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The Elden Ring exists in a world overflowing with fantasy myths and legends. The universe is inhabited by humans who live in tight relationships with the Elden. When a civilization-destroying apocalypse occurred a millennium ago, the Elden were the only ones to survive. To save the human race, the Elden created a number of powerful spiritual beings who had the ability to physically bless and curse people. These beings were ranked as deities and called “Elden Lords”. They conquered the human lands to suppress the humans and banished the people to magic chains with a curse. Although the lords used their spiritual power to control the human lands, they took the souls of the people, and the human race came to be called “Tarnished”. The people that were banished in the chains tried to escape from the cursed lands. And the result is that they made their way to the lands between. Their goal was to free the people from the cursed land and protect their race. However, the evils that were spread by the lords still remain within the Lands Between. The lands between are a variety of places, including mountains, plains, and deserts. Wherever you go, the time is long past and the element of magic is strong, so in addition to players that are blessed by the lords, there are many evil beings that use the power of the lords in their own ways. You will encounter many strong monsters while exploring, so the power of the Elden Ring is essential. ?Key Features: 6 different classes, eight skills, and 90 weapons. A huge world full of exciting adventure to explore. Crafting and collecting to create a weapon of each class. A system of equipment to enhance your character. Adventure in a three-dimensional world where you are free to move wherever you want. A multitude of events and benefits that come from the other players. A real sense of presence in the game. “THE OLD FANTASY ACTION RPG” FEATURES: 【Discover the Lands Between】A Huge World Free of Combat Wherever you go, the time has passed and the element of magic is strong. The once familiar world of this period has become a different world, and you will be transported to the lands between with the power of the gods’ blessing. 【Fragments of the Myth】Drama, Scenarios, & Mysteries A long time has passed since that


Features Key:

  • Permanent Play
  • Vast World
  • Detailed storyline, resulting in an immersive, rich story
  • Free Style play
  • Impressions (Dungeon Content including Bosses, Traps and Treasures)
  • A variety of dungeons and quests including a variety of bosses
  • Catch Me if You Can system
  • In-game representation of powerful voice actors
  • Beautiful, mecha-like and flashy user interfaces(UI) that emphasize the game’s realism
  • Feedback from players at the Power User Corner will help our development Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs.
  • Storyline

    One day, as a young girl, Sinekali took a walk through the woods near Shibuya. A sudden fire breaks out from the woods and the girl becomes the center of attention. With the instruction of Grandmaster Aild Rije, a person who has taught me to become a graceful and powerful Elden Lord, I must rescue the girl and explore the Lands Between, a world where fantasy and legends grow into reality. Here, the identity and fate of the girl are unknown, but she is asking me to protect her from the impending danger. I can hear her voice, and I begin to fall in love. In a desperate attempt to protect her, I enter the Land Between.

    Story Synopsis

    A young boy, Vanille, whose true identity is unknown, falls into the Land Between alone. Having nothing else to do, he encounters the girl named Sinekali who thinks he will protect her. He learns that he is an Elden Lord who, before becoming an Elden Lord, hunted monsters with a wooden sword called the ‘Eldan’ and joined the ‘Black Dragon Guild.’ Against his own will, he is sent to a deserted town called ‘Garen Lancesh’ to research his whereabouts. While hunting a monster, he meets a brave man, the town chief, Elden Aido, who knows the identity of this unknown boy. He then leaves the town and explores the Lands Between,


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download and extract the.exe file, according to extraction preferences.
  • Run the game and opt into multiplayer to join or create a new game.
  • Enjoy!
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported Windows XP and above (Mac OSX 10.10 or later) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon Dual Core 2 Duo or better CPU 2 GB RAM (2 GB for 64bit versions) 1024×768 screen resolution DirectX® 9.0c 9MB VRAM DirectSound Compatible Soundcard CD-ROM drive USB port (USB 2.0) At least Windows® ME Software Requirements: MP3 Encoder Please check the European



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