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The Warring States Period in Japan was divided into six feudal states. The fighting between these states was fierce and bloody, with battlefield tactics, espionage, and other deceptions commonplace. However, the main protagonist of this story, Touya Kagari, is a man who followed the oath of one of the most powerful states that was once the fourth of the six. On the eve of the engagement where he swore to protect his lord and country, a massive explosion destroyed the battlefield and rocked the lands. And thus, Touya and all those who were present became the first hostages of war. They are now prisoners of life, but with a whole world in front of them yet to be revealed. In a world where the rules of life have ceased to exist, Touya is now a cage fighter named Lems. He is one of the eternal combatants of a vast arena known as the “Dead Zone,” a tournament where the dead, supposedly, are resurrected one last time before they are given eternal rest. Lems is the prize to be won, and despite being unvanquished, he has gained the fame of a legend. The Dead Zone has pushed him to hone his battle skills and become a stronger person. Although it is his fate to be the final opponent of the war to end all wars, Touya still cares deeply for his dead family, so he has no intention of dying in this match… About Re:Lems: Since the end of his fateful battle with Lems, Touya is now a member of Re:Lems, the resurrected fighters of the dead. Using the power of the dream world, the Re:Lems summon their spirits to assume their true forms for battles. Yet once the clash begins, a powerful bond will be formed between the spirits and their Re:Lems. THE DEAD ZONE The Dead Zone is a vast arena for the eternal combat. Inside the Dead Zone, numerous warriors battle in order to win the race for eternal life in the Dead Zone. It is the place where the living, who come to be judged, may all be judged. Once a living being fights to the death, their life will be judged to determine whether or not they will be selected as “the chosen one.” The chosen one will be granted the power to wield a “Blind Run,” a powerful, blind martial arts style that can fight continuously without break or sleep. However, if the chosen one is defeated, their body will be decommission


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