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KeyMacro is a multi-file converter, which enables you to extract text from virtually any files in order to save them in different formats. With this application, you can create multiple files with the same content, which can be used for different purposes, ranging from syncing your content to the cloud to sharing it with others.
Furthermore, you can also select the preferred output format, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, PDF, text files, JPEG or TIFF images, and HTML pages.
Multi-file converter
First of all, the application lets you download a free trial version of the software, which enables you to convert a few files of a selected extension, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. After the trial period, you can proceed to convert your desired documents, which are still saved to your local machine. This can be done with a simple click of a button, which will then display a separate window that enables you to select the desired documents and save them in one of the supported formats.
On top of that, you can also manually add more documents, in case you do not find the desired files in the default download folder. This can be done from a file browser window or through the selection menu that appears on the tool bar.
Create multiple files with the same content
The application is also useful for creating multiple files with the same content, for example, when you are using the same text for multiple documents. To achieve this, you can simply select the file in question from the list and click the Extract button, which will convert the entire document to a new file. It will then ask you to choose the desired output format, in case the selected content is stored in more than one file.
Multi-file converter
Additionally, you can manually add any desired file to the list, so you can always refer to it with a click. The same process applies to viewing the content of a selected document, in case you do not have an idea of what kind of document it is.
Create multiple files with the same content
Similarly, if you need to create multiple files with the same content, you can select any number of them from the list and then click the Extract button, which will add all of them to the same output file. In case there is already an existing file of the same name, the new document will be displayed with an appropriate extension, such as “1.doc”, “2.doc”, or so on.
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KEYMACRO is a utility to create macros in Excel. KEYMACRO is stand alone program. Macros can be written in C/C++, VB, Java or Python. As KEYMACRO contains only VBA, it can be used in Excel 2000 to Excel 2007.
KeyMACRO comes with a different kind of input methods. Based on this input methods, KEYMACRO can be used to create macros for various work needs.
KeyMACRO allows you to create macros that can be used to generate formulas, fill cells with formulas, execute macros and navigate to macros. You can see macros in action in the clip board. There is no limit to the number of cells that can be passed in argument(s).
The command can be used to create a new macro, or edit the existing one. A single command can be edited to have multiple optional arguments and some commands are not editable.
Input options are of various types. There are numeric, Boolean, text and date. You can find a list of supported input options at the bottom of the main window.
A text input option can be used to provide a reference, a specified row or a specified column. You can use the text input option to create a reference or to navigate to a cell reference. In addition, you can use the text input option to move to a specified cell. If you select a specified row or column and then type a text, you will get a range object to refer the cell.
If the input option is numeric, it will be converted to a value. The user can decide the number of decimal digits or use a predefined number of decimals. The value will be displayed to the user as a string, which can be further processed and formatted.
KeyMACRO can be used to create macros in Excel.
You can use this utility to write macros in VB, VBScript, C/C++, Java, Python.
KeyMACRO can read and write Excel macros. A keyboard shortcut is supported to perform the tasks. The keyboard shortcuts can be changed and you can define the shortcut.
Macros are a piece of program that run on Microsoft Excel on a PC. Macros help to perform a task efficiently, e.g., there may be a button or a menu that can be pressed that is saved in the macro.
When a button or menu item is pressed, the macro will run. The macro will be run automatically when you open a workbook.щшёш§шґш±manchester-united-fc-vs-manchester-city/

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