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KEYMACRO is the most powerful, easy to use, ready to go, extremely flexible and multi-platform keyboard recorder. Make your own video and voice announcements, make presentations with ease, and work on large projects from the comfort of your home, or at work. The best of both worlds!
KEYMACRO is the only software recorder available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. A keyboard and/or mouse can be recorded as well as standard computer keyboard and mouse. Most people are familiar with recording television programs, or speakers at a meeting. With KEYMACRO, you can easily record yourself talking, typing, and mouse actions, as well as mouse movements, Web site addresses, mouse clicks, and more.
KEYMACRO is especially easy to use with no programming skills required. It does all the hard work for you. Simply point the software towards the computer or laptop you want to record. Select the desired bit rate or frame rate for the video, then record. Repeat as many times as needed. You can then easily edit the recording, re-record sections, add watermark, apply special effects, and preview your work. You can even record from the audio jack or the line in port.
KEYMACRO supports more input sources than any other keyboard recorder. It can record from virtually any computer or laptop computer connected via USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, or Ethernet, and audio from any microphone or line in port.

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– S: = START
– E: = EXIT
– N: = SLEEP
– C: = CLOSE
-?: = HIGHLIGHT (Left click for a single-click)
– Mouse clicks for x,y,z (Start, End, Current, by one or two body type, color, trail, even direction)
– Keyboard inputs for x,y,z (Start, End, Current, by one or two body type, color, trail, even direction)
• Left/Right click: Start/End
• Left/Right click: Current (Move/Idle)
• Left/Right click: Color (Move/Idle)
• Left/Right click: Trail (Move/Idle)
• Left/Right click: Direction (Move/Idle)
Keymacro Outputs:
• Graphical output of the simulation
• Keyboard output: Start/End, Current, Color, Trail, Direction
Keymacro Directives:
Inputs for mouse click:
1*x* 0*y*

*00* 0*y*
*01* 0*y*
*02* 0*y*
*03* 0*y*
*04* 0*y*
*05* 0*y*
*06* 0*y*
*07* 0*y*
*08* 0*y*
*09* 0*y*
*0a* 0*y*
*0b* 0*y*
*0c* 0*y*
*0d* 0*y*
*0e* 0*y*
*0f* 0*y*
*0g* 0*y*
*0h* 0*y*
*0i* 0*y*
*0j* 0*y*
*0k* 0*y*
*0l* 0*y*
*0m* 0*y*
*0n* 0*y*
*0o* 0*y*
*0p* 0*y*
*0q* 0*y*

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