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APE Ripper is a software that can convert APE files tot the WAV, MP3 and other types of format.
The user interface of the application is plain and simple. You can insert an APE and CUE file by using the file browser (the “drag and drop” method is not supported).
So, you can edit the APE information, such as album, artist, year and genre, as well as view the title, time length and performer of the track.
But you can also select the output directory and format (MP3, WAV, APE, VOX, G726, G723), as well as change audio settings (bitrate, sample frequency rate, quality, compression priority, channels).
After you press the “Start” button to initialize the conversion process, you can view the total progress of the task. Also, you can use an ID3 tag editor (e.g. title, artist, album, track, comment, composer, copyright, URL), change the interface skin and language.
In the “Options” menu, you can set the output folder to the same one as the APE file and establish default parameters for audio settings.
The program uses a moderate quantity of system resources and is able to complete a task in a reasonable amount of time. The sound quality of the output files is pretty good.
Furthermore, there is a help file at your disposal, so you can easily learn how to use APE Ripper, even if you are an inexperienced individual. Too bad the trial version has some harsh limitations, as you can see in the Product Description below.
All in all, APE Ripper is a very good program for encoding APE files to other formats, and we strongly recommend it to all users.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good language IDE for Android? – pensj

I have a suggestion for Google: Make a decent IDE for Android. I can write Java and C# and I think these two languages are comparable. But I can’t seem to find an IDE that works like Visual Studio for those languages. Eclipse is okay but it’s not as nice to use as Visual Studio. NetBeans is also good but I don’t think it works on Android.
The Android IDE is just a wrapper around Android’s own build tool (Ant).

Does the IDE need to be all in 84e02134c1

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KEYMACRO, the editor of the keystroke macros, provides you with a simple to use GUI, which allows you to create, edit and save any type of keystroke macro.
With this program, you can record keyboard commands or keystrokes, thus increasing your productivity, removing repetitive manual actions, and saving time and energy. To give you an idea of how it works, here are some of its main features:
* Create and edit a keyboard macro
* Select the text or the entire document
* Add command keys (with modifiers and with different effects)
* Insert time or date
* Edit and modify the text or the entire document
* Record multimedia files (*.avi, *.wav, *.mp3, *.wma, *.mp4)
* Save your macro to a file, to the clipboard or to the registry
* Play your macro back in the current document
KeyMacro has a modular design and can be used with Windows (with Office and other applications) or with any text editor. KeyMacro is distributed as a portable program, which means you can use it from a flash memory stick or a CD.
KEYMACRO can also be used for all your multimedia needs. You can record a radio stream and listen to it later. You can record your PC screen or a video in any video player that you like.
Since the editor of the keystroke macros uses macros, you can share your macros with other people by sending them the portable executable file. Moreover, if you insert the macro in a web page, your users will be able to use your macro in the web browser. If you want to share your macros with friends and colleagues, you can create a public registry on the web.
KEYMACRO is a portable software, so you can use it from a floppy disk, a portable hard drive, or on a USB flash memory stick. In addition, you can save your macros to the registry. You can record any kind of audio files, using any audio recorder.
KEYMACRO allows you to use an audio recorder, or an audio player to play back your saved macros. You can even mix your macros with the audio you save in the editor of the keystroke macros. KEYMACRO allows you to assign a hotkey to any macro.
KeyMacro has a simple interface that will be useful to those who are starting to use keystroke macros.
KEYMACRO comes with a variety of skins to customize the interface.
The interface of KEY

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