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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.90 / 5 ( 5008 votes )
Update (4 days ago)







“The first fantasy RPG with an original story.”

In the Lands Between where the Universe Between and the Universe Above meet, the life of adventurers is shaped by the power of the Elden Ring. You can create your own character, build your own world, and experience an epic adventure!
• Graphical User Interface
The information on the world map and character information is displayed clearly.
• Unpredictable story
A rich and original story which has a strong sense of poeticism and is full of meaning.
• A Long History
The Lands Between were once covered with an endless ocean, and it is said that the three heavens and the underworld were formed due to the conflict between the five people of Elden. For many years, this conflict has been festering, yet the wounds have yet to be healed. However, now the strength of the Five Elden has increased and attained a new power, and awaits the day that it shall achieve a complete domination.
• The Power of the Elden Ring
The ultimate strength created by the five Elden, the Elden Ring. With the power of creation, the creator of the world may take the shape of an Elden Lord. You may choose from the four different types of Elden Lords and become an Elden Lord to take the strength of creation.
• Thousands of Items to Collect
The game includes the number of items that exceed the imagination. To collect these items in the world, you must gather your own strength and battle other characters. They are not mere decorations – each has a particular purpose, and the amount of items you have will also increase your actions.
• Character Skill System
You can freely choose the skills that you learn and adjust the amount of points that you use, and be able to enhance your skills and evolve your character.
• Battles!
During your adventures, you can battle against enemies that appear in your adventure map. During the battles, you can upgrade your equipment and use skills with various effects to attack your opponents.
• Classes
You can freely choose from among four classes – Magician, Warrior, Sorceress, and Priest. Depending on your play style, you can choose one of the classes or form your own class.
• Items and Equipment
You can freely choose from a variety of items and equipment such as weapons, armor, and magic and enhance your character according to your play style.
• Open World
You can freely explore a vast world in a variety of situations in the Lands Between


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.90 / 5 ( 5008 votes )
Update (4 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Role of the Elden Lord
  • Become powerful through a variety of battles and encounters
  • Interconnected online play
  • Stage 1 Full Expansion

    • In the beginning and end of the path of the Lands Between, the Elden Ring has been destroyed and once-thriving territories are in disorder.
      However, the Lord of the Elden Ring, Arthur Pendragon, has gained great power from the lost glory of the Iron Ring.
      With your help, help the lands to return to the Golden Ring.
    • New gameplay systems and elements has been added.
      You will be able to enjoy the degree of freedom and gameplay variety that you have never experienced before.
    • Unlock more than 30 new Adventurers

    Stage 2 Full Expansion

    • Flood from the crack as rent of the devastated lands, and the drought of the Iron Ring.
      The lands of the Lands Between are completely stirred, and everyone is in chaos.
      A World Without a Legend.
    • In a world fallen into chaos, Arthur Pendragon, the Lord of the Elden Ring, now stands in the center of the chaotic situation.
      If you do not chase the destructive force, someone will be plunged into the chaos who will be deceived by the Light from the Dark Lord.
    • Online Multiplayer action where you can directly connect with other players in the same room to take on monster raids and campaigns on the new 8.5-by-18 squares in Double mode.
      If your members in your communication channel turn to the Dark Lord and share their Souls, you will go through the “Siege of the Lost” story that will exhaust the role of the Summoner, as well as the “Siege of Caster” where you will be able to defeat the Dark Lord with other members’ help.
      Also, you can transmigrate your members’ Souls to new adventurers even if you disconnect from the online multiplayer.
    • Triple the battle experience of the entire game.
      New and exciting movement mechanics have been added.
      If this is your first time trying to battle on a large square, you will have an


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      ① “Embers” by Basilisk Media

      ② “The Land of Oblivion” by Basilisk Media

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      To play this game, first you have to meet the requirements. Click the copy button and past the code.

      Download for PC

      Download for Xbox One

      Download for Switch

      Download for Mobile

      This game requires restart.

      Online multiplayer when playing with more than 4 people.

      Online multiplayer in mode “Co-op”.

      Connect with other players via Splatfest and battle.

      Download the Official App Store

      Download the Official Google Play

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      » Windows PC (7.0 or later)

      » 2GB RAM or more

      » 40MB space or more

      » Processor: 2.0GHz CORE i3 or more




      What’s new:

      eShop e019
      Launch Date: 09.01.18

      Content Warning: This eShop e019 contains the following with unusually strong language:
      Don’t even blink at this baby…………………………………………
      That’s as mean as a ground troll……………………………………..
      That’s how she sleeps!………………………………………..
      It IS a crybaby……………………………………………….
      I’m not dead, I just got a new snitch, alright?…

      Content Warning: It contains strong language, strong concepts, and is for mature audiences.

      *********** LINKS ***********

      ” target=”_blank”>Landstetiz e019 official page

      Landstetiz Kickstarter

      Landstetiz Google Play page

      Landstetiz YouTube channel

      Landstetiz Unity Tournament

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