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Oracle Application Express (AES) is a server-side application development tool that is aimed at simplifying the creation of web-based applications.
AES allows you to build enterprise applications quickly and easily without the need for advanced programming skills, making it ideal for application development projects that need a custom solution.
AES introduces a new design methodology for web development, based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML), which makes it simpler to create, document and maintain applications.
AES supports both procedural and object-oriented programming models and uses the same syntax for your stored procedures and queries, which means that you can easily switch between the two, depending on what best fits your application.
AES applications are designed using templates, which simplify the creation of web-based applications.
The Application Template Browser is a web-based tool that allows you to design applications that follow a standard design, giving you the flexibility to customise the design as required.
Once you have created the application, you can use AES to convert the application into an HTML document, upload it to the Oracle Server, and run it using a web browser.
Oracle Application Express Licensing:
Unlimited users
• Unlimited websites
• Unlimited Oracle instances
• Unlimited databases
• Unlimited schemas
The free product version of Oracle Application Express offers the following functionalities:
• Simple Business Objects – A set of UI components designed for the creation of web-based applications
• Administration Console – Provides a wizard to create a database and schemas and manage other administrative tasks
• Administration Console Console – Provides a wizard to create a database and schemas
• Web Delivery Tool – Allows you to create web applications, deploy and run them from the Administration Console
• Application Template Browser – Allows you to design applications using the Unified Modeling Language
• Documentation – Provides a set of documentation tools that enable you to create a detailed application design guide and model document for your application.
• Application Builder – A tool that allows you to edit and customize the application template
• Analytics – Provides access to Oracle Analytics for the performance management of your applications
• Antivirus protection
Oracle Application Express Features:
• Use it for:
o Creating and running simple business applications
o Creating and running complex business applications
o Manage Oracle or Oracle Database databases
o Manage Oracle schemas
o Communicate between applications
o Create and manage web and application security
• Easily create a complete Oracle database and a schema
• Create, manage and edit eea19f52d2


6M, you are now a hardcore kendo enthusiast and you want to live kendo life.
So you have a hard time finding a motivational image to get you going,
or maybe you’re just frustrated because it’s always raining when you want to go out and train,
or maybe your kendo club doesn’t have an official logo you can use for your fans.
Well today is the day.
I present you the original kendo armor and the kendo sword icons.
You can use it on your desktop, in folders, in files, and so on, even on e-mail subject lines,
and you can do it without watermark, without copyright and without restriction.
Get the original kendo armor and the kendo sword icons, and feel the kendo power today.

Today we are presenting the new version of some of the really great Free Icons Sets. We have a lot of sets, ranging from the usual to the very specific, so I hope that you will find one that suits your taste. I hope you enjoy these really cute and handy sets.

MxEtA16 free icons from BitBlast

The latest icons from BitBlast. Icons come in 256×256, 16×16, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, and 256×256. All icons are free for personal, commercial, or educational use.

I’m looking for icons (preferably flat icons) with a blue color. You can use any symbols, and they don’t have to look like Star Trek or something. Ideally, they would have an ethereal theme, but not too much. I’ll probably be posting some more icons as I find more.

You can send a link to the page with all the icons you have (about 20-30), or a.zip file with the icons. For the.zip files, you can include any symbol you want.

I’m looking for icons with a sense of mystery and secrets. I’m thinking about a small white box with a red and black seal over it. So it’s a little sealed, mysterious box.

Of course, you can just use whatever you want. These icons are free and copyrighted to whoever wants them.

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I’m looking for icons with a sense of mystery and secrets. I’m thinking


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