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| KeyMapper: for mapping console keystrokes to keyboard or mouse button presses |
| Tapping the key of this macro will then trigger the specified function |
| once the macro is installed in the system. |
| All macros are currently queued, meaning they are executed in a first-in-first-out fashion |
| The macro will be sent a message with the function pointer after the macro is installed |
| The first argument passed to the macro is a string containing the name of the script |
| You can disable macro recording by passing in a NULL for the second argument |
| If there is a third argument that is a function you can pass it to be executed |
| Two examples follow: |
| Record_Macro(“say”, function(string) print(string) end); |
| Record_Macro(“say”, function(string) print(string) end, “test”); |
| For the above example, if you’d like the function to be executed at a later time |
| Note that this macro (as with all macros) can be assigned to hotkeys, so you can simply |
| get Lua OS started, tap a hotkey of your choice, then tap the macro for that hotkey. |
| The macro will have a window popped up that will show you what key is pressed |
| To see a demonstration of this macro in action, please visit the Lua OS |
| How to Playback Macros: |
| Use “Record Macro” from the main menu, tap the macro, then tap “Play Macro” |
| You can record the macro as many times as you’d like to be able to replay it |
| When you have it on Replay, tap the “play” button on the toolbar to start it |
| If the function takes arguments, you can pass those in as 70238732e0

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Key macros can save you a lot of time when solving a problem, and even eliminate the need for you to write down the problem yourself. This is because you can choose a problem and set it up the way you need it to be, and then use Key macros to record all necessary steps to find the solution.
Each Key macro can be assigned to any number of tasks, and you can have as many macros as you need to record as many as tasks. So, you can assign a macro to perform different tasks, as well as use them to carry out a number of steps simultaneously.
You can also record a macro using Ctrl+Numpad1.
In Geometria, you can create a problem with any number of steps. When you are setting up the problem, you can choose which tasks should be recorded. You can set up different tasks for one or more tasks. There are three different kinds of tasks:

Repeat tasks
Tasks using conditions
Tasks for recording your thoughts

You can record the steps of a problem in a batch by using the macro tools. This is particularly useful when you need to solve a problem in a large number of steps.

Geometria also gives you a solution of the problem recorded. You can choose whether you want to use the problem record as a solution, or use the solution record instead.

If you want to record only some of the steps in a problem, you can select the corresponding tasks. You can also select the tasks one by one and edit them. For instance, if you want to record only a single task in a step, just select the relevant task in the template and click the ‘Record’ button. If you don’t want to record a task in a step, select the task in the template and click the ‘Delete’ button.

You can see the status of your macros in the ‘Macro status’ window. The status indicates whether the relevant task is recorded or not.

Features of Geometria:

Drag and drop tasks: You can drag tasks to or from the templates, or directly use them.

Template editing: You can edit the template to change the names of the tasks. You can also adjust the number of times that each task is repeated and the number of tasks required. You can change the font size of the tasks, or the number of tasks that are required for a task.

Options: You can set up tasks by using the options.

Task scheduling

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