your online actions.
    11. The world map will be revealed during play time.
    12. When you defeat an enemy and earn EXP, you will be able to obtain new items from the event scenes.
    13. The battles against the demons of Aincrad will be extended and the effects will be stronger.
    14. All events will be cleared as the main story progresses.
    15. You can experience all the events in the main story through the new story, “The Stray Magic


    Elden Ring For PC [2022-Latest]

    ■ Character Creation
    * Create Custom Appearance
    With the ability to freely combine weapons, armor and other equipment, you have the freedom to set your own unique appearance.
    * Customize Magic
    As you develop your character, you can freely enhance your magic to unlock special skills.
    * Special Skills
    By using the skills you develop, you can increase various stats and produce special effects.
    (All skills require the Vampiric Fetish skill.)
    ■ Map Design
    * Four-dimensional Map
    The world of Tarnished Tales contains a variety of differing situations, such as vast fields where you can find two-dimensional content, and three-dimensional dungeons.
    * Unique Dungeon Design
    Three-dimensional dungeons with a variety of dimensions include rooms with branching paths, and narrow corridors and spirals.
    ■ Unique Characters
    * Various Powers
    Tarnished Tales features characters with many different powers and abilities, ranging from strong and light fighters to powerful sorcerers.
    ■ City Exploration
    * Landmarks and Shops
    Tarnished Tales lets you explore the world of Tarnished Isle and visit city-themed areas such as shops and cities.
    ■ Battleground Gameplay
    * Drop-In Battles
    The Battleground is a battlefield where you can participate in Drop-In battles. Battles of various strengths are held here, and you can participate in the battle that you please.
    ■ World Map Design
    * Dungeon Exploration
    Travel between dungeons, fields, and other areas in the world map.
    ■ Storyline Design
    * New Story Arc
    A new storyline featuring the current character, an Elden Lord character of your creation, and a character who was once at the top of a great war.
    ■ New Adventure Content
    There are many dungeons throughout the world of Tarnished Tales that players can go on. In addition, you can find objects that you can collect and bring back to your own encampment.
    (All items have been randomly generated.)
    ■ New Equipment
    There is a wide variety of equipment you can use, and you can freely choose among various equipment equipped to the character.
    (All items are randomly generated.)
    ■ Mission Structure
    The Mission structure is a map on which you can set combat conditions. You have the freedom to set any number of conditions, such as “Stunning up to three enemies during a battle,” or “Grabbing your opponent while in the air and executing a Special Jump that knocks them backwards with force.”


    What’s new:

    [b]- Features >Q:

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    Hello I was trying to add scaling to this page to change website header height to fit the window height.
    I know I can use this to make the div grow:
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    But when I add the transform property to it, the height property moves away from 100px, and I have to subtract from it. I am not sure if there is an easy property name for the Z axis. How can I make it so that the height is basically stretched for the height?
    This isn’t what I was trying to achieve(this is the result I have before scaling)

    and this is what I am looking for with scaling(this is not there, don’t mind the background image)


    Scaling on the Z axis can be achieved using the scale() function (and an ancestor element), which takes it’s value from the scaleY() and scaleZ() functions.
    #conncet {
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    transform-origin: top right;

    CSS Demo
    You’ll also want a little more specificity for the parent to get your transform-origin.

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    .NET Framework

    .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later

    Windows XP or higher

    .NET Framework 4.0 or later

    Windows XP or higher

    You are denied permission to install/open/launch this software.

    Please open the settings on your computer and check if the appropriate the permissions are enabled.

    In order to use this application you need to install the.NET Framework version 4.0 or later.

    Please install the.NET Framework version 4.0 or later if this message appears again.

    Install Adobe Shockwave for large files

    In order to play the game you need to install Adobe Shockwave for large files.

    How to install Adobe Shockwave for large files:

    Click on this link to go to the Shockwave website. Download Adobe Shockwave for large files.

    Install the game

    You are denied permission to install/open/launch this software.

    Please open the settings on your computer and check if the appropriate the permissions are enabled.

    In order to use this application you need to install the.NET Framework version 4.0 or later.

    Please install the.NET Framework version 4.0 or later if this message appears again.

    If you have installed the.NET Framework version 4.5.2, please re-install the.NET Framework 4.0 for large files with the installer or the.NET Framework 4.0 instead of 4.5.2.

    Download size : 425.8MB

    Donation Information:

    If you like the game, we will be very appreciative if you leave a donation for the game.

    You can leave a donation in the form of support for future development,


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the latest version of the game program from the homepage :>
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  • CORRECTION – Added “Some folders” image to clarify the extraction place of the game

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    System Requirements:

    Minimum system requirements for a new game in the Home Front series:
    MacOS 10.8.5
    Windows 7 SP1 (or Windows 8)
    Intel i5 or equivalent Processor
    6 GB RAM
    HDD space of 25 GB
    To get the best experience with Home Front:
    Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.8.5 and later are recommended. For Windows systems, you need to be running Windows 7 SP1.
    Getting the game from the App Store:
    Make sure you have the latest



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