Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition HACK SKiDROW [+ DLC] [Updated] 2022


This is a fantasy game based on the Elden Ring Fantasy Setting of game development studio REIL, aiming to bring the essence of fantasy and the fantasy action genre to the game. Designed by: Jeffery Cho Character Development and Design Program: Jeffery Cho Writing and Art: Box, sertzen Art: Box, PERCEEDY, Rikkin, sertzen, Sulli, Ceeza, Oshilove Theme of Development: Jeffery Cho Copyrights: Jeffery Cho, Torite Entertainment, and Jinnyeong Entertainment Group Fight the enemy with your actions! Upgrade your character to become a fierce warrior and strike a powerful blow! Lead the way for your companions with your ability to control animals! Lead your party to victory in a fantasy world of action! An Elden Ring Adventure for the First Time A huge and diverse fantasy world created in full 3D that you can freely explore. An exhilarating action RPG with high speed-paced battles. An online play that allows you to enjoy the presence of other players. COMMUNICATE AND ACHIEVE ENEMIES With the exception of customizable weapons, you will be able to craft various weapons and armor in the shop. Craft items with your character’s level and master high level weapons and armor that can be used by all members of your party. FEEL THE POWER OF ART AND MAGIC Attend to the needs of your party members with spells that allow you to heal them. Equip a special item to grant a buff to your character. Raise your character’s power with a complex and varied magic system. CAMP, FORAGE, AND REST Go on your adventures while resting in camps, where you can spend time taking care of your character’s levels and items. Recover in a field of flowers, browse an Elven Castle, or strike in a crowded mining town. UNLOCK THE SPELLS OF THE EARTH AND HEAVEN Use music, animals, and sound effects to manipulate the elements to become a powerful mage. You will also be able to assist the friendly beings of the world, who can be found in fields, forests, and shops. BEST EXPERIENCE OLD THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG Engaging Story • Clear Quest


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Multitask Local and offline progression and character customization is supported simultaneously by a huge trove of actions.
  • Freedom of Playstyle Customize yourself to play as you like best.
  • Comprehensive Real-time Action that Evokes the Fantastic Drama of Elden Ring
  • ■ Story – Fight against Chaos in the lands between worlds

    Delver, near the end of time, you were born. Your destiny lies in the lands between worlds.

    The lands between worlds are a world of mystery. You who choose to live in the darkness of the unknown will grow strong. A world that is populated by dangerous demons, eldritch horror, and the undead. As such, many people like you have been sent to this place to fight monsters and hunt.

    Elden Ring is a visual novel fantasy action RPG based on the fantasy created by Edward M. Lerner, the creator of Grandia. The world of the story is a unique realm that almost resembles a fantasy world and a Mega Man setting. From the magic of magic to the legend of the fallen characters, there is a story full of deep drama and daring adventure in a world bereft of hope.

    The players who get to play the main protagonist are divided into two large groups. The players that will play as Delver are the heroes who fulfill their lives through fighting against the monsters in the world that has been abandoned, except for them. The players who will play as Chaos are the ones that want to take things into their own hands by capturing the main protagonist and using this as a means to achieve their objectives.

    See the story of each character as he leads you into the heart of the game. Take everything from Delver’s perspectives, and Chaos’ perspectives.

    You will experience every adventure as a real team among others. Discover the mystery of the Elden Ring, make your own choices and decide your own destiny. Gain fame and become “Elden Lords” of the lands between worlds.

    ■ Game Features

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