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Keyboard Macro utility that helps you to produce efficient keyboard shortcuts. It lets you create your own keystrokes and you can assign them to file types, items, scripts or workflows.
2RES is a simple but powerful resizing tool. You can use it to resize images, PDFs, powerpoint files, Windows icons, files, scripts, etc.
This is an animation created with SMIL (the standard way to animate with Windows, for now) and a.gif-image as texture.
PNG 3.0.5
This is a.png image with transparent background. The image is compressed with a modern encoder, the colorspace are checked and the image is saved with the minimum compression possible.
SVG 1.0.4
This is a simple.svg animation.
Windows Icon 1.0.1
This is a Windows icon image, the icon is created with Windows Icon or Icon Studio and is resized, modified and compressed with JPEGEncoder.
Google 5.0.1
This is a simple Google logo.
Windows 3.1
This is an animated, animated.ico image.
Zulu Open Icon Collection 1.0
This icon collection is made by a friend of mine. It’s not a real icon collection, the author made this animation from scratch with a very elegant result!
TeX 3.1415926
This is a very fancy.tex-file. All the numbers are rounded to seven decimals, the title is in english and the text of the picture is scaled to fit the page.
Linux Kernel V2.6.18
This is a Linux kernel for a SparcStation. The icon consists of two logos, a sparc logo and a penguin logo.
Gnu Emacs 22.1
This is a.emacs-file, an emacs initialization file for the programmer.
Redhat 2.4.18
This is a.rpm-file, a linux package format. The text on the picture says “Red Hat is a company producing Linux”.
.icon 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a utility that will allow you to install a keyboard macro and record its actions in one click. You can activate the macro by using a simple shortcut key combination.

With KeyMacro, you can press the Alt + a combination of keys to assign a specific action to a keystroke. The action performed depends on the number of keys you press. For example, if you press Alt + e, KeyMacro will open the selected file and place the cursor in its beginning. The program also includes a feature that will perform action for a group of keys, such as pressing the Caps Lock key + t (Toggle the CapsLock status).
The software can be used with many file types, including.doc,.xls,.html,.htm,.wml,.xml,.pls,.wks,.txt,.zip,.rar,.exe, For some file types, you have to enable the macro definition feature and then define the actions for the keyboard keys to perform.
KeyMacro can be used to automate common actions, such as opening a specific file with a specific extension and adding certain characters to its name.

The program can be used to automate mouse actions, to launch the specified program, to copy and paste files and to execute any action. To set a macro key, you can simply press the combination of keys on the keyboard you want to use.
The utility can be used on all operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Windows Server.

OS Advanced (available for Windows) Description:
OS Advanced is a comprehensive system utility that provides you with information regarding the system status, information about the current user and his/her actions and much more.

OS Advanced provides a list of useful statistics that you can use to identify any system issues and determine whether the system needs maintenance. For instance, you can view the operating system name, version, date of installation, computer name, current user, date and time of last shutdown and so on.

The application can collect detailed system information, including processor, memory, disk space, number of running processes, number of open files and more. You can get detailed information about each component of your PC. The program also offers a detailed analysis of your disk, allowing you to identify any system issues. The application also allows you to view a list of all the programs installed on your PC, their versions, size and a number of opened files

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