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Create your own MIDI Synthesizer with fully customizable MIDI controls, effects, patterns, and sounds. This is the most powerful MIDI synthesizer in the world. Immerse yourself in MIDI paradise. Write, record, and play your own powerful MIDI sequence. KEDALYX is equipped with an advanced module that has a unique design, which enables complete control over the pitch, frequency, velocity, channel, and modulation of each channel. MIDI sequences can be edited, saved, and played back in any file format. Each module has an internal song sequencer, with 128 tracks and 1-64 sound slots. Easily work with a click of a mouse. Feel free to start a new song, edit, or use the built-in preset banks. MIDI patterns can be configured, assigned to a MIDI channel, and synchronized to external hardware such as a keyboard. You can use KEDALYX’s built-in effects and automate the song speed to make any playing style more interesting. Just imagine what you can do with 128 tracks and 1-64 slots! A perfect tool for any player, composer, producer, performer, or enthusiast.
Keyboard Accessible Features:
– Deep MIDI effects
– 127 MIDI channels
– 1-64 sounds
– 128 Track sequencer
– Auto-synchronization with external hardware
– Tempo, time signature, key detection, and more
– MIDI and Sound data exchange
– Software License included
Powerful MIDI Features:
– MIDI Record
– MIDI Playback
– 128 Tracks
– 1-64 Sounds
– 128 Track sequencer
– Auto-synchronization with external hardware
– MIDI and Sound data exchange
– Chord map editor
– 16-voice polyphony
– Sequence length: Up to 64 measures
Software Key Features:
– 64-voice polyphony
– Pitch-bend
– Pitch-bend tool
– Filter: Low pass, high pass, band pass, notch, all pass
– 16-voice polyphony
– 16-voices per track
– 128 track sequencer
– 16-track sequencer
– 128-track MIDI file editor
– Channel assignment
– Quantize channel and transpose
– Song/track editor
– Free samples
– Built-in and user bank/paint program
– One-click recording
– Auto-save
– Preset editor
– Undo/redo
– MIDI note mode
– DDL, DD2 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a Macro Recorder and Macro Recorder designer. It is a Windows software for recording macros on Microsoft Excel and other programs.KEYMACRO is a professional add-in module for recording macros in Microsoft Excel (v.2003 and later), allowing you to easily and accurately record and play back macros with one click of a button.KEYMACRO supports a wide variety of Visual Basic 5.0, Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic 6.5 programming languages. You can create macros from scratch or use a number of existing macros in a single project.KEYMACRO provides:
• New ways to record macros, such as keystrokes or screen captures with any selected region, recorded macros, workbooks and projects;
• VBA-like editor for every recorded macro;
• Image Editor for animated GIF;
• Easy-to-use record-playback interface;
• Record Excel, VBA and Windows (Windows only) programs and macros;
• Automatically recording macro with Windows hotkeys;
• Easily edit recorded macro and add your own logic;
• Powerful project management;
• Quickly and easily export recorded macros to VCD, DVD and MP4;
• A number of integrated Tools for Macro Maintenance.
Keymacro Features:
• Macro Recording and Playback
Keymacro provides various ways to record macros: keystrokes or screen captures with any selected region; recorded macros, workbooks and projects; workbooks and projects automatically recorded on each run; time data recorded; combinations of them. In addition, it provides a VBA-like editor for every recorded macro. Macro is recorded in the project while creating it or any workbook with macros. The recorded macro can be played back at any time.Keymacro provides a Windows-like record-playback interface, which allows you to record your macros with one-click and play back the macros at any time without stopping. You can easily edit recorded macros and add your own logic. Moreover, there are many useful Tools for Macro Maintenance. For example, you can organize macros in projects, mark important macros, search for macros and more.
• Automatic Recording with Windows Hotkeys
You can record macros automatically with any desired hotkeys by using this feature. It is also possible to directly record macros by any other way.
• Macro Definition
Keymacro provides a macro definition editor. You can define a set of reusable macros and import them into any workbook by pressing a hot

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