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Advanced window manager for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. With a graphical user interface and easy to use features. Includes a set of powerful “macro” tools. KEYMACRO has a simple user interface for keyboard shortcuts. Fullscreen is supported.
System requirements:
• Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
• RAM 256 MB
• 100MB free disk space
• If you want to save the screen image of the KEYMACRO window, it is recommended to save it on a external hard drive.
• 100% Keyboard: Use standard American keyboard, regardless of the current language.
What’s New in Version 1.0.2:
• Rebuilt a lot of the program. Much improved performance.
• Small program adjustments.
• Corrected a few bugs.

In non-profit communication we often use the term “word of mouth” for advertising. How does word of mouth advertising work? A perfect example of this is a pizza shop that sends out fliers, which also show up in the mailboxes of their customers. Although fliers and mail are obviously not “everywhere”, people who get them are more likely to be aware of the place and then share the word with their friends. In other words, the word spreads with time.
That is what happens to apps too. People install them and then run them for a while, and in this time they come into contact with the world of computers, get accustomed to their structure and features, etc. And although this knowledge is acquired, it doesn’t automatically spread from them to others. The only thing that spreads it, is your friends and family. And the more friends and family you have, the more people you can contact with this information. Thus the word spreads.
I will now explain some basic concepts of word of mouth advertising.
How can your friends and family spread the word about your app?
It happens often, that people are trying to recommend your app to their friends, but they don’t know what to recommend or what’s good and what isn’t. This is the most common thing, that starts the actual process. “Hey Joe! Want to install an app? Try this one.” Joe hears this and thinks “that’s a good app! I’ll give it a try!” and does that.
At some point he is satisfied with the app and decides that he will keep it on his phone and will recommend it to his friends. And then, the word spreads.
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KEYMACRO is a MACRO utility (short for macro record) for Windows and Linux, which provides a simple and compact method of controlling your keyboard. It is based on the standard Windows and Linux cut-and-paste mechanism, which means you simply copy text and the pattern that describes that text, and paste it somewhere else.
This means that your keyboard macros can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can define simple routines such as “enter” and “backspace” or complex ones such as “press ‘w’ to pause, ‘p’ to continue,’space’ to edit a value, ‘delete'” or “h’/page down to navigate”.
The definitions can be saved to a configuration file that you can then use any time you want, without having to manually enter them again. Your keyboard macros are displayed in a simple GUI, with the same syntax of the macro definition files. You can then copy the patterns and paste them on your keyboard. You can define up to 99 different patterns in total.
You can even modify the keys in real time as you paste them.
The program is free and cross-platform. Windows versions available. Mac and Linux versions available.
Keyboard macro configuration file format:
Keyboard macro definitions can be written in plain text files or in Microsoft’s.ini format, which makes it easy to understand by humans. In addition, the user can select multiple files at once, and copy and paste their contents from one file to another, without any restriction.
Recent changes:
This is the first public release.
Version 4.5.0
– Fixed an issue with the keyboard layout in Linux (thanks to bonafidefix).
– Fixed an issue with the cut/paste feature in Mac.
– Fixed an issue with the keyboard layout in Mac.
– Fixed a crash in Mac.
– Added a progress bar to the “paste” feature in Mac.
– Added a warning message when pasting after cutting.
– Added a warning message when pasting after cutting.
– Fixed an issue in Mac.
Version 4.4.9
– Fixed an issue with the keyboard layout in Mac.
– Added a warning message when pasting after cutting.
– Added a message when pasting after cutting and clearing the cut buffer.
– Fixed an issue with the cut/paste feature in Mac.
– Fixed an issue with the keyboard layout in Mac.
– Fixed an issue with the

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