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Photo by Sean Pavone. Relationships are difficult. The bigger your bank account, the more your emotional wants and needs will become intertwined with the fact that you’re in a relationship—even a bad one. But that’s not to say that all relationships are bad—far from it—we just have a hard time being objective about them. Sure, you know what the dealbreaker is with your ex, but you are still attracted to said ex. And that’s partly due to the fact that you’re still in love with them. Right? So, taking a step back and being objective about relationships is the first step towards getting out of your bad ones, but how do you do that? First of all, you can start by recognizing that the fact that you’re unhappy doesn’t mean you should end the relationship. “A relationship is all about two people making decisions about what is and is not important to them, so if a couple is having problems, it may not be the other person’s fault,” says Matt Collins, an expert on love, relationship, and family issues. Second, Collins suggests asking yourself what you are looking for in a relationship, such as companionship or sex, and what you are looking for in life outside of it. This can help you see where the relationship is lacking. But Collins says that it’s particularly crucial to think about how you feel about yourself before making a judgment about a partner’s faults. “A lot of people make a big deal about their flaws, but are they just looking to be with a good person or are they looking to change their flaws? If you’re just looking to change your flaws, then you’re in it for the wrong reason,” Collins says. Finally, most experts advise that if you’re in a relationship that’s not working, you need to start by being honest with yourself. “A lot of times people start lying to themselves,” says Collins. “But if you really want to get out of a relationship, the first thing you have to do is accept that it’s not going to be the next best thing to you.” Photo by Fred Prouser. What You Need to Know Before Entering a New Relationship At least, it’s a very good thing to know before entering a new relationship. The first rule of online dating is: If you don’t take care of yourself
You can refer to the list of Dos and Don’ts below when you’re out in the dating world, but as you know, it’s pretty hard to follow all of them. As such, we’ve included links to some more specific articles to help you out. Introduce yourself by email or text first Whether you’re cruising bars and watching for a potential mate or you’re hitting up or OKCupid, it’s important to introduce yourself before you jump into the fray. And that’s where things can start to become awkward. An incredibly simple solution to that problem is to introduce yourself or ask her about herself when you first meet her. “Do you have a pen?” is a great way to do it. When she hands you back your pen, reply with “Great! Are you looking to meet someone new? Let’s do this!” Depending on her reaction, you can move on or at least be ready to if she says “no.” Being responsive on things like “like” and “best” is going to help turn her off as a person and keep her from being interested in a future date with you. Say “yes” when she starts talking about herself When she says, “I like that you like ‘Quincy’ and ‘Sawyer.’ Maybe we’d do better for you with Emily and John Doe,” or “I like that you like tall guys, even though I’m not exactly that,” she’s basically selling you on the idea of her doing things you like. You’ve been totally fine talking about yourself so far, and you’re convinced you’ve been totally okay all night. So it’s time to introduce her to the real you, by fleshing out your interests and having her do the same for you. It’s more than okay to ask her about what interests her as well. One of the best ways to do this is to say, “Wow, that seems like a very cool thing for you. What’s your favorite book?” “What’s your favorite game?” “What’s your favorite animal?” As long as you’re being careful and only asking her what she likes, she’ll be happy to share what she likes. “She has such a great sense of humor, I love that.” Or “He’s the kind of guy I admire. I love that he’s so thoughtful.” Be persistent Be strong and be persistent. The problem

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