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Ease your work when you need to remote control several servers.
How to Use:
1. Create a new Group
2. Choose a Name for the Group
3. Choose a default remote settings
4. Create as many sessions as you need
5. Choose the Group
6. Add new session
7. Set the remote password
8. Set the local password
9. Logon remotely
10. Logon Locally
11. Transfer your file from one group to the other

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Name: Remote Desktop Connection Manager
Home Page:
Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) is a comprehensive and practical application worth having when you need to manage and organize multiple remote connections.
By using this application, you have the possibility to consolidate multiple remote connections into a single and intuitive window, so you can prevent desktop clutter.
You can automatically detect and connect to remote computers, regardless of the operating system used on those machines.
Also, you have the option to create a detailed logon profile, so you can connect to the computer when you want.
Worth mentioning is the fact that you can connect to a remote computer when you specify the operating system used on it, so you can avoid useless attempts of connecting when you know your attempts will fail.
Before using Remote Desktop Connection Manager, you need to create a new group. After assigning it a personalized name, you can easily add as many servers as you need. You have the possibility to specify details such as server settings, logon credentials, gateway and connection options, as well as to set local resources such as sound quality, remote sound and color depth to obtain a better preview.
You can view all the servers in a group as a set of thumbnails, so you can find them easily. Also, servers can inherit their logon settings from the group, thus maximizing your efficiency and work, without specifying server settings each time you need to create a new remote connection.
By default, all the passwords are encrypted and stored locally in a specific location, so each time you move a server between groups, you can be rest assured that all the previous configurations will not change.
Although there are plenty of apps on the market that provide you with the same features as Remote Desktop Connection Manager, the aspect that makes this utility to stand out is 384a16bd22

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editstatus: Edit your status update
unplugged: Remove your account from twitter
ready: Wait for next command (normally would be “ready”)
twitter: to enter the twitter website
findfriend: Search a user
friends: search and list all friends
twitter: to exit from the twitter website
access: Access to the user’s Twitter Profile
authorize: for twitter to be able to connect to your Twitter Account
account: Login to your twitter account
network: to access Twitter list (listed status)
onlist: get user names from a list
offlist: Remove user name from a list
network: to list the users of your network
friends: Lists the names of the friends
lookup: Lookup the names of a user
viewprofile: View the profile of a user
quotelist: Lists all the status (comments) in a list
postlist: Adds a status to a list
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liststatus: Lists all the statuses
reverstatus: Update the status of a reverts
nickname: Change your username
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quiet: unplug your account from twitter
status: Show the current status of your status update
setup: Setup the connection to the Twitter website
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mail: to enter the mail website
mymail: Shows your email address
mail: Removes the email address
myemail: Lists your email address
setup: Setup the connection to the Mail website
mail: to enter the mail website
full: List all users (names)
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setmacro: change the current macro
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listmacro: to edit the list of macros
listmacro: to remove a macro

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