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Use this program to accelerate PC conversions of audio and video files. Keymacro can be used with the MediaCoder application to perform audio and video conversion using the fastest algorithms currently available.
-Convert videos from the local disk, URL, RSS or external device
-Preferable output format, resolution, video and audio bit rate, apply an image overlay and video title, crop the clips, trim and crop videos, make image adjustments (e.g. brightness, contrast), take screenshots, and load subtitles
-Run benchmarks, configure plugins, and change the GUI mode
-Support basic language interface, several plugins, multiplexers, audio, and video codecs
-Complete video-editing functions include trimming, cropping, adding watermarks, and compressing video
-Simulate webcam with webcam capture and webcam image overlay
-Supports the most recent video formats

Channels for the Xtream Broadcaster (XB) MediaCenter Web Edition is a simple and useful channel package for XB Studio. It can be used as a basic solution for broadcast and media production.
The supplied main package file contains some sample standard channels and skins. The channel can be used without any other software or media player installed. Xtream Broadcaster (XB) MediaCenter Web Edition automatically turns the channel into a ready-to-use video program.
XB Studio is a software development kit that allows you to develop any kind of media programs, both for Windows and for mobile. XB Studio includes more than 80 multimedia components, including authoring tools, multimedia codecs, graphic, audio, and video tools.

BTV is a very effective and inexpensive but requires Windows Live or Windows Mobile operating systems, so it is no longer supported on Windows XP. The interface is similar to the famous Windows Movie Maker but this program has much more options and functions. This is the most expensive of the professional media software. The price starts at €50 and goes up to the $500+. BTV has an easy to use but powerful tool set with great documentation. BTV is very versatile but also very complex.

CHEESE6 (also known as cheese6dmc) is a 6 part series of tutorials covering the usage of the Next Generation MediaCoder (NMC) in a Windows environment from Windows Vista to Windows 10. As far as I know, it is the most feature rich, yet still very simple, tutorial for MediaCoder users. 384a16bd22

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1. Record macro to perform a selected operation on some files and images
2. List files and images according to title, size and date
3. Exclude files and images from operation (for example, copying)
4. Set filters to exclude unwanted files and images
5. Automatically creates ISO image
6. Cleanup system
7. Cleanup files and folders
8. Copy files and folders
9. Remove files and folders
10. Change system date
11. Format discs
12. Set time stamp
13. Delete files and folders
14. Update time stamp
15. Restore previous version
16. Safe mode
17. Unsafe mode
18. System restore mode
19. List folders
20. Backup of a folder
21. Create a folder
22. Unzip files
23. Compress files
24. Zip files
25. Merge files
26. Merge folders
27. Split files
28. Split folders
29. Split volumes
30. Split mixed volumes
31. Combine files
32. Combine folders
33. Combine volumes
34. Combine mixed volumes
35. Combine content of files
36. Combine content of folders
37. Combine content of volumes
38. Paste files
39. Paste folders
40. Paste files into folder
41. Paste folders into folder
42. Extract files
43. Extract folders
44. Extract files into folder
45. Extract folders into folder
46. Enable Safe Mode
47. Disable Safe Mode
48. Force Unmount file systems
49. Force Mount file systems
50. Format disc
51. Select File Systems
52. Select File Systems
53. Change disc label
54. Run SystemScan
55. Select Folder for scanning
56. Delete Directory
57. Create Directory
58. Rename File
59. Move File
60. Copy File
61. Make Shortcut
62. Make Shortcut
63. Change Icon
64. Change Icon
65. Change Icon
66. Change Icon
67. Change Icon
68. Change Icon
69. Change Icon
70. Change Icon
71. Change Icon
72. Change Icon
73. Change Icon
74. Change Icon
75. Change Icon
76. Change Icon
77. Change Icon
78. Change Icon
79. Change Icon
80. Change Icon
81. Change Icon
82. Change Icon
83. Change Icon
84. Change Icon

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