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[text] This is the text you want to search for and the keyword you would like to use to index it. Note that the file path is enclosed in brackets [ ] so that the text is properly indexed.
[type] The type of file that will be indexed.
[results] Number of results to return.
[submit] Use this button to initiate the search.
[go] Use this button to launch the selected item.
[delete] Delete all indexed results.
[list] Switch to the List window, where the indexed results are shown.
[add] Add a result to the list.
[sort] Sort the list by name or date added.
[filter] Create or modify the filter rules.
[help] Display this help screen.
[exit] Quit the application.

Can people stop complaining about the stupidy of windows? Or the stupid types of people who complain about everything? The date you keep posting about how great apple is is already a month old. Don’t even bother trying to ignore them. Posting every day is pointless, people will always complain about something.

I just bought a new Gateway laptop. Is there any way to use my purchased CD’s (Discman 32) with it. I have the Gateway Microcassette player that works but i would like to use the standard PC CD drive.

Windows “Shortcuts” do not work. Windows will not even allow you to double-click on a shortcut from the desktop. It gives a “Windows cannot find Shortcut.” Now that is just plain stupid.

I was trying to customize my desktop and I somehow lost the ability to be able to right-click on the desktop and then a menu will come up with the ability to choose a taskbar icon, that’s it. I used to be able to do this before I lost this ability. Now, if I right-click on the desktop, nothing happens! The customization software I used does not allow you to customize the taskbar.

In Vista, the default settings for the Desktop don’t allow you to customize the taskbar as described here. I can see that, if I can’t use a customized taskbar, I’ll have to find another method to change it… but why does Vista’s default settings prevent me from creating a customized taskbar? I guess that’s one of the cons 384a16bd22

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►View, manage and edit JPEG and TIFF photos and videos.
►Customize the user interface, view different file types and create new projects.
►Create slideshows with individual songs or customize an entire album.
►Create slideshows from albums.
►Use your photos and videos as Facebook Cover Images.
►Enhance the overall appearance of your mobile device with powerful photo enhancing and photo quality optimization.
►Manage your photos, videos, messages and contacts with ease.
Now you know how to install Photo Recorder & ViewNX-i all in one easy way.
Step By Step Video Guide:
★Install Photo Recorder
★Install ViewNX-i (JPG/PNG/MP3):

The tutorial will show you how to run the Logitech Rechargeable Mouse MK230.
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Installing the Logitech Universal Adapter USB is easy, it is a plug and play.
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The tutorial will show you how to install the Logitech Rechargeable Mouse MK230.
This is the only rechargeable mouse that has been tested by us to

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